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Leaning back in the leather seat of his dad's BMW, Adrian didn't bother to talk about his plans with the man in the front seat. Not having his license sucked, and being courted around by the stuffy old butler his dad insisted on employing was worse. The man was judgemental and liked to mumble incoherent insults about "Adrian's generation," insults that lost all sting after about the millionth time. With a wave of his hand, Adrian motioned for the butler to turn left and then went back to smiling at his phone. It still confused him at how easily it was to get caught up talking to Wallace, one of his first real friends at Constance. He was definitely easier to talk to than the horde of popular kids he often found himself around ━ but those were the kids that his parents wanted him to be around, the kind of kids that would give him a solid reputation around the city. So he dealt with it.

But it didn't mean that he wouldn't jump at the chance to deliver Wallace some cheetos and a bottle of coke. Especially given the cute way Wallace would smile at him and the little crinkle of his nose when he did it. Adrian's cheeks heated at those thoughts, pushing down the panic that accompanied them. He was supposed to be cooler than that, a professional kiss em and leave em kind of guy. It didn't matter that it was a lie he told to others; it was an ideology he adopted nonetheless. It helped to make him one of the cool guys and that's what it was about. Besides, he doubted that he'd ever be allowed to bring Wallace, or any boy for that matter, home. Did he even want to bring a boy home? God, why did his mind always end up going here?

Adrian was thankful when John finally pulled up to Wallace's house, when he could shake off his doubts and slip behind the carefully crafted mask he'd built over the past year and a half. With a polite nod to his butler, Wallace slipped from the soft leather seats and strode up to the ornate door of the Sinclair mansion and rapped his knuckles on the wood. At this point, he could probably just stroll into Wallace's house ━ they were on good terms and maybe he would if it was just Wallace. But he knew how his father was, despite the appearance he might make to the public. Adrian just hoped that it was Wallace who'd open the door.

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As he layed on his king sized bed texting Adrian the entirety of the time as he was on his way, Wallace couldn't help but give his the trademark smile that was tugging on his lips. His little freckles that covered his face like a blanket were unmistakably glowing with eagerness and anticipation. Usually he didn't invite many people over seeing how the abusive treatmeant his father gave him didn't necessarily put him in the mood to talk to anyone, but as he looked out the window of his bedroom he was content with the knowledge that one of his favorite people would be showing up soon enough. His little bangs seemed to bounce with joy every step he took, and the music in the background did indeed help contribute. Since he had just gotten back from the track meet- which Adrian failed to show up to- again- he had taken a shower and felt like his best self. Running a comb through his ink black hair, and quickly throwing on some clothes, Wallace pulled out his school supplies before taking out the notes from that day. Luckily since both of the boys were sophomores, they shared the same classes except for their electives so they were able to do their homework together.

In a state of complete bliss, he practically dived for his phone as it vibrated on his cashmire sheets before quickly reading through the texts that Adrian had just sent. 'we're just too good to be apart :p
and yeah yeah, i know 🙄 i already got a lecture from my dad
but don't worry, i'll be there. i know how much u miss me when i'm not there
God, this boy knew exactly how to drive him crazy. Though he felt his cheeks heat up as he read the text above. "Too good to be apart? Pfft. What a dork." Wallace swiftly messaged him back continuously teasing him before a foreboding knock was placed on his door. "Wallace! I'm coming in. I expect your room to be clean." Sure enough, there stood his father, with his emerald eyes that could peirce even the sturdiest of skins. Wallace knew better to say anything unless spoken to, or act unless ordered to.

His father's eyes searched the room as if he aas expecting to find something hidden before fimslly settling onto a head of curly black hair. "Did you invite someone over?" The inquiry sounded more like a statement, and the bass in his voice started to rattle his bones. "Speak up. Boy." "Y-yes. I did. Adrian, to do our homework. Nothing more." "I pray for your sake that you are not lying." As his door shut with a rather large click, Wallace found himself frantically heaving, as if all of the air was leaving his body and nothing was happening in return. Fear and anxiety gripped his mind and was throwing him into a frenzy, though with the car engine reving up to the front door, he pulled himself together and picked up his pace to greet Adrian at the front door. He knew his father usually left at this fime to go off with his little boy toys, or what he called meetings and didn't come back until early morning, so they were safe. For now. Skidding in his socks across the marble floors, Wallace putting his smile once more before opening the door. "Hey, come on in." His voice was shaking and he was mumbling something Italian under his breath but he was fine. He had to be.

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It was probably wrong for Adrian to feel a wave of intense dislike wash over him as a car sped past him down the drive ━ a car that Adrian knew to belong to the prick that was Wallace's father ━ but he couldn't help the way his fists balled and his eyes clouded over. "What a dick," he muttered under his breath as he shifted the strap of his bag, likely breaking a few Cheetos in the process. It wasn't fair that Wallace had to live with a guy like that and Adrian was once again reminded of how much he loved his parents. Sure, they were overbearing at times, but that was nothing compared to the plight his friend had to endure.

He quickly stopped thinking about, well, everything, when Wallace opened the door and beckoned him in with a smile. Adrian didn't bother hiding the grin that tugged at his lips as he beheld those outrageously cute freckles and Wallace's wild curls. It just felt good being with his friend ━ his best friend, who Adrian also happened to flirt with. It was harmless, just a way for him to test out the stuff Mateo tells him. That was it... Right? Pushing those confusing thoughts away, Adrian slipped into the entryway and let his gaze run over Wallace from his sock-clad feet to those charming brown eyes. Entirely innocent. Totally.

"Hey good-lookin'," Adrian said, fighting his growing grin at the pink splotches on Wallace's cheeks. Again, he thought about how ridiculously easy it was for him to be here with his best friend, how chill and yet how exciting their dynamic was. Adrian could honestly say that he never got bored of Wallace ━ even if he was reluctant to understand why that was. "I brought some snacks for the snack." It was such a cheesy thing to say but maybe it'd make Wallace go red under all those freckles. And Adrian really liked that he could make him just a little flustered, especially when Wallace seemed to do that to him without doing anything.

That's when realized that Wallace didn't exactly look good. His smile drooped and a crease formed between his eyebrows. "Hey, are you okay?" Adrian asked the question with a note of sincerity, the teasing lilt having faded. He could flirt with his friend later, after Wallace bitched about his dad and Adrian thought about how much he'd like to punch him in the face. A thought suddenly occurred to him, one that threw him off balance for a second as he waited for Wallace's response. Adrian would do anything for him. Anything. And it was a notion that made a knot form in his stomach.

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Seeing Adrian's face had the tendancy to immediately make things better in Wallace's world. His voice was smoother than melted chocolate and it calmed his nerves better than anything else in the world when he spoke to him so casually. At his little comment about his appearences he smirked and rolled his eyes before his eyes immeidately darted to the soda and the bag of glorified chips in his hands. By now Wallace's should have known better than to show any reactions to his flirtatious comments, but as much as he rolled his eyes and scoffed, it was as obvious as she sun in the sky that he enjoyed them. "Haha. Charming." Quickly snatching the bag of chips and the substantial bottle of soda from Adrian's hands he waited for him to come in before closing the door with his foot.

For a little bit, he had forgotten about how his father had triggered his PTSD once more, until Adrian had brought it up. He knew it wasn't on purpose and he was just checking to make sure he was okay and everything, yet the thought of his father made his hands shake. "Yeah I'm fine, my dad was just doing what he does best, ya know. Giving me anxiety before leaving me alone with my thoughts. But, I'm kind of used to this by now, after all he's just that kind of guy." The silent pauses between his sentences was deafening, the entire room felt as though it was closing in on him, but Wallace merely turned back to give a weak smile. "Hey, can we not talk about him right now?"

Without waiting for an answer, Wallace headed up the grand circular stairs eager to escape the conversation and to just get started on his work. Bumping open the sturdy oak door of his bedroom with his hips, he set down the junk food on a nearby table before getting his schoolwork from the vanity on the otherside of the room. Right now, the last person Wallace wanted to look at was himself, if he looked anything like he felt, then he must've looked like a peice of shit. "So, Adrian, you didn't show up to the track meet... again. Do you have a good excuse?" With a playful smirk, he placed his pencil behind his ears and sat down ready to work. "It's not like you missed anything big, it was mostly just me and Alec. Still, I'm a bit curious."

As Wallace sat down he rested his head full fo curls on his arm before stealing a glance, that turned into an obvious stare. Wallace admired his gorgeous eyes, they were peircing, but unlike his father's they harboured a kindness and a playfulness to them. Making it unsurprisingly easy to talk to him, and laugh at his jokes even if they weren't funny. As he continued to oogle Adrian, his eyes slowly traveled down to his lips, they looked extremely soft, like a pillow. In the very back, he wondered if he'd ever get to see if that was true, though Wallace caught himself once more visibly shaking his head of the thoughts before a bright pink appeared on his cheeks. "So.. we need to study for math right?"

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It was easy for Adrian to drop the conversation as he noticed the tremble in Wallace's hands and the hollow sound of his voice. Seeing him like this elicited an intense burning desire to right all the wrongs in Wallace's life, starting at the source. But in doing so, Adrian would only complicate things even further for Wallace. Besides, what exactly could he do that wouldn't land him in some serious shit and ruin the carefully crafted image he'd spent months perfecting? With a roll of his shoulders, Adrian moved further into the house and followed Wallace through the grand entryway and up the polished, winding staircase.

Good question Adrian thought as Wallace asked him what had held him up. Really, it hadn't been much of anything. He had gotten sidetracked talking to his mom and then his dad had lectured him and then, at that point, he was already late and hadn't seen the point in going ━ a habit he really needed to fix if he was ever going to have a chance of beating Wallace in a race. But he didn't say any of this to his best friend as they entered his room, letting a suggestive smirk work it's way on to his features instead. "Oh, I had a very good excuse. And while you might've missed something big, I sure didn't." He said, a teasing quality laced through his words as he fell onto Wallace's bed and stretched his lean, toned body out. This is what he enjoyed, these moments with Wallace where he felt almost perfectly at ease. There were no expectations, no stifling pressure placed on him. But it was never wholly comfortable, never wholly perfect because Adrian couldn't shake the person he'd made himself into ━ the lie he crafted.

A smile slowly spread across his face as he noticed Wallace looking at him and the way his eyes seemed to dance with a longing that Adrian was taken aback by. He still found himself tingling in response, which wasn't something he was altogether used to. According to (himself, technically) the population of Constance, he was a self-proclaimed flirt and the so-called protege of Mateo's. That in itself was something that told about the kind of things he did ━ or would do if he wasn't a virgin.

A wave of confusing emotions rolled over Adrian as Wallace broke the spell with a question about studying. With a laugh, Adrian flipped to his side to peer over at his friend. Friend he forcibly reminded himself. "You know I didn't actually come here to work, right? The backpack is just for show," he said, flicking his hand towards the discarded sack that lay slumped on the floor. Really, the only thing he wanted to do was look at Wallace. That thought alone brought a slight heat to his cheeks, which he hurriedly tried to cool. It wouldn't do to mess up here and now, even if he wanted nothing more to be completely open to Wallace. He felt as if he owed that to the person he felt most at ease around. Wallace would tell him something like that, right? Adrian ran a hand through his hair; that was another question that he didn't really want to know the answer to and another bout of emotion that he didn't want to get involved in.

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Wallace wasn't any sort of stranger to the way that Adrian worked. Of course he should have known better than to ask what he was busy with, or rather who he was busy with. Something inside of him began to stirr emotions up, emtions he didn't seem to recongnize at the moment, but just like with his other emotions he simply pushed it back into the depths from whence it came and continued to act like nothing was wrong. "So, if I got this right, you skipped practiced to go and screw someone? Very professional might I add." Saying it aloud placed an unwelcome bitter taste in his mouth, nevertheless he said it all with a smirk on his face. Standing back up to get the snacks waiting on the nearby table, he wandered over towards the bed before quirking an eyebrow at Adrian.

He was smiling while looking at Wallace, though he felt as though he was thinking about his current conquests. Wallace was unfazed by it, or at least thats what he told himself until the feeling in his stomach had come back twice as strong as before. You're jealous... He already knew that he was but was so insistant on denying it that he automatically became defensive to his own thoughts. While he was struggling with it, his body language portrayed just that. His eyebrows slightly creased and his lips were bent downwards in an annoyed position. He wasn't jealous! He was straight! Why would he be jealous over some random girl who simply managed to seduce a mini-Mateo? Wallace was making this harder on himself, he knew why he was so livid, it felt as though he came second place to every little plaything Adrian used. The thought made him filled with emotions he didn't now how to express properly.

As Adrian started to talk once more, the jealousy became worse like a pulsing, living being, commanding him what to do. The fact that the flirting that Wallace was so normalized, was used s someone else, made him jealous. There he had finally admited it. He was jealous. He didn't know if he was gay, but he did understand that he wanted to be around Adrian more than the average friendship. Of course the minute Adrian finished his sentance Wallace turned his head around shifting his eyes to the sides, not daring to look him straight in the eye. "What did you come here to do then? You realize that you're one test away from failing algebra two, right?" His voice once more began to slightly crack af the thoughts that rushed into his mind, and he looked like a rutabega.

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If Adrian had been oblivious to the way that Wallace's eyebrows had bunched and the way his mouth puckered and turned down, he wasn't oblivious to the way his voice darkened. A pang went through him ━ was he still upset with his father? Adrian pushed himself into a sitting position, a crease between his brow as he ran his gaze over Wallace and noticed that he was refusing to look at him. "It was a joke, Wallace. I know I need your help to pass the next test." He stated, refusing to take his eyes off of Wallace and wishing that he would just look at him. Since they've been friends, Adrian had seen quite a few sides to Wallace and could usually pick up on his cues. But this was... Well, it was new territory. He couldn't remember a time when Wallace turned his back on him, when he refused to look him in the eye.

This was something different. And it didn't sit well with Adrian. The majority of his time was spent assuring his reputation, assuring that he kept his parents happy, and assuring that he kept himself out of the bad kind of trouble. But when he was alone with Wallace... Sure, he kept the mask on, but it was as close to being himself as he ever was. Wallace knew enough about him and Adrian knew a lot about Wallace.

A thought suddenly gripped Adrian that made him queasy; what did he really know about Wallace? He knew about his past and about his home-life, but did Wallace wear a mask too? Running a hand over his face and through his hair, Adrian avoided that rabbit-hole. If Wallace had secrets, Adrian had no room to talk. Besides, it wasn't like a secret like his could tear apart a friendship. At least, he didn't think so.

"Hey, is this about me missing practice?" Adrian asked, standing up from his perch on the side of Wallace's bed and moving to stand behind him. He grabbed Wallace's shoulder, meaning to coax him around as he added, "I know you care a lot about the team ━ I do too, really. But just think of it as a different kind of cardio workout." All Adrian wanted to do was return to their light-hearted banter, their easy conversations, their teasing flirtation. And, as much as Adrian loathed to admit it, he also just wanted to sit down with Wallace and have him help him. It was nice having someone who cared about his grades and about his well-being. Plus, Adrian had to admit that Wallace looked positively adorable when he focused on something. He really couldn't remember a time they fought and didn't want this to be the start of one.

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don't worry i perfectly understand life gets in the way

Too close. He is too close. Their faces were a little ways away from each other, and it was so much to bear. Wallace could see everything up close, from his gorgeous brown hair to his olive skin, all the way to his pink, lucious lips. He couldn't though. He was straight. Straight as a board, and he liked girls. Or that's what he told himself at least. Though as he stood there practically frozen in time, as soon as he heard the dialog that snapped him out of the state of wonder. "God, you always know exactly what to say don't you." He scoffed. The words by themselves sounded harsh enough, but the fact that Wallace, the boy who always smiled had said that as if he had just eaten dirt and spat it out. His eyes still averted Adrian's, not even daring to look at him now. While Wallace was taken aback by his own words, he didn't to apologize for them. By now the jealousy had take over the entirety of his mind and he only wanted one thing.

"Adrian." Bringing his brown eyes to meet his hazel ones, Wallace realized how much he longed for his touch in the way he would touch his toys. He didn't care if it was just a one time thing. Wallace needed to get this out of his system. Even just the though of Adrian made him yearn for companionship. "If you really needed some 'extra cardio'," he mocked. "next time, just... come to me then." Just like it had down stairs the silence had creeped into the room, seeming to stop Wallace's words from coming out properly.

As soon as his words had came out, he slipped from underneath Adrian's touch before sitting on the bed; red as the velvet curtains that hung in the hallways. Where did that even come from? Why had he said that to him? Utterly frazeled, he cleared his throat and sat down once more at the table he did his homework on and got to work not uttering one more word in fear of stumbling over his own words. Wallace wished that he could somehow take his words back, bring back their friendship, though somehow he knew that everything would be different after this. Adrian would probably shrug off what he had said turning back to his old habits soon enough, but Wallace would never be able to see men in the same light as before. Though the most miserable thing is that Wallave wouldn't be able to look at Adrian in the same light anymore. Adrian had always had each others backs ever since he had moved from Rome, yet in the very back of his mind, Wallace knew that he had seen Adrian like this for a long time.

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There was a suspended moment between them as Wallace turned to face him, their faces so close that Adrian could see the golden, honey notes in his brown eyes. A heat rose to his cheeks, staining the lightly tanned skin there pink and his breath hitched, a soft almost-gasp that he hoped Wallace didn't notice. Wallace, his best friend who was currently making him feel some very unfriend-like emotions. For a moment, he thought about how soft Wallace's curls would feel and how his lips might move under his own. He also couldn't help but think about the way his body might feel pressed against his. Adrian felt embarrassment well up in him, and perhaps shame, as Wallace broke the moment by pulling away from him. And it was a good thing, too. Adrian was so often confused about his sexuality ━ another secret he kept guarded behind the facade ━ and getting swept up in a moment with Wallace was doing to help him figure his shit out.

Adrian flinched, hurt flashing in his hazel eyes as Wallace threw his words in his face, the insult clear. He hadn't been expecting such a sting, to be hurt by Wallace. It was just so shocking to hear something like that coming from Wallace, the one boy who had never said a mean thing to him. And he still hadn't figured out where it came from. If Adrian didn't know better, he would have thought that there was an edge of jealousy in Wallace's usually so cheerful tone. Jealousy over the girls Adrian made up? The stories he concocted? It seemed absurd. Wallace was the one who always told Adrian he was straight, a statement that always took Adrian aback with the conviction of the words. He longed to be that secure who in he was, in what his preferences were. But maybe... Maybe Wallace was just as shaky as he was in matters of sexuality. Not that Wallace knew that, of course. Adrian felt a spark run through him, setting him on edge and suddenly making him very, very aware of Wallace.

Silence. Had Wallace, the boy who Adrian had always assumed saw him as nothing more than a friend, just flirted with him? And not only that, but had he suggested... Adrian knew he looked like an idiot, looked like the inexperienced virgin he was, as his face went red and his mouth opened in shock. It took a few seconds for him to compose himself, the silence stretching and seeming to grow as Wallace turned around and leafed through a textbook. Each page rustle only seemed to make the silence loom greater. "I-Wallace, I..." Adrian stuttered, unable to say what he wanted or perhaps unsure of what exactly he wanted to say. This isn't how Mateo would act, he thought before hurriedly clearing his throat and letting a grin work it's way onto his features. "Oh Wallace, if you wanted a piece of me all you had to do was say please." He felt shaky and awkward and knew this wasn't the thing to say but... But what else was he supposed to do?

The butterflies in his stomach and the tingling in the tips of his fingertips told him. There was a part of him that longed to sweep Wallace into a hug, a kiss. But then there was another part, a bigger part than knew whatever their relationship was before this, it was over. This marked a new beginning and Adrian was terrified about what it might mean for him and the secrets he kept locked behind his teeth.

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Never before had Wallace seen Adrian so completely flustered, you could tell that he was not used to Wallace acting this way. Wallace wasn't used to seeing himself like this either to be fair. Though it was positively fufilling to see Adrian, the one who was always so high and mighty at a lost for words with that silver tounge of his. Seeing his cheeks heat up like metal to a flame was quite gratifying and immediately he understood why Adrian liked this. Though he couldn't help but to wonder if thats what he looked like when he played his little games. So, for the first time, Wallace decided to play along, to see how he'd really react. Usually he was a quiet person, never really interacting with others unless he had to, stuttering when he had to present something in class, and apologizing when others rammed into him in the hallways. Yet, here he was actually joking around for once and Adrian had no words for him.

Placing down the textbook that was in his hands, he walked up to Adrian with a quirked eyebrow. He wa slightly pissed, just as he was going to get a honest answer from someone he learned he cares about as more than a friend, they going back into a defensive mode. Alright, two could play that game, and he planned on winning. Whatever that meant in this case. "All I had to say is please? Are you kidding me Adrian? What do you take me for? One of your little play things?" He stepped forward. "Because in case you didn't notice I'm your friend." Another step. "I just embarrased myself and you don't even have the decency to answer honestly?" Another step. Now the two boys were standing face to face, and all Wallace could think was, Are you really doing this? Really? Wallace didn't know what he was doing anymore, but all he knew was that he was not going to stand idly by all the while his emotions were being toyed with.

Right now, all Wallace wanted to do was see how soft those lips really were, but he was going to make Adrien suffer just as he did. Just like everyone Wallace had a limit, and while his patience may last longer than others, he wasn't immune to feeling hurt, or feeling angry, or even feeling annoyed. He was a human being too, with real emotiosn, and just like everyone else he went through the stages of grief. Witnessing his father kiss a man when he was engaged to a beautiful woman, was absolutely horrifying. He was supposed to love his wife until death do they part. So after years of tormenting himself and denying his hearts desires. He meets someone that makes his heat beat faster, and butterflies to flit around, and all of that results in them barely acknowleding his feelings, and playing it off like a joke? He was heartbroken.

He stepped slightly closer looking straight into his eyes with the confidence of a vain peacock and asked him one undeniably important question. "Well then, if I asked to kiss you right now, would you let me? Or would you simply laugh it off, ignoring my feelings, like you just did?" Wallace was terrifying when he was angry, he cut straight to point hitting the problem in the direct center. He either got the right answer, or he didn't. In this case he didn't know what the right answer was, but he would figure it out soon enough.

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The hurt and the anger that flashed in Wallace's eyes bit into Adrian with their ferocity, the heat from those emotions rolling off Wallace in waves as he stood before Adrian. He couldn't help but notice how close he was to Wallace, how much there was between them and how little at all. Especially as Wallace practically dared him to kiss him, dared him to reveal a piece himself that even he hadn't dared look at in the months he's been at Constance. Adrian swallowed, his bravado seemingly broken. The thought of letting himself simply be with Wallace was terrifying, the prospect of losing Wallace even more so. He valued Wallace's companionship, enjoyed being around him... And he couldn't get enough of the adrenaline rush he seemed to get when they got too close. They were too close right now, and Adrian flicked his eyes to Wallace's lips.

"I care about your feelings, Wallace. I care about you. Don't you get that? Of course I fucking care." Adrian said, still staring at his lips and refusing to meet his eyes. What would he find there? There was so much more Adrian wanted to say, so much more he wanted to do. And maybe if he was half the person he made himself out to be, it'd be different. But he was guarded, even if he didn't seem like it with the mask on. Right now, though, Wallace was threatening to rip it off ━ make him rip it off. In the span of just a few moments, things had suddenly become so complicated between them and Adrian wanted nothing more than to fix that. But could he keep up his little game if he opened up to Wallace? He didn't know. He didn't fucking know.

Adrian let himself look up and got lost in Wallace's gaze. It wasn't fair, what he was doing. Wallace didn't deserve to be lied to or deceived, even if Adrian was as close to himself as he could ever be with Wallace. He shook his head and his eyebrows creased in confusion, in vexation as he said, "Don't you realize that I'm scared, Wallace? Don't you realize that you're the one person who makes me feel unbalanced and tingly and right all at the same damn time?" He was breathing hard and his hands had somehow found a way to cup Wallace's face as they stood there, frozen. A suspended moment that would again shatter and again be lost. He wanted to move his lips closer, wanted to breathe the same breaths as Wallace. But he couldn't bring himself there, not yet. No matter how much he wanted to, no matter how brightly Wallace's eyes seemed to burn.

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Hearing Adrian yell at him was one of the scariest things that had happened ever since he had moved, and Wallace lived with his father. He hated making anyone upset but when it was the person he knew he had feelings for, it was different. His insides were churning like a factory machine and his mind was filled with so many thoughts and noises that it was impossible to think rationally. Adrian was his best friend, he had been since he has moved to America, they went through what little freshman year he had, then over the summer they had both bonded so they were like brothers. Yet, the two both harboured something slightly different than brotherly love. Wallace didn't even know how to kiss someone, much less a guy. Yet even as his ears were ringing, he could hear every single things that Adrian was shouting at him. He cared about his feelings, and Wallace felt absolutely awful for suggesting such a thing that he knew wasn't true, he wanted things to go back to normal, yet he knew that wouldn't be happening anytime soon.

"Adrian; I-I didn't..." The only reason that Wallace was able to continue looking at his eyes was because he knew Adrian wasn't capable of looking there at the moment. At the same time, he wanted nothing more then to just make him understand what he was feeling, yet he just wanted all of this to be over and wanted to hang out with Adrian again. This was painful, he usually welcomed confrontation, because it gave him the chance to fix what was wrong, the problem was apprent, yet he had dug himself a pit and now he had to deal with it. Especially if that meant that he might ruin all of the moments he shared with his best friend. Before he knew it tears began to well up in his eyes before silently falling to his cheeks.

Finally their eyes met once more, though Wallace wish that they hadn't. So much confusion, anger, and hurt were pent up in there like a vault that was about to burst, and he took note of every single detail. The lightly that was slowly fading into the night decorated by the New York City lights and the sunset gold, collaberating with the most wonderous shades of green. As he heard the words that came out from this extremely delicate situation, it was if for the first time he wasn't alone in feelings this way. Wallace didn't know if emhe was gay, straight, bi, pan, but he did know that he felt a certain way about Adrian and it wasn't the same way he felt about his cousin. "How the hell do you think I feel? I'm scarred too, I didn't know if you'd push me away because I maybe might be..." He didn't know how to say it without thinking about his father. His words came out in breathy whispers, before it was all gone at the feeling of his touch. Wallace was going insane, his cheeks felt as though they were on fire, his freckles giving a nice comparison to his red complexion. "Oh fuck it." Slowly, Wallace brought his lips to Adrian's, his arms slowly snaking around his waist. Adrian might not have been able to bring himself to do it, but Adrian wasn't going to patient any longer.

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The tears that spilled down Wallace's cheeks had made Adrian feel guilty; he really hadn't meant to yell, especially when he likely deserved it. But he forgot all about guilt, all about confusion and anger the moment Wallace pressed his lips against his. And the boy who boasted about one night stands, about stolen moments under the school bleachers, froze before his lips began to tentatively move against Wallace's. It wasn't his first kiss, but it had certainly been awhile since he'd been intimate and for a moment, anxiety gripped him. What would Wallace think? Would he figure out that he'd been lying? Even those fears, however, were drowned out by the rushing in his ears and the pounding in his blood. And then instinct took over.

Somehow, Adrian's hands ended up entwined behind Wallace's head, fingers tangling in the dark curls as his lips moved with fervor. The gentle, timid movements of before had fallen away, and a desire gripped Adrian. The conversations with Mateo fell away, the rules he set for himself forgotten as his body pressed against Wallace so that they were touching from lips to waist, their knees bumping. Adrian felt consumed by Wallace, by the hunger that welled up in at him at finally succumbing to his desire. There was nothing that could stop him, that could break this moment. Even if Adrian couldn't quite believe that it was happening.

Their lips parted but Adrian's eyes remained closed, his breathing a little haggard. He was scared to speak, to bring about the next inevitable question: What does this mean? So instead, he stood there, wrists resting upon Wallace's shoulders while he idly played with a few of the other boy's dark curls. Adrian licked his lips and slowly opened his eyes, body still against his friend's ━ friend? No, that word probably wouldn't work anymore. "Wallace... Holy shit," he breathed, a smile forming despite the nervousness welling up inside him. He'd just kissed Wallace Sinclair. Wallace. And it had made him feel as if he were on cloud nine. "I guess we both got the kiss we wanted, huh?" Adrian murmured, still completely awestruck by the boy in his arms.

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Wallace was absolutely terrified and excited at the same time. He had never kissed anyone, and he was so afraid that Adrian would be able to tell, as far as Wallace knew he was an expierienced young man, who did this sort of thing on a daily basis, compared to him he was like a lovesick puppy. It felt like forever when Adrian didn't do anything in response, did he not want to kiss him? Was it really that bad? He was mortified. Adrian, the boy who vocally remindes the entire school about his conquests didn't even want to kiss him? He would never live this down, he would hide in his room for the rest of his days and never go back to school. Yet just as Wallace was about to shamefully retract his own lips away, he felt himself being pulled back into position, glee soaring throughout his entire being. From the tip of his curls to the dust collected from the cracks in the wood on his socks.

As Adrian's hands made their way up into his bed head curls, Wallace's hands continued to venture from his waist to his bare back. The feeling of his hands on another person made a shiver run laps continuously through his spine. Not stopping for any air, he had to grip Adrian's shirt a bit tighter to secure himself on the ground, sure that if he let go that he would take a fall, he was so lightheaded. Though feeling contact on his legs is what really did it for Wallace, he had to take miniscule gasps of air, seeing as Adrian had quite literally taken his breath away. If he wasn't preoccupied already he would have been jumping and scream for joy, undeniably elated from his first kiss.

Unfortunately, both had to stop for the need of oxygen, though Wallace couldn't help but to turn a deep shade of red once more, which seemed to be common with the two so far. As he looked back up, his cheeks only seemed to get darker as he saw small bite marks on his bottom lips, Wallace took big gulps of air as though he had almost drowned while taking that risk. Dramatically falling down on his egyptian cotton bed, he looked like the happiest boy in the world. If he was to die now, he would be okay with that. "You were my first." He chuckled before realising what that sounded like. "First kiss! First... kiss." As much as the two had tried to avoid it, Wallace knew he wouldn't be able to sleep without knowing. "Can we figure this out tomorrow?" He blurted out, emotionally exauhsted from today.

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tori | 92 comments i'll try to reply tonight but ahhhh <3333

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its all good dont even think bout it thats life

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Adrian's eyebrow quirked at watching Wallace, an amused smile playing about his lips. But beneath the amusement, there was fear; fear of the unknown, fear of being caught up in his stories, fear of going even further with Wallace. The excitement coming off Wallace was enough to make him forget about the fear, though, especially when his own lips still tingled and his balance still felt off. There were still red-spots on Wallace's cheeks as he laid sprawled on his bed, his dark eyes still bright. "You're positively glowing," Adrian commented as he followed Wallace's lead and fell on to the bed. Standing there and looking down at Wallace had made some thoughts he didn't want to think about swirl around his head. "If this is any indication, you'll look like a glow-stick when you finally have sex." He added with a chuckle, twisting so that his head was resting on his hand as he looked at Wallace. Adrian's fingers twitched, wanting to trace his slightly swollen lips. He held himself back, though.

Waiting until tomorrow sounded perfect. Waiting until the end of the world would've been preferable, but as long as he didn't have to sort through his confusing emotions right now... "Tomorrow sounds like a plan." Adrian agreed, falling back to lay down. They were laying side by side as they often did whenever they hung out. This time, however, the soft brush of Wallace's shoulder made butterflies dance in his stomach. They laid there in silence for a moment, just listening to the other person breathe. There was weight in the silence, a bubble that was growing and growing and waiting to burst. And Adrian tried his hardest to ignore it. He didn't want to think about reputation and about what his parents would think. He didn't want to think about how his sexuality still seemed undefined him or about how he wanted to kiss Wallace again. And again.

Instead, Adrian let his fingers trace against Wallace's wrist as they trailed down to his palm and intertwined with Wallace's own fingers. He had wanted to hold Wallace's hand ━ wanted to do a lot more than that. This is what he would allow himself, though. This little gesture, a small intimacy in the face of whatever they both had to face tomorrow. He refused to let his nervousness show, refused to let himself snap shut and back away. This vulnerability made him feel so delicate, so small... But he knew that Wallace wouldn't break him, or maybe he just hoped. "I guess we need to get started, huh?" He asked, forcing his mind to think about algebra two and about other silly, nonessential things. Tomorrow is when he'd think about everything else.

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finish after my post or do you want to actually show them studying?

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tori | 92 comments i'd say we could probably finish it off tbh

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okay cool i had a lot of fun rping them together!

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tori | 92 comments yeah! we can do more later lol we can also have them text and whatnot

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cool i'm excited for these two

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