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Shomeret | 1395 comments 9)The Lost Pilots: The Spectacular Rise and Scandalous Fall of Aviation's Golden Couple by Corey Meade (history/true crime) 232 pages. Source: Goodreads Giveaway Started: 6/17 Finished: 6/24

Why Read: I'm especially interested in the history of woman pilots. This book is about female pilot Jessie Miller as well as male pilot William Lancaster.

Comments: I loved Jessie and her accomplishments in flying, but her judgment about men was terrible and that's where the true crime comes in. I got really upset about the true crime aspect, but I gave the book a B+ It's very well-written. See my review at

10)Island of the Mad by Laurie R. King (historical mystery) Source: Net Galley Started: 6/25 Finished: 6/29

Why Read: I love Mary Russell, but this sounded particularly interesting because of the setting in 1920's Venice when Italy was under the rule of Mussolini.

Comments: Yes, the setting was interesting, but what I loved most about the book was the missing woman who was the focus of Mary Russell's case. I thought she was fascinating. I gave this an A. See my review at

11)What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia by Elizabeth Catte (politics/history) 146 pages. Source: Library Started: 6/30 Finished: 6/30

Why Read: This is a rebuttal to Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis by J.D. Vance. I was interested in the fact that Catte is a historian who is native to the region. I wanted to find out about her perspective.

Comments: I think that Catte proved her case. Appalachia isn't monolithic. I gave this book an A . See my review at

June was the first month that I decided to place a priority on the library books that I wanted to read most rather than on what was due first. The result was lots of A rated books. I already have a top ten for the year. Any other A rated books may either displace one of these books or may not be included in the top ten. I also have a start toward a separate top M/T list. I'm definitely going to continue reading the library books that I want to read most.

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Melodie (melodieco) | 3651 comments I'm interested in reading Elizabeth Catte's book as I was thoroughly underwhelmed with Hillbilly Elegy. Have you ever read Night Comes to the Cumberlands A Biography of a Depressed Area by Harry M. Caudill Night Comes to the Cumberlands: A Biography of a Depressed Area by Harry Caudill? Though it came out in 1962, it still resonates. My mom read it back then and when Hillbilly Elegy came out she told me I should read Caudill's book. I found a copy in a used book store and worked my way through it over a bit of time. A VERY good book.

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Shomeret | 1395 comments Catte mentioned Night Comes to the Cumberlands: A Biography of a Depressed Area . She says that Caudill later changed his perspective on Appalachians.

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Ann (annrumsey) | 15086 comments Shomeret: how nice to have read so many good books. Sometimes we do just have to ignore the due dates for our reading moods.
I picked up The Lost Pilots: The Spectacular Rise and Scandalous Fall of Aviation's Golden Couple today and it is starting out well.
I'll have to pick up Elizabeth Catte's book. I look forward to her rebuttal of Vance's book.

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