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TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) Temptation

Andrew pulled his hair as he paced around his room, breathing heavily as he walked back and forth and back and forth. He had been like this for an hour now, just freaking out from his thoughts. It had been 2 weeks since he and Quinton had broke it off, the love of his life, his childhood friend and baby boy. All because of him, because of that mistake that he made that one night. That one fucking night ruined everything!!

Screaming out, he started destroying his room; throwing his pillows off his bed, sweeping everything off of his dresser, even that machine he won a big prize for back in elementary school. He even pushed his mirror to the floor, shattering it into pieces right on impact. He panted afterwards, putting his hand over his mouth as he stared at the mess, but more specifically at the shards of glass. He needed something, anything to make himself feel better. He felt that tingling in his wrists, the need for something sharp to be there. The need to some way. His body moved almost on its own and he bent down, picking a piece of glass up and bringing it to his wrist. The was one more moment of hesitation, one more moment of question if this was a good idea. But then logic was thrown out the window as he moved the shard against his skin, feeling the warm liquid running down his arms as his mind started fading, falling. Drowning.

Phoenix~They/Them I can't write cuz I don't have a computer so can we hold of the poll til I use a computer to write cuz I'd love to join

Phoenix~They/Them Or I can try writing one

Phoenix~They/Them Did it

Phoenix~They/Them (Sorry if it sucks)

Phoenix~They/Them The attack

Echos of screams flooded the halls of the castle as people, elven and human alike fled the once beautiful kingdom of Alderon, the walls of the kingdom now a rubble pile, the once beautiful neighborhood now in ruins. Many people had lost their lives in battle between these Shadow Demons, as they were called, the dark shadow like figure that possessed an ability to change, shift into others with the same power and ability as that person.
“My princess, we must leave at once, the kingdom is under attack.” The silver haired half elf turned toward her human guard and smiled, her green eyes staring into his hazel eyes.
“Azure, you know I can't leave, my people are in danger.” She turned back to the window, “Holy gods and goddess please guide us.” She spoke, her voice shaking a bit as she gulped down.
These people followed 2 Gods and 3 Goddesses.The Gods and Goddess where Drison the God of peace and happiness, Morrik the God of knowledge and an all knowing god at that, and the triplet goddesses Lyna, Iris, and Lora, Lyna was the goddess of water, Iris was the goddess of chaos and war, and Lora was the goddess of love and beauty. The Alderonian Holy Divinities.
Azure sighed frustrated as he grabbed the princess' hand, “Princess Tirana, we must hurry, this kingdom won't be losing you, an heir to the royal throne, you are of utmost importance to the kingdom and keeping humans and elven people to live in harmony.” Azure nearly dragged the silver haired girl out, running past a couple of people, leading everyone to safety.
“Will I really be a princess though, if I lose my home, my kingdom?” She asked silently, fixing her royal dress, the light blue dress that reached her feet. She looked down and asked, “Why can't we fight back?”
Azure looked at her and sighed, “We've tried but it was futile, they killed the whole squad sent after them and…”
He didn't have time to finish when a voice shouted, “Get away from her!” Azure turned and noticed...another Azure, but he looked different, blood dotted his clothes as he drew his sword, “Princess Tirana, are you okay?”
“Azure's” eye twitched ànd he let out a low, near animalistic growl as he pushed the now confused princess away, making shadows bind her. “I thought I killed you.” He said with a hiss as he ran forward, slashing at the brown haired bodyguard.
“Oh, you thought you killed me, sorry to disappoint but I am very much alive.” He blocked the sword with his sword then he used this opportunity to stab the fake causing black goop to drip down his blade. The fake coughed up the black blood and glared at Azure as he returned to his normal form, his eyes glazed over lifelessly. Azure used the time to grab the princess and ran, managing to make it out with a few of the surviving citizens and soon went into hiding.

Phoenix~They/Them It took a bit

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