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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult addict wakes up from blackout en route to treatment hospital. Spoilers.

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Loryn | 2 comments I read this book six or more years ago but I think it is older than that, title was simple and so was cover at the time.


Main character is a drunk and/or drug addict and I think he wakes up on a plane but not sure. Ends up in treatment/detox hospital where he eventually meets a girl. They meet I believe I'm the woods on the hospital grounds regularly and develop a relationship. Specifically I remember her telling the main character (a man) about how she was brought somewhere by a friend to sleep with someone for drugs and it ends up being a group of men and she is abused. The characters plan to be together when they get out and create a plan to meet when the man gets out of the hospital and the man goes to wait for her but she has killed herself unexpectedly. I believe his doctor tells him this.

Thank you for your input, making me crazy. Have a recent TBI and this came to mind and just can't grasp more details or title

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Loryn | 2 comments Update : A Million Little Peices by James Fray. Just popped into my head.

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