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message 1: by Tara (new)

Tara (taraash) | 25 comments The.Perfect. Summer. Read. I flew through this SO fast. I never wanted to put it down, It was super immersive and just plain fun. I really really loved so much about this book oh my gosh

1. This book takes place in California and it seriously does the state justice. As someone who's from California and grew up in California, I loved seeing places that I recognized from my life take shape on the pages in front of me. It was so
2. Porter Roth. I adore Porter. He was so funny and charming, but most importantly - He was super Interesting. I want another book that takes place before this novel and is all about Porter because his life and his family are so interesting. I need more Porter Roth.
3. THE MOVIE REFERENCES. I am a huge film nerd, and so to read a book about two people, who are also movie buffs, falling in love it just ugh it made my heart happy.
4. Bailey's character development was on point. She grew so much through out this novel and learned so much about herself. I loved watching the transition between Bailey at the beginning of the book and who she becomes by the end of It.

The one teeny tiny problem I had is there were a few spots in the book where things felt like they had been condensed, but I really wanted more detail about what had happened.

message 2: by Jason (new)

Jason Oliver | 2098 comments Great review. I enjoyed reading it.

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