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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Contemporary Romance; Hero is a famous director, Heroine is not famous

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✩Tiffany✩ (tiff_eni) | 4 comments I think this is set in UK

Possible minor spoiler ahead about heroine's relationship with another character:
So the female is related to an actor and they only discovered that they were brother/sister and they live together - this is in the beginning of the story. Everyone doesn't know that they're related and think they're lovers. She takes the abuse from society and let them think she's a whore. The hero keeps thinking she's one, she's beautiful so people think she's using her lover (brother) to become famous or get a debut (I think??).

The director is an ass to her but can't help be drawn to her, her brother keeps warning her about him and trying to protect her. Hero thinks the actor is just being jealous. Her brother gets married and everyone is furious at heroine because she attends the wedding (bro's fiance/wife knows they're siblings) and director get super jealous.

She didn't really have plans to be famous but she's really pretty so lots of people notice her.

Director dude somehow convinces the heroine to marry him on the condition that she never meets the actor ever again because hero thinks it's her ex-lover that she never got over since she's always visiting and still friendly with.

Director thinks he's giving into her "demands" of letting her see her brother and he's like "damn you!" or something super dramatic.

Of course, in the end, everyone finds out they're siblings, he feels like an asshole. They hid it because heroine's mum was mistress and the dad is someone important and brother's mum is a super bitch to the heroine.

This book is stuck in my head, it's got a horrible hero but I need to know what it is to get rid of it... kinda like having a song stuck in your head.

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✩Tiffany✩ (tiff_eni) | 4 comments LOL Nevermind guys, I found it myself hahahahahaha. I was looking for it for 4 days and finally caved in and posted this here and of course I find it the minute I post this.

It's Savage Interlude if you're curious about it.

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