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message 1: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Thorogood (tonythorogood) | 43 comments Mod
Now I started this group and no one seemed to join so I was going to kill it off but a few people have signed up so I will apply a little mouth to mouth and see if I can breath some life into it.

So I wrote all my crazy Bigfoot Littlefoot & West stories and thought that they were pretty mad and I couldn't find anything quite as mad - but recently I saw the MOVIE M*A*S*H* and suddenly I felt at home yes the director of M*A*S*H* Robert Altman was as mad as I am, then a few days later I watched the TV series Ab Fab (Absolutely Fabulous) and that was about as crazy as anything can get so there is plenty of madness out there. In fact the insanity of the Movie M*A*S*H* makes it far and away superior to the lame TV series. What other electrical madness is out there, whats your favorite?

message 2: by Jason (new)

Jason (jasondenness) | 27 comments Mod
Monty Python
Morecambe and Wise
anything by Reeves and Mortimer.
The Young Ones

British comedy is totally mad.

message 3: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Thorogood (tonythorogood) | 43 comments Mod
I don't know Reeves and Mortimer or Bottom tell me more.

message 4: by Jason (new)

Jason (jasondenness) | 27 comments Mod
Vic Reeves last TV they did.

An episode of Bottom for you. My eldest daughter loves this.

message 5: by Jason (new)

Jason (jasondenness) | 27 comments Mod
Have you seen Red Dwarf?

message 6: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Thorogood (tonythorogood) | 43 comments Mod
No never seen Red Dwarf - but there seems to be a lot more real comedy out there than I realized. What about American humor?

message 7: by Jason (new)

Jason (jasondenness) | 27 comments Mod
American humour is very bland, they seem to recycle the same old stuff, they've also tried to remake british humour and that always fails.

Another great brit comedy is Fawlty Towers. Legendary

message 8: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Thorogood (tonythorogood) | 43 comments Mod
American Humour - what about Cheers that has some very good stuff and of course M*A*S*H* the movie and you are too young for Laugh In - when Americans are prepared to make fun of themselves then they can be very funny. Kurt Vonnegut another great American humourist.

And getting back to Forty Towels that's a classic.

message 9: by Jason (new)

Jason (jasondenness) | 27 comments Mod
Cheers was ok, it was funny but to me it felt like it was recycling the same old jokes and expecting you to like it. I have been thinking about US comedies I like.

Frasier. Funny and moving at times, breaks away from the standard comedy.
Curb your enthusiasm. Great comedy, guaranteed to make you squirm. Both of those I'd consider classics.

Modern day stuff I like.

Detrioters, workaholics, People of Earth, Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman.

And probably the funniest series from the USA....Brockmire. Hank Azaria is a genius in this one.

message 10: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Thorogood (tonythorogood) | 43 comments Mod
Guess what - you leave me for dead on this lot - I do have the great disadvantage that I don't watch television. There was a Russian film I love - Chekhov wrote this long long play that was never performed and a Russian film Maker made a film of it Unfinished Piece for Player Piano and I love it - Russian Comedy performed by Russians can be so much fun. Russian Comedy performed by Brits is incredibly boring, I guess when the English perform Russian comedy it is the English Establishment who do it not the crazy Brits. I will look up Brockmire or what ever it's called.

message 11: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Thorogood (tonythorogood) | 43 comments Mod
So there are some good single episodes of TV shows the Fawlty Towers episode with the woman who couldn't hear with out a hearing aid but she refused to turn it on as that would cost money. Another is the episode of The Good Life called The Windbreak War in this Tom and Barbara plant raspberries but then the neighbour puts up a windbreak that blocks out the sun the different permutations of helping each other ends in a battle royal. Then their is the episode of Cheers were Sam and Diane end up in the bar late at night holding each others nose! Classics.

message 12: by Jason (new)

Jason (jasondenness) | 27 comments Mod
The deaf old lady in Fawlty towers was a classic.

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