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message 1: by Bill, Moderator (new)

Bill Burris (wburris) | 248 comments Mod
This book was nominated for our Sept group read. I have decided that this book is too long and complex for a monthly group read, so I have added it as an additional book to be read during the rest of the year.

message 2: by Bill, Moderator (new)

Bill Burris (wburris) | 248 comments Mod
On youtube there are some lecture videos from a course based on this book.

message 3: by Bill, Moderator (new)

Bill Burris (wburris) | 248 comments Mod
How many people are reading this?
Should I switch this to Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern in Jan?

message 4: by Indrajit (last edited Dec 01, 2018 11:28PM) (new)

Indrajit Sen | 1 comments What level of mathematics is required for the book Gödel, Escher, Bach?

message 5: by Bill, Moderator (new)

Bill Burris (wburris) | 248 comments Mod
I never got very far in the book yet, but flipping through it looks like only some algebra and logic.

Some of the discussions of Bach's music should be more enjoyable if you have some musical knowledge. I found the explanations of the patterns in the music to be easy to understand, but cannot identify those patterns when listening to the music.

The short sections of dialog might be easier to follow if you have studied Plato.

message 6: by Vidya (new)

Vidya (vidyabhandary) | 77 comments Am yet to start on Gödel, Escher, Bach. I am making it a book I will finish next year !

message 7: by Joel (new)

Joel (joeldick) | 18 comments I read this one a couple of years ago. It was a difficult one, but very enlightening. I learned a lot, but I remember having a hard time with it. It's the type of book you need to return to after a few years. It also helped that I learned a lot more about DNA, Turing machines, and other such topics since then.

My review from then is here:

message 8: by Bill, Moderator (new)

Bill Burris (wburris) | 248 comments Mod
Is anyone still reading this book, or interested in getting started with it. If there is enough interest, I could feature it on the home page again.

message 9: by Vidya (new)

Vidya (vidyabhandary) | 77 comments I am reading the book.

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