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Thoughts on our 1st boook

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so might as well get the discussion going about the 1st book we will read?
let me know what books you want to read, Horror,YA,fantasy,sci-fi or anyting else. This club will cover a range of books. I'm thinking possibly starting with stephen king's the outsider but if more people want a ya or other book please feel free to make suggesstions. Whatever it is I will try to stagger the club to also have different genre's every month so one month horror one month ya, or sci-fi or fantasy etc.. Thanks again for checking out the club

Yankee Southerner Reads   (paulsreadingretreat) The Outsider sound great to me I just got that book I love Horror I don't read much YA .

Mindy'sBookJourney (mindysbookjourney) I would love to read The Outsider. I read every genre so I love the idea of a book club covering a range of books.

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