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Here you go, June! Have a good time and never be afraid to ask questions.

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Juniper (junielove) | 19 comments Thank you! :)

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Juniper (junielove) | 19 comments Name: Grayson Fell
Nickname: Gray
Age: 23
History: A prince, next in line to the throne in the Peria kingdom. He has one younger sister, Adelaine, who he loves more than anything. Recently, his father fell ill, and none of the physicians in any of the kingdoms within 100 miles can figure out what is wrong with him. Over the past year, Grayson has been preparing to take over for when his father passes, and he's heartbroken about it.
Interests: Enjoys reading with Adelaine in the garden, and riding with his knight friends. All of his time otherwise is spent learning about what it means to be king.

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