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Let's describe the cabins in our own words!!!
I bet u don't agree with all the descriptions for the cabins in the books.
I know i don't hahaha

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aren't the cabins named after the greek gods so that their kids live in their cabins?

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Charmed Wolf vampire hunter | 657 comments Mod
and well i can't remember the rest of the gods

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demeter - full of plants, and go green signs. its a beautiful place, and the nature reflects the demigods in teh cabins feelings.

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Fwit | 535 comments Mod
Not far into the forest is a little, bright clearing ringed by a lush carpet of groundcover wildflowers, with young fruit trees scattered all around. Birds sing lightly and sparingly here; most of the time wind dancing through the plants is the only sound: the music of this very place. The ground is littered thickly with petals and leaves, all of which have not wilted. At the very middle of the clearing, in a soft beam of sunlight is a small, delicate cabin whose every line speaks of grace and life.
There seems to be no door. In fact, there are simply climbing plants like kudzu and jasmine that have grown in the vague shape of a cabin, leaving spaces where windows and doors should be.
Upon entering, there seems to be a whole different world.
The ground is a soft, vibrant covering that seems to be smooth, plush, springy, rough, and altogether alive, with a faint light emanating from it. The walls pulse with the same light, and seem to be plants that have grown together in a sort of curtain. There is no ceiling. Instead, one can see the sky in all its glory. Because it truly is in real time, the sky changes as time goes by. However, the weather is never foul.
Beds are simply large, living plants that blend into the wall. At night, they unfurl their leaves or blossoms, exactly the right size to sleep in comfortably.

Leaves curl up at the edges, as to prevent anyone from falling out and adjust to every movement, supporting ones back for optimal comfort. Flowers curl up their petals, offering a loose, fragrant canopy.

As the inside of the cabin has natural climate-control, blankets are not needed.

For a seat, one can pull out one of the many loose plants from the wall and adjust it until they have achieved the desired level of comfort. Smooth, flat slabs of wood pressed into the wall here and there can be pulled out and lodged firmly into a plant to serve as a desk.

Overall, the Demeter cabin is a place where the beauty of flora can be appreciated in all its full glory.

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