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Asphodel D. Moonshiver - Part One
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Asphodel D. Moonshiver - Part Two
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Ianira B. Moonshiver - Part One
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Ianira B. Moonshiver - Part Two
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“Don’t ever think that everyone who leaves wants to".
— Unknown .”

Name Jack Hollister
Nickname Jackie boy
Age 95
Birth/Location Halona
Relationship Status Single
Social Standing Lower class
Time of Birth 5:45 pm
Occupation Servant
Favorite Color Red
Favorite Animal Deer
Favorite Flower Lilac
Face Claim Toni Mahfud


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Jack has jet black hair, and ice blue eyes, his skin is olive colored, he stands at 6'2. Jack wears rough linen shirts and pants, loose fitting. His hair is usually unkempt, on purpose. He likes to let his facial hair grow in just enough to give him a rugged appearance. His darkly, arched eyebrows raise often when he speaks, giving him character. His large hands are roughly calloused from hard labor much of his life. His shoes are worn, but have no holes, yet. His mother patches up his clothing, and makes it look as meticulous as she can with what they have to work with. He wears the uniform provided by the household he works for, but in his free time he wears the more freeing, loose clothing that he prefers.

-Devious(in the best of ways)
-Private at times

*Fancy clothes(though he can't afford them)

*Staying on task
*Being punished
*Lying to his mother


Jack Hollister was born in a hostel, his mother was a working girl there, and hadn't even planned on keeping him at first. She had no idea who the father was, and didn't think she had time to raise a son. Beatrice, his mother, set eyes upon the baby and couldn't bear to part with him. Those ice blue eyes, and the head full of dark hair, she was smitten with the baby. Jack was a loud, obnoxious baby, and took much of Beatrice's time, she didn't work as much as she normally would, not until Jack around three years old, and could toddle around on his own. Jack wasn't raised by just Beatrice, he was raised by all of the ladies of the hostel, they each had their own way of showing the boy affection, whether that be with kisses on the cheeks, or sneaking him candy when his mother wasn't looking. They would give him a coin now and then too, which he would hide in his clothes, saving to get his mother new fabric, or a tasty treat from the baker. From a young age Jack found his way around the streets of lower Halona, making friends, as well as enemies along the way. He got into plenty of tumbles the older he got. He got into his first real fight at seven, when a group of young boys jumped him and beat the hell out of him, he barely could make it home. His mother knew her son wouldn't survive the streets unless he learned how to fight properly, so she had her brother teach the boy some fighting skills that he had earned himself, from underground fighting. It didn't keep Jack from getting beat down to a pulp, but it certainly helped with the one on one fights that he got into.

Jack began working when he was nine, at first just as an errand boy for one of the women of the hostel. With his adoring looks, and quick wit, no one questioned the boy when he made deliveries of all sorts. It wasn't until he was in his late twenties that he was taken under apprenticeship at a real house. He started out at a lower class house, but a house nonetheless, he started as just a dishwasher, but he worked his way up the ranks. His good looks helped with that, his employers liked to have pretty people out where their guests could see them, the only problem was, there were obligations to those that were shown around. The staff that were paraded around during parties were taken advantage of a lot of the time. At first this didn't bother Jack, he had jewels, and coin pocketed to him by rich women, but as time went on, he decided he had more self-respect than that, and didn't want to be in that house any longer. He went in search of a new position in a new house. He happened to make a connection with one of the women, and she referred him to the House of Moonshivers. Jack never thought that he would get a job at such an esteemed home, but when he applied, he surprisingly got in, and not only did he just get in, but he got a position that secured him a much better income than at the other house, and it was respectable, he was to be a butler. Jack is still fairly new at Moonshivers, but he has plans of staying there as long as he can, and working his way up the ranks. Jack has ambitions, and he has no plans of letting anything, or anyone, getting in his way. He's saving most of his money, the little bit he doesn't save, he usually gives to his mother. She keeps his clothes in repair, and makes sure he's comfortable when he has time off, he feels that he owes it to her, for taking care of him for so long. Though he is young, Jack is a wise young man, and has seen things that he will never be able to unsee.

The Relations
::Father, unknown
::Mother, Beatrice Hollister


“The best index to a person's character is how he treats people who can't do him any good, and how he treats people who can't fight back.”
― Abigail Van Buren

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One person can’t change the world, but you can become another person’s world. A warm, bright, and peaceful world. If all people could be someone’s bright, peaceful, good world, one becomes ten, and then a hundred, and the good world grows

Coralie Fluor    ✿123    ✿Halona
✿Female    ✿Heterosexual    ✿Ladies maid
   ✿Caucasian    ✿April 4    ✿Nature magic
FC Anna Popplewell


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To some people love is like a sign of victory, like a medal or trophy, they like to use to boast about. To some people love is a process of waiting endlessly for the other person with all their heart. To that woman love is a secret that can’t be exposed to others, not even to herself

❝A  Remembrance ❞

Coralie, or Cora as she prefers, was born in the middle of the night, her cries were soft, and barely noticeable, this was a trait that would carry on to childhood. Cora was never a fussy baby, she only whimpered when she was hungry or dirty. Her mother was quite worried about her at first, but as time went on, she learned that her daughter just had a natural mild temperament. As a toddler Cora hardly ever got into trouble, she kept her dresses clean, as well as her hands, unless one of the boys splattered her with mud. Her hair stayed in place, she ate carefully, and didn't make a mess. She kept herself busy by playing dress up, house, and with her dolls. Her mother was a dressmaker, so she had plenty of dresses and fabric to keep Cora busy for hours. Cora would watch as her mother made dresses upon dresses, she imagined that the fancier ones were for her, and that she would go to a big ball, and meet the prince of her dreams, just like in the story books.

At age seven, Cora started sewing, and embroidery classes, her mother had plans for her. She would have an educated daughter, one that would claim a decent position when she came of age. Cora hated embroidery at first, it made her fingers hurt, and she pricked her fingers with the needle constantly. A year and a half later she came to enjoy and appreciate it more, because she finished her first piece. It was a flower bouquet on a handkerchief for her mother, she surprised her with it for her birthday. Her mother was pleasantly surprised, and admired her daughters needlework, praising her. After that Cora worked hard at embroidery, as well as sewing in general, striving to make her mother proud of her. She practiced on any scraps her mother would give to her, and made dresses for her dolls, practice for the real thing. Though her mother said she never wanted dressmaking for her daughter, she had bigger plans in mind. Cora never saw anything wrong with her mothers work, she saw nothing to be ashamed about, and was proud to be her mothers daughter.

She was 27 when she received her first proposal, from a farmers boy, she obviously turned him down. Cora knew her mother would never approve, especially not after working so hard to educate Cora, spending every last dime on it as a matter of fact. Jacobi, her father, disapproved, and thought it wrong for his wife to think of their daughter being in a higher position than his wife. Evie, her mother, didn't care what Jacobi thought, and worked hard to make connections with her clients, looking to place her daughter, eventually, as a ladies maid. It was a placement that would guarantee Cora a good marriage, adequate pay, and a higher social standing, than that of a dressmakers daughter. Cora honestly didn't care either way, and was only doing her mothers bidding at first, but she did enjoy learning the ins and outs of the higher up society, the daily tasks of a ladies maid, and reading, she loved to read. Any book she could get her hands on, she would read, though they were far and few between. She could count the amount of books she actually owned all on her two hands. Cora dreamed of having access to a large library one day, and becoming a ladies maid to one of the high standing families would give her that. As she learned more and more of the benefits of becoming her mothers dream, the more she strived for that goal, and wanted to make it reality.

At age 49, Cora's mother had another child, a boy, Bellamy. He had a headful of curly hair, bright eyes, and a contagious smile. He was immediately the center of everyone's attention. Especially his sisters, Cora spent all of her free time with the baby, helping to raise him, while her mother worked her fingers to the bone, and her father helped out in the fields. Bellamy had a sunshine like personality, he could bring laughter into any room. He was mischievous as well, which didn't bode well with their mother, after she had such a calm, collective child the first time. She didn't have as much patience as Cora with Bellamy, but Cora was there to the negotiator, and kept Bellamy from being underfoot a lot of the time, until he was old enough to start his apprenticeship. Bellamy was secured an apprenticeship at birth, by his father's brother, who was a blacksmith. Cora missed her brotherly dearly when he started at the blacksmith shop, but she knew it was for the best, this would be her brothers life long career, he needed to start as early as possible. She just hated that it stole his childhood.

Cora began her own journey, as a certain connection recommended Cora to a house, Seajewel, she was to be a ladies maid at last! She was 123 when this finally happened, young to be a ladies maid, but she came highly recommended, so she received the job. This would mean leaving her family behind, and going to live in her Ladies household, she would get the opportunity to see her family once or twice a year, maybe. This tore at Cora's heart, she did not want to leave those she held so dear behind. There was no choice though, this was what she and her mother had worked so hard for, and though there was excitement in Cora, there was also fear. She would be all alone in her new position, knowing no one. Cora needn't have feared, the people she would work with every day were mostly good, encouraging, instructive people. Her Lady was more than patient, and more than willing to train a girl from the beginning rather than get one that had worked for another, fearing the girl wouldn't be loyal to her. Or so the rumors said, Cora didn't know if they were true or not.

✿Mother, Evie
✿Father, Jacobi
✿Brother, Bellamy

Paris In The Rain
Deep Water

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One person can’t change the world, but you can become another person’s world. A warm, bright, and peaceful world. If all people could be someone’s bright, peaceful, good world, one becomes ten, and then a hundred, and the good world grows

✿Sage Starshine    ✿74    ✿Halona
✿Female    ✿Heterosexual    ✿Great House Starshine
   ✿Caucasian    ✿October 4    ✿Unknown


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♡Sexy men
♡Mischievous manner



To some people love is like a sign of victory, like a medal or trophy, they like to use to boast about. To some people love is a process of waiting endlessly for the other person with all their heart. To that woman love is a secret that can’t be exposed to others, not even to herself

❝A  Remembrance ❞

Sage was born mid-morning, her head full of curly, blonde hair brought oo's and ahh's from those that visited her on those first days after her being born. She had wide, blue eyes, pale skin, and a chunky little body. It seemed like everyone wanted to hold the child, she was rarely in her crib. Spoiled is putting it lightly, the child had all kinds of attention, and ate every bit of it up. It would account for her behavior later on life. The person Sage most adored though, was her brother Pierre, she would giggle and coo when he held her. If she was getting fussy, it only took handing her off to Pierre to soothe the baby, making her quiet, and fascinated with the brother that seemed to pay her special attention. When Sage began to toddle around, she followed her brother everywhere, and if she couldn't find him, then she was toddling off after her father, because he was definitely one of her favorite people as well. Sage knew that she could climb up into her fathers lap and be given attention, no matter what he seemed to be caught up with. Sage was beyond spoiled by the men in her life, and would reward them with the cheekiest of smiles, and giggles that would bring laughter and brightness to any room.

Sage had her first major incident at four years old. Her family was hosting a party, and she was supposed to be in bed. She was far too young to be attending any kind of party, but she'd snuck out of bed, slipped on a gown, that she couldn't possibly button by herself, and gone downstairs, her hair a mess, and thumb in mouth, she wandered around the guests, but seemed to go unnoticed. She found refuge beneath the desserts table, she found it advantageous since she only needed to sneak a hand out to get a sweet, and then could munch on it in solace beneath the table. Everything was going fine, until a dog came under the table too, and scared Sage, she screamed and tried to stand up beneath the table, she hit her head and ran, she tripped on the table curtain, and pulled the cloth behind her, as it wrapped around her leg, pulling all of the desserts with her, onto the floor. It was a disaster, and ended with Sage in the middle of a cake in tears, so sure that she would be in huge trouble for her mishap. Her brother scooped her up immediately, striding from the room as quickly as possible, while still being appropriate. Their father was left to explain to his guests what had happened, while Pierre tried to slow down the sobs that were racking the small body in his arms. Pierre took Sage back to the nursery and sat in a rocking chair with her, he rocked her until her sobbing subsided, and she was left with hiccups, and her thumb stuck in her mouth, her face buried in Pierre's shirt. Pierre tried to explain to Sage that everything was going to be okay, that he wouldn't let anything happen to her, it was all just a big accident. He did lightly lecture her on being out of bed, and how that the table incident could have been more dangerous than it turned out to be, but then he soothed her, and rocked her until she fell asleep in his arms. This would only be one of many escapades where Pierre had to bail his baby sister out.

Sage was brought up in a home where family came first, because that was beginning to be all they had left, though her brother seemed stand offish with their father, Sage held her father close to her heart, and loved him dearly. Sage attended the classes her father paid for, but not happily, she would have rather of been out causing chaos, the only reason she got through half her lessons was because Pierre would peek in on her randomly to make sure she was staying on task, and not giving her instructors too much of a hard time. Sage did skip her lessons some days, for horse back lessons with her father, and sometimes just because Pierre felt like she needed a break and would take her out for a picnic lunch, or take her to get a new dress or two. Shopping was one of Sage's favorite things to do, especially at the market, there were so many wares to look at, and she could socialize with the common people, which she wouldn't be able to do at any other time, it was frowned upon. Though as Sage got older, the less she cared about what society thought, and did as she pleased.

Sage had suitors coming to bid her a hello from the time she was 19, far too young to have any suitors, but there they were nonetheless. Sage turned them all away, she had no interest in marriage yet, and felt that she would be far too young for a very, very long time. She still hadn't grown up yet, and felt that she should take care to enjoy her years of freedom while she could. Pierre seemed about as happy to see the suitors as Sage was, she found it amusing when Pierre would engage with the love struck young men, they thought themselves in love with her, but she knew it was more like lust, more than anything else. Sage grew up going to parties, and required social gatherings, most of the time she would cause a scene or do something that was deemed inappropriate or embarrassing. She didn't care though, she heeded her brothers advice now and again, he tried to steer her clear of trouble, but it didn't always work. It was when her father was present that she was on her behavior, she wanted, no she needed, to impress him, to have his approval. She knew that she already had it from Pierre, but sometimes she wondered when it came to her father, and that worried her.

Sage learned quickly that there weren't that many 'real' friends among the houses, everyone was out for everyone's throat. Or that was what it seemed like to her, she didn't associate with the other women of their social circles all that much, mostly because they were two faced, or bold face liars. Though Sage was all up for the gossip as much as the next girl, she liked to hear the latest about what was going in everyone's houses. Especially if it was about someone making a mistake at a social gathering, she liked knowing that she wasn't the only one that messed up. Pierre seemed to disapprove of her addiction to the gossip chain, but she just waved him away as she got all of the information she could about the rest of the families and their houses. She was always looking for a way for their house to rise once more, secretly, she wants to help her house rise to a respectable standing again. Despite what her behavior may portray, she does have a good heart, and loves where she comes from, and is proud of her heritage and House.

✿Father, Talbot
✿Brother, Pierre

Chasing Fire

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Name: Pierre Virgil Starshine

Age: 90

Gender: Male

Appearance: Pierre has thick, dirty blonde hair with easily-tangled curls lying flat on his head, and deep, clear blue eyes. Almost a perfect admiral blue, his eyes twinkle and light up whenever he smiles, which is a rare occasion unless he's with only his sister. Surrounding his eyes are short lashes and thin, light eyebrows. He has a smooth, oval face, slightly wider forehead, and prominent cheekbones, all holding his average, plain, facial features. His nose is just a little smaller than normal, and his lips are the perfect in-between of full and thin. Pierre has flat ears pressed against his head, and an elongated neck that allows him to stride gracefully across any room in any occasion. He also has impeccable posture; his back is always stick straight and lifted. Leading down to his small, smooth hands and fingertips, he has broad shoulders and visible muscle in them. He also has some slight muscle in his core and legs. Pierre's pale white skin exposes many of the blue-purple veins running down his neck, arms, hands, and even legs. He is somewhat tall for his age, and his perfect posture adds another inch to his height.
Pierre has a fairly relaxed style of dress. Most of the time, he can be seen in trousers, a shirt, and some boots. He can dress up nicely, however, and he looks great in a suit.

Personality: Pierre is a quiet, cautious, and private guy. He mainly keeps to himself, and he's slow to trust others. In most cases, he doesn't say much either, but when he's with his sister, Sage, it seems like he says too much. Since Sage is mischievous and careless, and Pierre is cautious and wary, they butt heads and end up arguing frequently. Pierre is often too overprotective of her, and he hates it when she doesn't listen to reason. Additionally, he hates it when she isn't careful. He constantly warns her about the injuries she could sustain from doing one thing or another. Although he often comes across as a buzzkill, he believes his caution and warnings are for Sage's own good. He's spent most of his life trying to keep her out of mischief, but he often limits her fun without meaning to. However, Sage and Pierre are exceptionally close. Out of all their family, the two confide in and spend the most time with each other. Since Sage was born, the siblings were practically inseparable. Wherever Sage goes, you can count on the fact that Pierre will be close behind. His sister is the first one he's ever fully opened up to, and even then, there are still some things he doesn't tell her.
Pierre never means to be standoffish or rude, but he has a tendency to keep to himself and avoid socializing with people other than his family. Out of all of his family obligations, parties and events are his least favorites. He finds the small talk pointless and the gossip nosy and rude. He'd much rather be in the library with a book, or even running off with Sage, than attending parties with the rest of his family. Pierre concluded that this type of event was a waste a long time ago, and so he mainly hides out in the corner after his mother has greeted all her friends with him and Sage. However, this doesn't keep Pierre from having good manners. He's very gentlemanly and polite with anyone he meets; he just doesn't actively start conversations with others. He's also gotten much better at making small talk than he was a few years ago. After listening to his mother make conversation for years, Pierre's picked up some good topics to use if he ever needs to. And seeing as he used to be completely awkward in conversation, he's improved significantly over the past few years.
Pierre is still an introvert at heart, though, and he'd rather be reading than talking. Since his early childhood, books have been a huge part of his life. Once over his mischievous stage, Pierre opened his eyes to what had been in his home his whole life: the library. He stumbled across the expansive room when he was exploring the Starshine House one evening. At first, he thought that the room was completely boring, but on closer inspection, he found some books that caught his interest. He was completely captivated by the library within an hour. Ever since then, he's returned to it whenever he feels tired or overwhelmed, one of the few times he leaves his sister and devotes some time to himself.
Pierre is also a very patient, selfless guy, and it's lucky that he is. He hardly ever snaps at Sage even when she's nagging at him, and it's a wonder that he hasn't given up on her yet. He's always trying to get her to realize that mischief isn't necessarily the best, but even when she isn't convinced, he goes along with her to make sure she doesn't get out of hand. His patience is definitely something that he's had to train over the years, and lately he's snapped at her a lot less when she's being particularly annoying. Most of the time, Pierre ends up being the mature older brother in the situations they end up in, though when his sister starts an argument, he stops caring about his politeness. Otherwise, he's really caring and calm.
Another thing Pierre has trained over the years is his understanding of the social rules. When he was younger, he had absolutely no idea of any of the social limits that most everyone followed. But as he got older, he paid more attention to them since he figured it would benefit him later on. It certainly has, though he still doesn't agree with some of the rules. It doesn't limit his ability to follow them, however, and most of the time, he finds himself explaining these rules to Sage. Thankfully, Pierre's much too calm and patient as well to go against the social rules outright in public.
Overall, Pierre's a very individual, independent guy who has a special bond with his sister, Sage.

Grandmother: Augustina Starshine
Grandfather: Ignatius Stormwing
Father: Talbot Starshine
Mother: ?
Sister: Sage Starshine
Uncle: Eoghan Starshine
Aunt: Eluria Starshine
Aunt: Evelina Starshine

House (if applicable): Starshine

Occupation (if applicable):

History: Growing up, Pierre was a mischievous little kid. His life revolved around pranking the maids and servants he didn't like, and then pretending like he wasn't such a brat. He was never close with his family members, but he wasn't an annoyance to them either. It was only the servants he annoyed. He really didn't like behaving, and he also couldn't sit still for more than ten minutes at a time. As he got older, he matured a little bit. He only planned pranks for the servants who actually deserved it, and he got better behaved by the day. Unfortunately, during one of his pranks, he climbed up to a high ledge in one of the rooms. He accidentally fell off after leaning too far over the ledge, breaking his leg in the process. Since then, he's never wanted to pull another prank or climb to a high place again. He instead busied himself with books and reading. When his little sister came along, he found a new activity: spending time with her and keeping her out of trouble.
From the moment Sage was born, one could tell how much Pierre loved her. If he wasn't holding her or rocking her, he was always close by. Whenever she cried, he was there to soothe her, and, amazingly, Sage always seemed content with him.
Before Sage had come along, Pierre was an only child. He was lonely and without a companion, which is one of the reasons he resorted to mischief. And even after his incident, though he found new things to do, Pierre mainly stayed inside the Starshine House, almost as if he was too afraid to go out in the city. His father and mother never payed him too much attention, so he ended up being left alone most of the time. But as soon as Sage entered the household, Pierre automatically wasn't as lonely as he was before. He now had a sister, and he began to feel entitled to keep her from harming herself like he did.
As she grew up, Pierre became used to her always toddling after him. While she could sometimes be a little mischievous, he didn't find it hard to work on his studies with her in the room. She was hardly ever a pest to him, especially since he didn't have very many friends to begin with.
His first memory of Sage's mischief was at one of his family's parties. Pierre had been old enough to attend them for a while now, and while he didn't enjoy the seemingly pointless socializing, he did enjoy the food and how late he was allowed to stay up on those nights. Luckily, he wasn't exactly required to talk with people the whole time. Everything had been going smoothly, and Pierre had just finished eating a slice of cake from the dessert table. But apparently, his sister had somehow put on a gown, snuck downstairs, hid under the dessert table, gotten scared by a dog, and pulled off all the desserts from the dessert table. He had to hurry over to her before she could cause any further incidents. He scooped her up and carried her from the room as quickly as possible, taking her back up to the nursery and redressing her in her nightgown. He rocked her gently, scolding her slightly, but mainly just consoling her. She eventually fell asleep, and he tucked her back into her bed. Afterwards, his mother granted him permission to go to bed also, figuring there had been enough unfortunate events this night already. From then on, Pierre kept a closer eye on her, and he often ended up bailing her out of more mishaps, too.
Pierre continued his lessons for the most part, but he often ended up teaching himself more than not. His sister, however, was the opposite. It was all Pierre could do to keep her in her lessons. He had to check in on her throughout the day just so she would stay on task. Sometimes, instead of taking her to her lessons, he'd take her out to a picnic or the market so she could take a break. Pierre remembered how hard it was for him to focus when he was her age, so he understood the need for her to relax and have some fun every now and then.
Often when they went to the market, Pierre had trouble controlling her. She'd run from market stall to market stall, glancing at pretty dresses or sparkly bracelets and then moving on as quickly as she came. Several, near incidents happened here, and Pierre had to make her promise to be careful before he took her every time. Once, on one of the weeks where her focus had been particularly short, Sage was almost run over by a cart of wares. Pierre had to pick her up out of the way so she wouldn't get hurt. But it didn't stop there. After wriggling out of his arms, she proceeded to run by one of the market stalls and knock over a tray of sample foods on accident. As soon as he caught up with her, he took her right back to the Starshine House. He'd learned that it was better to take her out on a picnic in one of the fields or in one of the yards of the House rather than take her to the market on a day when she was feeling overly excitable.
The younger years of Sage's life passed quickly, and Pierre eventually stopped paying attention to himself after a time. It was all he could do to keep up with his little sister. Eventually, his sister started getting older, and she cared less about what society thought. She conversed with the commoners whenever he took her out to the market. She used the money that she had on whatever caught her interest, and if someone critiqued her later on, she paid no mind. She was addicted to the gossip train, and often passed on the gossip at parties. While Pierre still loved her more than anyone, he mainly hung back in this respect. He'd never socialized well before, and certainly not as freely as Sage did when they were in the market. He never told her what she should purchase, even if he thought it might be a waste.

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History Cont'd: Pierre knew he couldn't prioritize things for his sister. He disapproved of the love she held for gossiping and parties. And while he would've done anything for his sister, he normally kept quiet if he caught someone speaking badly about her. He knew he'd only bring more shame to the family if he justified her free, nonchalant actions.
Eventually, suitors came to see Sage. He was happy to see his sister dismiss them quickly. He did not like the thought of his sister marrying at such a young age. And although he was bordering on his early 90s, he was glad that he was still a little too young to consider any serious relationships.
If there was one thing Pierre could do, it would be to keep his sister from hurting herself like he did. He remembered how foolish he was, and he hated the thought of his sister being the same way. Because of this, he followed his sister everywhere, often volunteering to do things that seemed more dangerous in the pranks that she thought up if he couldn't talk her out of them. He knew that he seemed overprotective to her, but he hardly cared. He just wanted to keep his sister safe.


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Fenella C. Hollows
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Beowulf E. Deathshadow
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