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quq  (190511) :)

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Abdul Alhazred (abdul-alhazred)
I never read acotar, so can someone give me a rundown? what are the species, setting, plot?

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quq  (190511) So there are humans and Fae, basically. Each court has a High Lord (and maybe a High Lady). All of the courts are Fae, and the humans are not part of the courts. That’s basically it. The books are just about some certain character’s lives in this world.

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Abdul Alhazred (abdul-alhazred)
For the fae species, can we use anything we want? BC as someone who avidly studies Celtic lore (it being my faith), I know a lot of different types of traditional fairies.

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Jordan (jordanarlie) ACOTAR is in Feyre's first-person point-of-view. Feyre is nineteen, the youngest of three girls. Her father was formally a successful merchant, however her family fell into ruin and her mother died shortly thereafter (or before??). They currently live in small village a short distance from the infamous wall separating the northern fae lands and the southern human lands. Humans generally despise fae in this world. While hunting one day, Feyre intentionally/accidently kills a fae in the form of a wolf. His 'High Lord' seeks out his killer and brings her back into the fae lands where Feyre questions everything she has ever known, for nothing is as it seems.

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quq  (190511) Wow that was a really good description
Thanks Jordan!

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Abdul Alhazred (abdul-alhazred)
Hybern is clearly a clipped form of Hibernia, a classical name for Ireland from the Greeks and Romans, while Prythian is clearly taken from Prydain, the Welsh word for Britian, which precedes Albion, despite the letter being called the 'oldest known name for the Isle of Britian'.

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dashofmagic | 16 comments IM HERE IM HERE IM HERE NOVA THANK YOU (both for the pictures and for inviting me) all I have to say is NESSIAN FOREVER and also someone give the Suriel some more tea.

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dashofmagic | 16 comments :) XD IM SO EXCITED

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quq  (190511) MEEE TOOOO

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Abdul Alhazred (abdul-alhazred)
I'm making my own fairy rp group as well.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 2 comments Shade and Sweet Water

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quq  (190511) Priscilla. Greetings. *sips tea*

Might I ask … why you use that certain phrase abundantly?

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Creative Orange (Rumell Khan) (rkrespectedmember) Hi

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