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July 2nd- Chapters 15-18

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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Schafer | 15 comments Mod
1) Have you ever used "I Wish You Knew..."? How has it worked in your classroom? If not, how do you see it benefiting the culture in your class?

2) What is one of your FAVORITE THINGS to do in your classroom or at school? Was there a favorite thing idea that you would want to try?

3) What is a UNIQUE way that you reach out and build/protect relationships?

4) How can we garner support form colleagues to push on, in times that leave us wanting to walk away?

message 2: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Shissler | 8 comments #1 I enjoyed reading the "I wish You knew" from kids, parents, teachers, and admin. It gave a perspective on all the stakeholders and things that are not often voiced but are so important individually. Because I'm in K, i'll have to think creatively about that question posed on how it could work. I could see this being a white board prompt (Alex Walker:)) for the older grades as they can more easily write and verbalize their wishes.

#2 I have ALOT of favorite things that happen or that I do in my classroom. I guess one of them that is most special to me is our connect time at the end of the day. The very last thing that we do is our class motto and we CAN NOT dismiss and line up until we have done that. In my eyes its a simple 3 step saying that unifies, motivates and sends them off with love and purpose each day. It's something that we say every day and I pray that when my students are not with me that when they face challenges, our motto is written on their minds and hearts that they can always fall back on. I tell them it's "our secret" and they think that's special. I begin and they echo after me with hand motions.
It goes like this....

T: "I'm a winner" S: "I'm a winner" (point to themselves)
T: "I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to" S: "I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to" (point to brain)
T: "and I will NEVER give up!!" S: "and I will NEVER give up!!" (wave your fisted hand across front of body with assurance)
and we always end with "I (point to your eye), LOVE (make heart with your fingers), YOU, (teacher points to students, student points to teacher).

I promise if I forget, I am quickly reminded by a student and we stop in our tracks to say it!! They need to know they are loved, are special and can do anything!!! And they need to leave on that note, so they can be armed when they face challenges or some of those wishes from kids mentioned on pg 104. I also remind them that in future years when they move on to a new grade level, the I<3 You is our secret code.

I'm always looking for new favorite things to do in my classroom. Alot of times you'll find they just happen organically!!

Happy blessed Friday Friends:)

message 3: by Dina (new)

Dina | 7 comments I truly enjoyed reading the "I wish you knew" lists from kids, teachers, parents, and administrators. I mind is full of ideas on how we might choose to implement a similar list this year. I think it would be helpful to get a list from other stakeholders in our school as well. We could include our office staff, lunchroom, custodians, etc. I think having a perspective from all stakeholders in a school is always more powerful when we keep our focus on the reason we are here...the students.

One of my favorite things to do each day is be visible in the morning and greet the children with a greeting and a smile. My goal each year is to know each and every student by name. We know that building relationships is a critical component to our learning environment.....it is a strength for so many of you!

This book is a simple read that reminds us of just "good practices" we should keep in mind each day. I look forward to the next section. Until then......

message 4: by Kelly (new)

Kelly | 6 comments I enjoyed reading the chapter "I wish you knew". We really are in this as a team and its crucial we work together and build relationships.

My favorite thing in the classroom is being silly with the kids and making learning fun. I look forward to that this year.

I also loved this quote from the text, "Our most important job is to love kids and convince them they are absolutely incredible and unique--to remind them they matter."

message 5: by Linda (new)

Linda Davis | 9 comments To Kelly S.: I LOVE your goodbye routine!!! It reminds me of the chant the kindergarten class does at the end of the book, "The Pout-Pout Fish Goes to School". I LOVE that D. Diesen series. I read and reread that book to students of all ages.
So sweet. So needed.
Thinking of you doing that puts a smile on my face!

message 6: by Kathy (new)

Kathy | 9 comments 2) I have a lot of favorites. I love my morning duty. It has been a wonderful way for me to learn the names of students outside of the classroom. I have many students that will stop and chit chat for a moment and it has helped to build relationships that carry on into the classroom. I also purposely seek out the new students and the shy and introverted students and make a point to greet them in the mornings when they walk by.
Another thing I do Is I constantly remind students that they should never be absent on Art Day. I have signs posted by both doors and I let them know they are truly missed when they are absent. I get the same (guilty) treatment from them when I am absent.
I also enjoy doing "Art Aerobics" with Kindergarten and 1st grade students. The final moments of some classes we review different lines and shapes and we use our arms and our body to create these lines and shapes.
Finally, what I really love is when students tell me they recreated what we learned in class at home. They love the 3D snowflakes, friendship bracelets, God's eye's, and various drawing or painting techniques. My goal is to instill an intrinsic desire for them to create on their own and it's a joy when it happens.

message 7: by Alexandria (new)

Alexandria Walker | 8 comments #1. Alina taught me about "I wish I knew..." a couple of years ago! I really love this concept with our students! I think it is an awesome idea to include parents too :) Students are usually very honest with the concept "I wish I knew..." because they are able to submit their responses anonymously! I use similar white board prompts to encourage students to share their thoughts as well!

#2. Lunch bunch was a hit this year! By the 2nd or 3rd "lunch bunch" students were asking to join! Our kiddos enjoyed playing educational games ("Headbands" and Jenga with Word of the Day words and I know Triebs has some awesome Science games)! Not only did this prove a beneficial educational learning experience, it also enable us to get to know our students on a personal level! I'm definitely going to try "Social Media Interns" for the Quad this year! I think it will be awesome to have our students take responsibility in showcasing what we are doing in the classroom!

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