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July 2018: Dystopian > Lightless - 4 stars

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anarresa | 287 comments Lightless
By C.A. Higgins
4 stars

Althea is the engineer of the experimental System craft, Anake. The ship is her friend, her child, and when thieves come aboard and load a virus disrupting its systems Althea wants nothing more than to fix it. The all-seeing, all-controlling System won’t leave her alone long enough to do that. A System investigator comes aboard to interrogate the prisoner and demands the small crew of three to assist her in every way, despite the increasing danger posed by the malfunctioning computer. Over several days the secrets of the prisoner, the System and the ship come to light.

I really enjoyed this story. It was dark but not too heavy, the System was controlling but believable, the characters developed enough for the story (though not fully, this is plot-driven). It’s not a typical beach read but I had a great day with it.

message 2: by Amy N. (new)

Amy N. | 256 comments I already had this on my tbr, but I was wondering if it was worth it. I think I'll keep it after all. :)

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