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message 1: by Lady (new)

Lady (bestnewfantasyseries) | 16 comments This may start a whole mess of chaos..*grin* but what the heck?

As many of you know, I am an author..of The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles. Last year a classroom in the middle of the US read my first book and one of the biggest questions I received..repeatedly...was "Is Magic Real?"

I have my thoughts...but what do YOU think?
Lady Ellen

message 2: by Elise (new)

Elise (ghostgurl) Sure, why not? :)

message 3: by Jerica (new)

Jerica | 16 comments wow ive asked myself that question before

-i wish!!

message 4: by Jerica (new)

Jerica | 16 comments i actually used 2 believe in it, sometimes i still do for a minute
maybe there's amazing paranormal stuff going on around us under our very noses and we have no idea!!

then i come back 2 reality.

message 5: by Jerica (new)

Jerica | 16 comments it may be silly 2 believe in magic, but hey, its fun! i can pretend all sorts of things about magic exist:
All of those creatures; goblins, sprites, elves, dragons, fairies...
what if they were real and i met one? what if i was one?? what if i could do magic spells?? what if i could fly (without aid)?? it would be amazing!!

but i know its not real, not that kind of magic

message 6: by Jerica (new)

Jerica | 16 comments some very real things in life are a kind of magic,
at least, that's how i view it

dumbledore himself implied that love was a very powerful sort of magic, and i agree

simply helping those around us, bringing hope to people who aren't so fortunate

that's magical

message 7: by Jerica (new)

Jerica | 16 comments writing is also very magical
that way you can bring fictional magic into our world, make it almost real!!

it's very cool

message 8: by Lady (new)

Lady (bestnewfantasyseries) | 16 comments Hmmm ..all interesting thoughts. I feel there are enough 'unexplained' events in this world to make us at least think about it.

Is is just that it's not blatant..or very obvious..like it is in Harry Potter and other fantasy movies?

Yes, love is a magic of sorts...very powerful. One which can enable people to do phenomenal things.

Today even regular science supports the existence of 'energy'. Although we can't see it...it exists. Could 'magic' just be another manifestation of energy fields. Maybe some people are simply more adept at tapping into to that?

Makes one think...anyway.


PrincessJahnavi | 46 comments I do believe it is, because I have heard many cases of Black magic, and as u said there indeed are a lot of unexplained things out there that just are (maybe) because of MAGIC!!!

message 10: by PrincessJahnavi (new)

PrincessJahnavi | 46 comments P.S. also stuff like fortune telling isn't always guess work, they actually can make accurate predictions depending on if you go to a proper person or not.

message 11: by Lady (new)

Lady (bestnewfantasyseries) | 16 comments Great points, Princess. Actually during my research on my books, I've found an amazing collection of first hand reports by people telling of incidents of 'magic' in their lives. It's not as far fetched as most would have you believe...

In fact, I've decided to do a book on it and show the world the 'how' and 'why' of magic. Should be fun!

Lady Ellen

message 12: by PrincessJahnavi (new)

PrincessJahnavi | 46 comments yes, and I will definatly read it,

message 13: by Lady (new)

Lady (bestnewfantasyseries) | 16 comments Ok...I'll be setting up a web site soon for the book to let people know how I'm coming along with it. I'll let you know when I've done that.


message 14: by Elise (new)

Elise (ghostgurl) Sounds like it would be a cool book. :)

message 15: by Lady (new)

Lady (bestnewfantasyseries) | 16 comments Thanx, Elise...I think so. The cool part is that I've actually found scientific research that explains magic. I'm really excited about doing the book.


message 16: by Jon, Supermod to save the day! (new)

Jon Snow (bigreader) | 110 comments Mod
It seems like a pretty cool book. It seems like something familiar to the magical works of J.K. Rowling.

message 17: by Lady (new)

Lady (bestnewfantasyseries) | 16 comments Actually, it's quite different. I'm going to talk about regular science...and how it can explain 'magic'..I think a new take on things.

message 18: by Jerica (new)

Jerica | 16 comments i like science, and i love the idea of magic...

this sounds like a book im definitely going to want to read!!

message 19: by Lady (new)

Lady (bestnewfantasyseries) | 16 comments Yes, Jerica..that's what people tell me...I'm gathering the research right now...but will have a site up soon so people can follow what I'm doing. Stay tuned!!
In Dreams and Magic...
Lady Ellen

message 20: by PrincessJahnavi (new)

PrincessJahnavi | 46 comments This sounds cool!!! :D :D :D :D :D !!!

message 21: by Lady (new)

Lady (bestnewfantasyseries) | 16 comments Thanx, Princess...I think so , too!!

message 23: by Lady (new)

Lady (bestnewfantasyseries) | 16 comments Well..stay posted, Katelyn...I'll let you know what's happening...

Lol...Naruto Rocks! (Katelyn, Haku.) What are we talking about.

message 25: by PrincessJahnavi (new)

PrincessJahnavi | 46 comments did you make that webpage yet???

message 26: by Lady (new)

Lady (bestnewfantasyseries) | 16 comments Hi Princess: No, not yet..LOL! I may not get to this project for a month or so..but I'll try to do it sooner. Right now, I'm gathering the research for the book.
In Dreams and Magic...
Lady Ellen

message 28: by Lady (new)

Lady (bestnewfantasyseries) | 16 comments Hey...Animal Lover...and ME Too!! Not sure what you don't understand Let me know and I would love to help you...
In Dreams and Magic..
Lady Ellen

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