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devo (yourdevotion) | 346 comments rock paper sisscors, jk it doesn’t matter

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Micah yawned as he walked down the hallway of Milo’s building. He held two cups of coffee and breakfast in his hand since he was too lazy to cook this morning. He had spent all night editing pictures that he forgot sleep was an actual thing. He only managed to get some sleep at 4 a.m. - which wasn’t much, considering he had an alarm set for 8 a.m. So when he dragged himself out of bed this morning, he took a quick shower and threw on random hoodie, his blonde hair left borderline messy.

Reaching Milo’s door, he took the spare key out of the flower pot hanging beside their door. The amount of time he spent at his boyfriend’s house, he practically lived there. His mom often teased him about it, often referring to Milo as her son-in-law, much to Micah’s embarrassment. The door shut behind him as he made his way to the kitchen, setting everything on the table. “Honey! I’m home!” He called out, lips forming into a smirk. Sitting on one of the chairs, he sipped his coffee, turning on his phone and idly scrolling through Instagram. He made sure to purposely not like Milo’s picture because he knew it would piss him off.

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To be completely honest, Milo’s morning wasn’t really productive. To be fair he did wake up like 45 minutes ago and the only thing he managed to do was text back his boyfriend, brush his teeth and shave. He was just about to change after shower before he heard Micah’s voice call from the door he unlocked, without ringing the doorbell of course. Milo wasn’t surprised though, this was a running trend. Being a thing since the middle of sophmore year, Micah was already introduced to just about everyone in Milo’s family. It’s now only natural that he comes (often uninvited) just to bother Milo.

“I knew I should’ve changed the locks” Milo called emerging from the bathroom with nothing but socks and a towel around his waist to cover his decency. Milo and Micah are a perfect example of if you pine over someone for an entire year you can maybe emphasis on maybe catch them. Milo being the chaser of course. So seeing Micah relaxing on his couch gave him a sort of satisfaction that he couldn’t get anywhere else. Once he reached Micah placed a short kiss on the top of his head. “Give me two minutes to get unnaked.” he said shaking his wet hair making sure water droplets splashed on Micah and his phone.

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Micah only sipped his coffee, unfazed by Milo’s statement. Both of them made it a habit to annoy each other on a daily basis - and today was no different. “That would deprive you of the surprise from seeing my beautiful face.” He retorted, a smile playing on his lips. He looked up for a second, eyes catching the sight of Milo walking towards him - in a towel. He averted his eyes and went back to scrolling through his phone. Micah and Milo have been dating since sophomore year so by now, he was used to being around Milo. But when he looked like that when Micah was around, especially when the blonde boy was not expecting it, it definitely triggered him.

Micah wrinkled his nose in mock disgust when he felt Milo’s lips press against his forehead. Despite this, he moved his head up so he could give Milo a quick kiss, his way of saying hello. Micah nodded his head, glancing once again at Milo’s appearance. “Good. Because I feel attacked right now.” His hand went up to pinch Milo’s cheek, an act of revenge for splashing water on him. “Go away and put on clothes.” He shooed, pushing him away with his hand.

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"Beautiful face? That's kinda debatable." Milo snorted bending down again for another, longer kiss then reached over him to grab his frappe that was tailored specifically how he liked it (skim milk, three sugars & whipped cream). It seemed like no one else but Micah could handle Milo's demands and snarky remarks. Well, he wouldn't know for sure because other than a handful of people Milo could literally count with the fingers of only one of his hands...Micah is really one of his only companions. When he needs a picker upper he calls Micah. If he needs someone to run errands with, he shows up to Micah's house, regardless of he is was willing or not. It was just one of the perks or being his boyfriend.

As he sipped his frappe he looked over at whatever Micah was scrolling past on instagram. It so happened to be his own picture. "So you're just gonna scroll past godliness? You're blind." He joked with a smile, a real genuine toothy smile. One that is reserved only for Micah. "You should like my picture. Don't make me have to force you. Oh and comment too, make it seem like you actually tolerate me." He added with a quick wink. He ran his fingers through his damp dark brown hair and put his coffee cup down.

"Ok ok I'll change. I thought you liked it when I was wet and naked." He said melodramatically and stalked into his bedroom Micah is familiar with this area too. He threw on a simple gucci t-shirt some plain balmain jeans and threw himself on the couch next to Micah wrapping his arms around him tightly so Micah couldn't use his phone. "How about some Netflix and chill? We could order some pizza later."

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“No, it’s a fact.” Micah countered, smiling against Milo’s lips as he kissed him back. He scoffed at his comment, as he smirked, eyes swirling with mischief. “Make me then.” He teased, challenging Milo to actually do something. It was known to a lot of people that Micah loved to tease Milo. He found his boyfriend’s reactions amusing - especially when they first started dating. Milo was easy to talk to. He was the only person in New York that he was completely comfortable around. When he came from London, of course he made friends since he had always been one to have people around him. But there wasn’t anyone that he felt quite a connection to until he meet Milo.

A genuine laugh left Micah’s mouth as they tumbled down on to the couch. Micah rested his head in the crook of Milo’s neck. He hummed in agreement, looking forward to spending time with Milo alone. He loved Lena like a sister but she could be very...present when Micah wanted to get Milo all to himself. Micah shifted his head, lips planted a faint kiss against Milo’s jaw. “I do. It’s just that I’m tired and I would appreciate if you did not tempt me.” He scolded playfully, head moving again so he could kiss Milo again, this one holding more passion than the ones before.

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Milo could admit he was in love. I mean, after 3 wonderful years who wouldn’t be? Even being in the same room as Micah immediately brings up his mood and when they are fighting or not speaking to one another he automatically can’t focus in school and will experience trouble sleeping. It’s dependency like this that could be beneficial but also very dangerous. If someone were to happen where they weren’t together Milo honestly wouldn’t know what to do or even who to hang out with. Subconsciously Milo’s arms tightened every so slightly as he put his chin on the top of Micah’s head. As long as he’s here right now, Milo is happy.

“Ok, whatever you say my love.” Milo retorted, almost sarcastically in a fake british accent. Milo can remember almost vividly when Micah the British Transfer walked into the doors of Constance sophmore year. He was in Milo’s geometry class and there was conveniently an empty seat right behind Milo that was perfect for the both of them to talk shit about the teacher and to share notes whenever the other got lost. Milo could also remember (very vividly) how dry his mouth was and how clammy his hands were when he decide to stop being pussy and finally ask him out on a date to the Rockefeller Center. The rest was history. “You’re tired but want me to make you. I hope you know what make you means. Or at least how I mean it.” Milo whispered close to Micah’s ear. The second kiss prompted Milo to pull Micah in even closer to him. The chill part can definitely come before the Netflix part.

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Micah laughed, cheeks hurting from smiling too much. He was happy. Before he moved, he was never one to put much faith into relationships. They always went sideways for him. But Milo was different. Micah felt like he could be himself without worrying about ruining everything. Micah wrinkled his nose at the faux British accent. “When am I not right?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow, making sure his British accent was more potent than before. He shifted closer to Milo, revelling in the warmth he provided.

Micah smiled at him before kissing his nose, moving to his lips in a searing kiss. His fingers absentmindedly tangled in Milo’s hair as their lips moved against each other. Micah could never get tired of being kissing Milo. He didn’t think he could possibly get tired of Milo in general. They have been dating for three years and Micah still got those butterflies in his stomach that he got since day one. He pulled back ever so slightly, nose brushing against Milo’s and his blonde hair tickling his forehead as he now looked down at him. “No, I don’t know. Would you like to show me, love?” He feigned ignorance, his lips brushing against Milo’s as he spoke in a low whisper.

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Milo rolled his eyes extravagantly at Micah’s reply. "You are literally never right. Like I would say I could count it on one hand but its literally zero." He snorted. "But the only reason why I'm agreeing with you is because your accent is cute. If you were American you would've been fucked." Milo craned his neck to look back at Micah with the most serious face, before breaking out in chuckles from deep within his chest. Those are typically the most genuine.

Feeling Micah's hands in his hair caused Milo to feel a very certain type of way. As Micah moved ever so close Milo could feel his breath tickle his lips which caused his own to get caught in his throat. "The fucking things you do to me Micah..." He mumbled before pulling Micah back down by the chin to lock their lips together again. When he pulled away he bit Micah's bottom lip ever so slightly. "So Netflix wise..." He started leaning closer to hover his lips just close enough to Micah's neck that they are brushing on it with every letter. "Cartoons...?" One small kiss was placed where he spoke "...or Comedies?" Another kiss, but this time Milo bit the spot gingerly and pulled back to look at his gorgeous boyfriend in the eyes and take in his reaction.

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Micah smiled at the sound of Milo’s laugh, pecking his lips. A knowing smirk formed on his lips, blue eyes sparkling. “Cute?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow at his choice of words. “I’m pretty sure you said it turns you on…” He whispered in Milo’s ear, biting his earlobe lightly, adamant on teasing him. He moved his head again, so he could look at Milo, winking at him and smiling cheekily at him.

Micah squirmed in Milo’s arms, a shiver running down his spine due to his boyfriend’s ministrations. He guessed he deserved it since he had been teasing Milo since he got here. He closed the distance between them, lips molding together. Micah’s tongue swiped against Milo’s bottom lip, subtly asking for access - which he thankfully gave. Their tongues fought for dominance as the kiss gradually became more heated. Micah pulled back, eyes considerably darker as he gazed at Milo, his chest rising and falling as he took in air. “Bloody hell...I don’t know. Surprise me.” His lips returned to Milo, but this time time peppering kisses down his neck, stopping to bite the sensitive skin every now and then.

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Micah smiled at the sound of Milo’s laugh, pecking his lips. A knowing smirk formed on his lips, blue eyes sparkling. “Cute?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow at his choice of words. “I’m pretty sure you said it turns you on…” He whispered in Milo’s ear, biting his earlobe lightly, adamant on teasing him. He moved his head again, so he could look at Milo, winking at him and smiling cheekily at him.

Micah squirmed in Milo’s arms, a shiver running down his spine due to his boyfriend’s ministrations. He guessed he deserved it since he had been teasing Milo since he got here. He closed the distance between them, lips molding together. Micah’s tongue swiped against Milo’s bottom lip, subtly asking for access - which he thankfully gave. Their tongues fought for dominance as the kiss gradually became more heated. Micah pulled back, eyes considerably darker as he gazed at Milo, his chest rising and falling as he took in air. “Bloody hell...I don’t know. Surprise me.” His lips returned to Milo, but this time time peppering kisses down his neck, stopping to bite the sensitive skin every now and then.

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Micah smiled at the sound of Milo’s laugh, pecking his lips. A knowing smirk formed on his lips, blue eyes sparkling. “Cute?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow at his choice of words. “I’m pretty sure you said it turns you on…” He whispered in Milo’s ear, biting his earlobe lightly, adamant on teasing him. He moved his head again, so he could look at Milo, winking at him and smiling cheekily at him.

Micah squirmed in Milo’s arms, a shiver running down his spine due to his boyfriend’s ministrations. He guessed he deserved it since he had been teasing Milo since he got here. He closed the distance between them, lips molding together. Micah’s tongue swiped against Milo’s bottom lip, subtly asking for access - which he thankfully gave. Their tongues fought for dominance as the kiss gradually became more heated. Micah pulled back, eyes considerably darker as he gazed at Milo, his chest rising and falling as he took in air. “Bloody hell...I don’t know. Surprise me.” His lips returned to Milo, but this time time peppering kisses down his neck, stopping to bite the sensitive skin every now and then.

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"I mean that's also true, but a lot of things about you turns me on." Milo mused running his fingers absently and gently through Micah's blonde locks. He paused for a second and held Micah's face in his hands, just to a good look at him and his smile. Milo smiled back in response squishing Micah's cheeks. "But yes cute, very very cute." His thumb grazed against Micah's cheek as he replied. Milo paused again, completely entranced by Micah's beauty. He didn't really know how or why he got so lucky but he wasn't going to take opportunity, or Micah, for granted.

"I love you, you know that?" He whispered, in all seriousness which was very uncharacteristic of his typical jokingly witter banter. He just wanted to remind Micah is all. Sometimes it's nice to show genuine affections to Micah. He knows Micah can already tell from his actions that he loved him, but he wanted him to hear it out of Milo's mouth as well. As the kisses became more heated, Milo's heart rate increased steadily. When the kiss broke off he was left breathless and a little shaken up. "Or you know, we can just watch Vine compilations on YouTube. I know it's your favorite."

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Her cheeks were glowing a soft pink as she stared down at her phone. Lena was biting on her lips, risking tearing the skin as she tried to hide the smile that rose when she saw her most recent text. But, that smile couldn’t remain hidden for long and quickly spread as she reread it. He was sweet, really. A nice boy and from what she remembered, he was fun too. If all went well today, she’d be seeing him later tonight. And if she really had the courage, well Lena may no longer be a virgin come tomorrow.

The cashier at the boba tea place noticed her smile and commented on it when she returned Lena her card and pushed a tray of three drinks over to her. Two Thai teas and one taro. Hopefully, Micah would like the taro one. “Thank you, bye!” Lena waved at the cashier as she balanced the tray of drinks, her phone, the keys to the car, her wallet, and the script she’d been reading over all in her hands. It took her some time, but she managed to get to the car safely without dropping any of it. Unhurried, Lena was adjusting everything in its proper place so that none of the drinks would fall over while she drove when her phone began to vibrate in her lap.

“Hello? Mom?” she answered, growing quickly quiet when her mother began speaking. The conversation wasn’t long, a series of short sentences from her mother giving her instructions about what she needed to do. Lena felt something heavy in her chest as she replied meekly, “Okay, I’ll tell him. Bye, Mom.”

She sat there in her car, dumbfounded. Just staring at the parking lot in front of her, her emotions and jumbled thoughts only held at bay because she couldn’t quite comprehend it yet. But then when she started the car and began to drive, her heart started pounding, her breathing started quickening. Tears were quick to roll down her cheeks. By the time she had reached home, her cheeks were damp, eye were puffy, and Lena was still sniffling. She couldn’t think, couldn’t speak as she absently picked up everything from her car, holding the items tightly as she tentatively made her way up to the penthouse. Her pace was slow, hands practically trembling with the tray of drinks when she’d opened the door.

“Milo?” she called out for him, her voice a bit scratchy from all the crying. “Milo?” she called again when she didn’t hear a response, entering the living room to find him and his boyfriend cuddled up together.

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shinra | 1179 comments and so it begins

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Milo could say that this was the most comfortable he has been these past couple of weeks. His life was in a roller coaster ever since...well since Noah. Hospital visits, arguing parents, police investigations...all these he has trained himself to push into the farthest part of his subconscious. To his outside circle everything was fine. To Micah and Lena he is completely broken inside. The fact of the matter is, everything is his fault. There no way anyone could deny his role in all this. He told Noah it would be fine. He told to go ahead and take that pill that was offered to him. If he would have known what would have happened...he wouldn't have invited Noah at all.

Milo was absent mindlessly playing with Micah's hair as he flipped through YouTube trying to find vines that they haven't already watched when he heard the front door open. He wasn't paying much attention to his little sister Lena until he heard her calling his name. Hearing Lena's cracked voice pulled him out of his own mind. He stiffened upon seeing her emotional state. Milo and Lena have always been close, so seeing her like this immediately cause him to get up of the couch. "Lena? What happened?" He rushed to her side, taking the tray from her and putting it anywhere before taking her gently by the shoulders and bending slightly to meet her at eye level. "Did someone do this to you?" He asked in a more serious low and hushed tone. If anyone knew Lena they'd know about her crazy protective older brother. Ever since...the incident he was hellbent on making sure another sibling did not get hurt in any way. Lena just happened to be that sibling.

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rimskur | 1470 comments are we doing an order or just going for it?

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rimskur | 1470 comments okie dokie just wondering bc I might go to sleep soon

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Micah was present through it all. He still could remember Milo’s frantic voice over the phone at 2 a.m. He remembered rushing out of his house without telling anyone so he could drive to the hospital. The memory of sitting with Milo in the waiting room, his boyfriend’s head on his shoulder as they waited for news. Micah was always there, not hesitating to visit Milo late at night when the incident was still fresh in his memories.

Micah rested his head on Milo’s chest, slowly falling asleep, simply listening to Milo’s heartbeat. But he was soon snapped out of his tired state when he heard Lena’s frantic calling. Over the years, Micah and Lena had become very close. He treated her like she was his little sister. So without hesitation, he got up as well, walking into the kitchen and pouring a glass of cold water. With a frown on his face and concern swirling in his blue eyes, he gave it to Lena, prompting her to try and drink it. The puffiness and redness of her eyes told him she had been crying and he knew that it was best for her to stay hydrated so she doesn’t feel dizzy. “What’s wrong, love?” He questioned, hand coming to rub her back as he tried to soothe the now hiccuping girl.

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Lena immediately engulfed herself in her brother’s arms, not hesitating to physically seek the comfort she required from him. He was warm and familiar and Lena was still shaking, so having him embrace her was just what she needed to calm down. Lena’s sniffling wouldn’t stop even after she’d sunk into his arms. She couldn’t find the words to speak, to tell Milo what their mother had told her. All she could focus on was Milo’s heart beat, her ear pressed against his chest. It was soothing and it softened her resolve further. Micah’s hand on her back was even more calming, and slowly, slowly she was able to balance her breathing again. She sniffed again, hands rising up to her face and wiping at her damp cheeks. “No, nobody did anything -“ she started, trying to explain it.

Frustration bloomed in her, irritated with herself for still crying. She sighed, her hands latching onto both of their arms and making them follow her towards the sofa they had been sitting on before. “Mom called,” she tried again, breathing in deeply when she tried to explain what had happened. “She said - she said that Noah started seizing. Oxygen deprivation or something. He’s stable now but he’s been put on a ventilator too,” Lena stammered. The situation was one that she didn’t understand completely. She was still very much in the dark about what had happened to her oldest brother, why he had ended up in the hospital in the first place, and what caused his coma. Lena didn’t know anything and she knew it was being kept from her. “I-I don’t understand...” she trembled, green eyes welling up with tears again when she turned to look at her brother for explanation.

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Feeling Lena’s tears dampen Milo’s shirt made his own face heat up. Maybe in guilt or maybe in shame but either way the rock forming at the pit in Milo’s stomach was only growing the more he held her. He stroked Lena’s hair gently and tried to calm her breathing patterns with shushes mumbled into her hair. Seeing her in the state, knowing it was partly all his fault ate him from the inside out. Still, he shouldn’t say anything about what really happened. He couldn’t simply tell her that he gave Noah the pill. He couldn’t explain the feeling he felt when he opened the bathroom door only to find their golden sibling slumped against the sink, foam threatening to drip down his chin. There’s just some things you don’t say

He locked eyes with Micah, for just a moment in an almost pleading manner. Micah of course didn’t know either. What kind of person would he think Milo was if he told him he was involved anywhere near drugs. What would the either of them think of him? Would he leave him? He couldn’t lose them both. Who would he have left? His heart sank and a lump formed in his throat when Lena said Noah’s name. Anytime he heard that name nowadays it was always attatched to something negative. Noah will never again be the one he turned to for advice, for a second opinion, or for a shoulder to cry on. And it’s all because of one stupid mistake.

Milo rubbed Lena’s shoulders and sighed “There’s a lot of things that we just won’t be able to understand.” He said finally, his own hazel eyes searching the floor to avoid the burning stare of his sister. His ears turned a subtle shade of pink as he tried to feign innocence. But the guilt was slowly gnawing at him every second that there was silence.

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Micah tried his best to calm Lena down, hand rubbing her back soothingly, a frown present on his face. He knew how hard it was for both of them after Noah’s accident. Both of them lost the person that they looked up to. Even though Micah didn’t have an older sibling, he still could understand the pain because if something ever happened to Lyanna, he wouldn’t know what to do.

Micah furrowed his eyebrows, confused at the look Milo gave him. Micah knew Milo like the back of his hand - every quirk and every habit. So he knew that look definitely didn’t mean anything good. He opened his mouth, prepared to question him about it but he stopped after he realized this wasn’t the best time. Giving Milo one last glance, his attention turned to Lena again. “Milo’s right, Lena,” He coaxed, nodding his head. “And Noah’s a fighter. I’m sure he will get better.” He smiled slightly, looking over Lena discreetly to prompt Milo to say something to continue reassuring her.

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Milo and Micah could both give Lena all the consolation that she needed about this situation, but that didn’t change the fact that she still very much was clueless about what had happened. Even though she’d been prompting her brother to give her some explanation, he did not offer up anything she wanted to hear. She looked in between both boys, wondering there was some kind of communication between them that she was missing out on. Did Milo know something that she did not and if he did, had he told Micah too? Why was she the only one out of the loop?

“He is,” she nodded her head, her voice more firm and confident. She trusted that Noah would get better, but how long was it now? How long had it been since Noah ended up in the hospital? She felt so ashamed now, so, so ashamed that her mind had been on other things, so many unimportant things in her day to day life while her brother was struggling to wake up, struggling to breathe and to live.

“I’m so selfish!” she laughed hollowly, wiping her eyes again, “I can’t believe I’ve been thinking about the stupid play and stupid dates and boys when - when Noah is still...” She broke off again, her words choking up in her throat. Her breathing hitched and though both Micah and Milo were rubbing her back and shoulders, she couldn’t contain the small sob that slipped through her lips.

“We should be packing a bag for him. His clothes and some things for him to have when he wakes up. He’s been in a hospital gown for so long, he’s probably so uncomfortable. And - And his friends. They wanted to send the cards and the flowers - I should drop them off there. I haven’t visited there in a while...” she begin to speak more rapidly, coming up with a list of things to do. It was better to think of what she could do than thinking about what she couldn’t do.

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Is Noah really going to get better? Milo has seen his face, the blue tint on his lips, the speckles of red in his normally green eyes. He's seen it first hand. The next night he spent at least 3 hours past midnight just googling causes and symptoms of overdose, and the prospects of survival. The luckiest the Strauss family will ever get is minimal brain damage. Minimal. There's no bright future, everything Milo sees in this moment is bleak.

His vision became blurry as he stared at the ground, the only relief to that was finally blinking, which resulted in small streaks of tears that didn't make it past his chin because he wiped them quickly away. They couldn't see him at this weak point. Lena needed him. He nodded his head to Micah's statement, even though deep in his mind he was a pessimist, Milo had to show a facade of optimism, not only for everyone in this room, but for himself.

"Lena, relax." He chided, finally looking up after what might have seemed like ages. "Don't let this stop you from living your life." He said looking at her. She was so small, and looking at her and her emotions only made her look smaller. Fragile even. It tore at him. "Go hang out with that boy, practice for that play. Me and Micah will figure all that other stuff out. Right Micah?" He turned his attention to his boyfriend taking his hint, glad above all things that he was still here. He needed him the most out of everyone and it comforted him that he wouldn't leave.

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Micah nodded his head, agreeing with Milo. “Yeah, don’t worry Lena.” He coaxed, offering a reassuring smile. “Living your life doesn’t mean you’re abandoning him.” His voice wasn’t anything but reassuring but he wasn’t only talking to Lena. His eyes flickered to his boyfriend for a second as the words left his mouth. Like any normal person, Micah knew Milo hid stuff from him so he wouldn’t worry. Even though he would like him to share everything with him, he trusted him. Everyone had their secrets - especially Micah.

Running a hand through his hair, Micah took out his phone. “Um, I’m going to order food…” He trailed off, trying to get a sense of normalcy in the room. He honestly felt overwhelmed by the situation. He looked at Lena and Milo, phone pressed to his ear as he listened to the phone ring. “Today’s been stressful and we just need to relax.” He suggested to the two siblings before moving into the kitchen, figuring the siblings needed at least some privacy.

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Lena was beginning to panic again, her mind drawing in so many different directions. It was like she was standing in the middle of a circle of four horses and each of them were tied to her in someway. And when they moved...well, she was pulled by each of them. Likewise, her rampant thoughts were making her head throb in pain and it seemed her poor, little heart couldn’t take the pressure she was feeling. Her tear soaked face was hot with uncomfortable warmth and she still couldn’t quite speak without stuttering or taking shaky little breaths. It was awful to think about all of this, to feel like this, and she didn’t know when she’d ever stop having to feel like this. When would her brother wake up? Would he even?

“No, no,” she protested, eyes flashing up to either of the boys. Lena didn’t want them to take charge and to take responsibility. “I want to be involved too. He’s my brother too,” she insisted, that panic coming out so plainly across of her expressive features. What she wanted to do was not too much, didn’t interfere that much. All she wanted was to do something at all - to show Noah how much she loved him and how she knew he was going to be better again.

Her shoulders slumped in pathetically, eyes drawn to her lap after Micah had departed from the room, leaving her alone with her brother. Naturally, she leaned her head on his shoulder, wrapping her arm around one of his and hugging him loosely. She was exhausted from crying and Lena couldn’t even imagine how much of a mess she looked like right now. “If you go to visit him, you’ll tell me right? Take me with you?” she asked. Lena had never been by herself - she was much too scared to do it.

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Milo took a deep breath and ran both hands through his hair several times. He had to pull himself together for everyone. He thinks of himself as their protectors, so having them both looking so lost and confused scared him. He needed for them to be okay. "Of course you can be involved Lena. I just wanted you to take a breather, you can do whatever you're comfortable with."

If it was ever possible to see behind Milo's facade you can see clear as day that he was scared to. Scared shitless. He didn't know what was going to happen and he didn't how to tell anyone his true feelings about what already did. He was lost and scared and scared and lost and — just everything was jumbling together as thoughts and words. He looked over at his little sister helplessly coming to him for comfort. He inwardly shuddered at the thought of him comforting her about something he was so involved with. He knew she would hate him if she ever knew the truth. "Of course I'll tell you and you can always come. That's not even a question." He cooed softly, taking her in his arms and giving her a kiss on the top of her head. As he put his chin on the top of her hair he couldn't help but picture the hate in her eyes when the secret actually came to light. Looking back into the kitchen he watched Micah's back as he called the food.

The hate in both their eyes.

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Micah bit his lip as he stood facing the kitchen sink, waiting for the pizza place to pick up. He ran a hand through his hair, taking a deep breath when they finally picked up. “Yeah, um...Can I please have two cheese pizzas?” He asked, before giving them the address. As he turned around, since he was never one to be able to stay still, he caught Milo’s gaze and offered him a smile. “I love you.” He mouthed the words followed by a wink, trying to cheer him up, his ear still pressed against his phone as he listened to the employee go on about specials.

Milo’s happiness was the most important thing for him. No matter how many times he teased him, he never meant any of it. He loved hearing him laugh and loved knowing he could make him smile. A part of him realized he didn’t deserve him - not after all the chaos he had caused in London. Micah wasn’t a good person, he knew this. But Milo made him a good person. He made him realize that people should be cherished and there was such a thing as a happy relationship.

Micah watched as Milo comforted Lena and a warm smile appeared on his face. It was a nice change compared to the sibling relationship he was used to. His twin, Lyanna, and him were more prone to biting each other’s heads off instead of being civil. But he liked it like that. He loved messing with her. She always gets extremely agitated with him and it was highly amusing.

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She was calmer now, able to breathe normally, think normally again. Milo had that effect on her, giving her the space and the comfort that she needed to relax and figure things out with a less stressed out mind. Her immediate route of action when she'd learn the news was first shock. Her shock had kept her from understanding the information clearly enough and when it did finally sink in more, she began to panic and panic. Her thoughts were bouncing all over the place and while Lena was usually such an optimist, she could not see any clear positive sign coming from this kind of news. So, obviously, her reaction had reflected that belief and she'd very quickly fallen prey to fear and uncertainty.

Lena succumbed to Milo's arms, blinking slowly as she felt his warm embrace. She and him had gotten much closer lately, but it had always been Noah in the past that would often give Lena hugs and would wipe away the tears from her cheeks whenever she cried. He was the one that always comforted her and reminded her that despite what everyone else thought, she was the best person, the most kind, the most loving. Noah made her love herself.

Chuckling underneath her tears, Lena slowly lifted herself away from Milo, wiping at her eyes hastily again, "Look, I've ruined your time with Micah. You guys looked so cute when I came in."

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The thing Milo wanted right now in this house was normalcy. He obviously couldn't fully obtain it with everything going on with Noah, but he could damn right fake it. His own breathing settled, and his dark thoughts started to fade away like fog in his subconscious every second that ticked by. Feeling Lena's small body in his arms served as a stress reliever and seeing Micah's silent words not only put a big smile on his face, but lifted several weights off his shoulders - weights he didn't even know were there. These two were his family, even though sometimes they pretend and joke that they aren't.

Sometimes when he worried about anything too much he would just think of Micah and the way Milo loved him. Simple things like that can outweigh the bad so fast, he would forget there was bad in the first place. Milo was the more fortunate one in the relationship, in comparison Micah was 10x the man Milo could ever be. "You're right Lena you just ruin everything." He groaned, then looked at Lena with the mischievous smile he always gived her when he joked. Messing up her hair with his hand he lightly pushed her away with a chuckle as she rose from the couch. They were, at least for now, going to be normal.

"I think I was the cute one you are referring to. I'm the supermodel and Micah's my hairless cat."

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