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Writing buddy for Cozy fantasy

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message 1: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Marcotte | 3 comments Please post the following:
1.Barbara Marcotte
4.No credits
5.Dependability, sense of humor, honesty

Looking for a fellow writer who wants to encourage and motivate each other. Doesn't matter the genre, but mine is a fantasy cozy with female MC's and lots of romance elements. We can swap chapters, or just bounce ideas around. We can talk daily or weekly, and I prefer email.

message 2: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie  Leflore | 12 comments Hi Barbara! I would love to write with you! I'm interested also in someone working with me on a story and I think it would be fun! We can get to know one another in the process, and as you said, motivate and encourage one another. That is exactly what I am looking for in a writing buddy! I will email you 😊

message 3: by theWombatOne (new)

theWombatOne | 6 comments Hi Barbara. I'm definitely interested in seeing if we are a good match. I could use some motivation and accountability, and I would love to swap chapters or discuss story ideas/problems. I just posted something on the board a little while ago, so you can check out what I'm looking for to if you like.

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