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message 1: by Nicolas (new)

Nicolas Chinardet (zefrog) | 183 comments This entry display to have erroneous information:

I have a copy of the book (ISBN: 0582105420). It was published by Longman and is 410 pages long.

Here is a copy of the cover to replace the current image:

message 2: by Scott (new)

Scott | 25144 comments Worldcat agrees. Edited, added your better image.

message 3: by Nicolas (new)

Nicolas Chinardet (zefrog) | 183 comments And here is the synopsis from the dust jacket:

This second book in Renault's Alexander series tells the extraordinary but true story of Alexander The Great's last seven years, during which, before his death at thirty-two, he carried his conquests the eastern end of the known world.

The narrator of his brilliant and sometimes tragic career is Bagoas, a young Persian of celebrated beauty who. adrift from the court of the dead Persian King Darius, is taken into Alexander's household and becomes his favourite attendant.

Despite the vicissitudes of his campaigns, his two marriages, and his loyalty to his boyhood friend Hephaistion, Alexander bestows an enduring affection and trust upon Bagoas, who, braving the resentment of the victorious Macedonians, fosters the young conqueror's growing sympathy with his Persian subjects, and confronts him in the isolation of his genius.

Bagoas is a real historical person, and one who may well have influenced the great events described. Seeing them in all the imaginative richness of detail with which Miss Renault presents them, one feels that here, as in her other classical novels, she has arrived intuitively at the truth.

message 4: by Nicolas (new)

Nicolas Chinardet (zefrog) | 183 comments Thank you, Scott.

message 5: by Scott (new)

Scott | 25144 comments Changed to your description. Thanks.

message 6: by Nicolas (new)

Nicolas Chinardet (zefrog) | 183 comments Thank you.

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