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message 1: by Tyhitia (new)

Tyhitia | 8 comments I am a contributor to Nightmare magazine and this is the issue I'm in but it's not showing up on my author page. Could someone help? Thanks!

message 2: by Philip (new)

Philip (burnnerman) | 5913 comments I am not finding your name associated with that magazine/book in the table of contents, description, or even on the cover.

message 3: by Tyhitia (new)

Tyhitia | 8 comments How about their website?

message 4: by Tyhitia (new)

Tyhitia | 8 comments Hi guys. Do I need to add anything else to get this straightened out? Thanks!

message 5: by Scott (new)

Scott | 25053 comments Tyhitia wrote: "How about their website?"

An interview?

message 6: by Tyhitia (new)

Tyhitia | 8 comments I'm in the July 2018 issue of Nightmare where they feature fiction and non-fiction. I'm a non-fiction contributor, which would include interviews, articles, and essays.

Only the main authors are included on the cover.

I didn't have this problem when I contributed to Lightspeed doing the same thing.

message 7: by Tyhitia (new)

Tyhitia | 8 comments So, am I not being added for some reason? Anyone?

message 8: by Abcdarian (new)

Abcdarian | 23411 comments Added.

message 9: by Tyhitia (new)

Tyhitia | 8 comments Abcdarian wrote: "Added."

Thank you so much!

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