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OMG can I rant now! Don't read bottom because I have SPOILERS BELOW

I forced myself to complete this book. What a bore! It had way too many similarities to WW2 with people getting arrested for stupid things and forced to work in camps or prisons.

I was so glad that Winston and Julia got caught and arrested. It was sickening how he cheated on his wife. Man, if we had that now the divorce rate would be so low lol.....

What's up with the 80% of the book being information dump. So dam boring!

And what the heck when he was being tortured with rats! Plus what ever happened to Julia. Did I miss something? Did she get tortured too with rats?

There is a movie but my husband said that it doesn't follow the book. It's a real old movie too. Going to see if my library has it. Bet the movie is better than the book. That's something I hardly ever say.

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