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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Hi :)

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Whatever works. Maybe realistic? I've done a few paranormal lately and kinda just want to do a normal romance but I'm pretty much cool with whatever

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) I prefer girl as well but I'm cool with either... We could always do doubles as another option so we don't have to RP solely the gender we don't like RPing as as much...

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) You sure?

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Ha xD well at least you have guys at your school

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) ... yeah..

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) I'm kind of confused so just choose your favorite one. I'll work with basically anything

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Oooh he's a cutieeeeee :P

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) I have to go to bed :( I'll be back

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Sorry :/ so did you want me to create a charrie thingy

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) How detailed

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Okay hold on :)

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Name: Nicolette Marie Rosenfeld
Age: 17
Personality: she's sweet and bubbly on the outside and in public, but deep down she's lonely. She hides herself inside because she doesn't want to depress everyone else with her depression. She works her hardest to make others happy because she knows what it's like to be sad (like all the time). She likes to write poetry and sit for hours in a coffee shop writing or reading.

(Do you need appearance too?)

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) K hold on...

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire)

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) What

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) I posted her appearance...

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Ohhhh okay

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) K

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Nicolette set down her book on the coffee shop table and sipped her tea, looking out the window and seeing a bunch of shirtless guys playing basketball. She sighed and propped her chin on her hand, wishing she had a fun life like that. Her parents were dead, and she only had a year left of foster care before she was free. Her foster parents let her do whatever she wanted, but they hated her for no reason. It was hard not being loved.

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Nicolette sighed and placed her book into her bag, quickly paying for her tea and leaving. She wandered across the street to the park and sat down on the grass with a sigh. She started reading again, but took a few glances at the court occasionally, especially to observe the one guy that wasn't flirting with the swarm of girls.

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) She put her book down and took off her flannel shirt, exposing her grey tank top underneath. She tied the shirt around her waist and shoved the book in her bag, tucking it under the bench. She ran a hand through her hair and walked up to the guy who was separate from the group. "Hey, you mind if I join you?"

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) She smiled gratefully at him but took a few steps back, going for a three-pointer. She dribbled the ball a bit before narrowing her eyes to observe the hoop. She raised the ball up and shot it, the ball going in with a swoosh. She grinned.

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) She smiled at him and starting dribbling, analyzing the hoop from different angles before deciding to try and dunk it. She was over six feet, so she was pretty tall for a girl. But she liked it sometimes. She jumped and wasn't able to grab onto the hoop, but the ball rolled in. She landed hard on her ankle and winced before standing up and pretending like nothing happened.

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) "Yup!" she said with a big smile. She just wanted to make others happy, even if it meant she suffered inside. It was her fault for showing off anyway. And it wasn't his problem if she was hurt. "I'm great!"

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Nicolette sighed. "Okay fine," she mumbled. She plopped back down on the ground. "Sorry..." She wished she hadn't been so stupid.

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