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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Children's book about hunting a unicorn for its horn. [s]

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message 1: by Jay (new)

Jay Traub | 11 comments It is a children's picture book, fantasy setting. The pictures are not cartoony. It must have been written at least before 1996. I don't know author or year or it would be much easier to find I suppose. So far I've done a search of my childhood library (Pittsburg Public Libary), world catalog, amazon, google advanced search and been unable to come up with anything. Also tried FB but they just questioned whether my memories were real or not. Thanks FB friends. . .

A wizard (or alchemist or some such ilk) gets in trouble with the king. The king is worried about being assassinated (maybe because of a prophecy saying he will be killed while feasting), and commands the wizard to bring back a unicorn horn to fashion a chalice (cup or goblet) that will purify poison. The wizard and a crew of maybe two or three hunt a unicorn, but have difficulty capturing it because it is clever and they struggle with the notions of killing such a noble creature. Eventually the unicorn sheds its horn on a tree(thus avoiding having to kill it) and they are able to return it to the king who is killed by a crossbow bolt from an assassin afar as he feasts.

It might be that the word 'unicorn' is not in the title. I've tried all the keyword of unicorn, horn, chalice, cup, goblet, wizard, king, hunt, assassin. Just haven't found that magical combination yet.

Wondering if anyone here has heard of the book or maybe can one up me on searching skills.

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5231 comments The Sorcerer's Scrapbook
You’ll show all your Facebook friends.

message 3: by Jay (new)

Jay Traub | 11 comments Rosa wrote: "The Sorcerer's Scrapbook
You’ll show all your Facebook friends."

Wow, so fast. I did all that searching and nothing. I post one question here and . . . How? Really, how?

And thanks! Definitely thanks.

Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5231 comments Anytime!

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