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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Horror story split between the 'modern' day and the American Civil War. Spoilers ahead

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Peter | 2 comments SPOILERS

The book is mostly set in the 90's or the 80's but does involve chapters set out as letters written in the American Civil War. The protagonist lives in an ancestral home and works at a care home. His friends keep dying in mysterious circumstances, one is found having being supposedly killed by a train but the protagonist dreamt of him dead and covered in fire ant bites and talking to him.

We learn through letter chapters that one of his ancestors during the American Civil war was pregnant and her husband never returned. He died propped between a y of a tree. The woman gives birth in the wilds and dies. The antagonist of the book turns out the be the child of this woman that for some reason I don't remember hasn't aged and is violent.

I read the book in my first year of high school, so probably 2002 but the book itself was older than that. I feel like the front cover had a house on it with a semi transparent woman's face over it.

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