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message 1: by Troy (new)

Troy Hill | 11 comments I made the mistake of clicking the "Add Book" link on my author dashboard. It's in, but no cover shows up
Goodreads link:

Here's the info:
* Title: To Run At Night
* Author(s) name(s): Troy A. Hill
* Publisher: TH Media
* Publication date July 2, 2018
* Format: Kindle Book
* Description:
A crowded carriage and a mad dash to escape from brigands!

Brother Mihangel, a simple Cymry monk, wants to return to his monastery in Gwent, but finds his carriage crowded. Lady Meron, suffering from pains of the head draws, his sympathy. Two priests, who inflict the pomposity of their stations upon the others, draw his scorn.

Ahead, watching is Derog. A commoner who has lost all he ever wanted. Derog has left his lands to seek a replacement for what was ripped away by his former lord.

When the paths of these two men cross, the bumping of the carriage and the pretentiousness of the priests is the least of Mihangel’s worries. Can he protect Lady Meron? Will any of them survive the night?

This exciting novelette is just the first stroke in the mesmerizing new Dark Paranormal Fantasy series by Troy A. Hill. This story leads the reader through events that trigger the story told in A Cup of Blood, A Soul of Steel, and A Blink of an Eye.

* Page count: 51

message 2: by Fábio (new)

Fábio Nogueira (fnogueira) Done!

message 3: by Troy (new)

Troy Hill | 11 comments Thank you!

message 4: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 45493 comments Mod
The Adding New Books folder is for books that don't yet exist on Goodreads. Moved to Book Issues.

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