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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Contemporary romance. Book series about three sisters that live in a town and are best friends with three brothers. The sisters' parents aren't there anymore, but they are really close to the three brothers' parents

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message 1: by Carolina (last edited Jul 06, 2018 07:54PM) (new)

Carolina | 1 comments Hi! I don't really remember if the book is contemporary romance or YA. I don't remember the name of the author but it was a woman. The book was published in english, probably around 2012-2015, not sure.

The first book of the series is about one of the three brothers returning to the small town because a relative from the three sisters passed away or maybe it was because one of the brothers was getting married, I don't remember. One of the sisters had a thing with said brother when they were younger but he left the town so now she's mad at him, and doesn't want to acknowledge him now that he's back for the burial. I think he plays a sport, but I'm not entirely sure.

The second book of the series is about the youngest sister who has had a crush on one of the brothers for so long but he hasn't noticed, yet everybody else knows. Now that she's older she starts making her move on him.

The last book of the series is about one of the sisters moving to new york to pursue her career as a stylist for a tv series and one of the brothers (who was married and has a child) offers her a place to stay. They also had a thing when they were younger but they ignored it and acted as if it never happened.

Hope this is enough! I've been going crazy because I can't find the names of these books ANYWHERE, yet I remember what they were about.

Please help:)

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Kris | 36561 comments Mod
A long shot - Intoxicating series by Christie Ridgway? The first book is Crush on You.

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Lobstergirl | 40627 comments Mod
Carolina, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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