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the_rabid_snail | 433 comments Mod
This is where announcements and updates will be posted for the group.

the_rabid_snail | 433 comments Mod
I updated the Notes thread and added some new information to House Starshine under the Great Houses thread, so be sure to check those out when you get the chance.
Thanks, all!

the_rabid_snail | 433 comments Mod
I know there's a ton of information here, and it can be a lot to take in. But please make sure you read it all before making characters. Don't be shy to ask questions if something is unclear or vague; that's what I'm here for!
Also, if you're claiming a character just make sure you check out the Character Information thread and read all the relevant entries.
Thanks, guys!

the_rabid_snail | 433 comments Mod
This is a stupid announcement, but I'm going to make it anyway. I updated the group description to reflect the plot a little more accurately because I've finally gotten past this huge wall of writer's block. So... there.
Have a good afternoon, everyone!

the_rabid_snail | 433 comments Mod
Added a new thread under Important Information.

the_rabid_snail | 433 comments Mod
So, Crabby and I are both going on a vacation for seven days tomorrow. We will have internet access once we get to where we’re going, but we probably will only be on in the evenings if we can get on at all.
We also have a lot of packing and other things to do to get ready to leave, so neither of us will probably be on much today either. I’ll be on hopefully some time this afternoon, but I’m not sure.
Have a good weekend, everyone!

the_rabid_snail | 433 comments Mod
Hey, everyone... I don't know how many of you are still here, but I hope some of you have stuck around a little.

Due to some personal issues I had to take some time away from this and all my other groups. I'm in a better place now and will be replying to all my old rps within the next couple of days. I will also be working on characters again, especially character collabs I have started with other people.
I hope some of you guys are still around!

the_rabid_snail | 433 comments Mod
Hopefully this is the second to last announcement I ever have to post here!

In order to revive this group, I'm making an entirely new one to generate some interest and get some new blood going. There are going to be several changes, which is why I'm making a new group and not just revamping this one. The biggest change will be the death of the current character claim system we have going on here. Now that I have hindsight I can see that was a stupid idea destined to fail. There will still be roles available for people to claim like the House Matriarchs, but the roles will not be attached to a character of my making. The world will be a little more expanded as well, and all the information will be organized much more coherently.
Right now the group is secret while it's under construction, and I probably won't open it up to everyone until it's closer to April or May. Anyone who wants to join and help out with the construction is welcome to. Just let me know, and I'll send you an invite. Before I open it to the public however, I'm gonna let you guys claim any roles you want for sticking around, so you guys will have first pick. Also, any completed and approved characters in this group will be automatically approved if you want to play them in the new group

So, hopefully the only other announcement I have to make here will be the link to the new group!

the_rabid_snail | 433 comments Mod
This is the last announcement I ever have to make!

The link for the new group is below, and I'll be sending invites to you guys if you're interested! I hope the new group does better than this one and hope to see you guys there!

- Snail

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