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Tayma  | 1163 comments Name : Daniel Daddario
Age: 17
Year at camp : 5
Godly Parent : Hermes
Claimed? Yes

Appearance :

Written description : Brown hair and eyes. 6'1 feet tall. Has muscular hands and a grip hold.

History : Lived with his mom and went to a normal school, but he was known as a troublemaker and never got good marks because he had ADHD and dyslexia. He got attacked by monsters constantly. His mother decided to tell him about his true identity. Then one day he got attacked by a harpy and ran away to camp Halfblood.

Family : Amelia Daddario, his mother. Amelia is a person who likes to joke all the time.

Personality : Dan is a great person to be with. He is known as a rule breaker. He is fun and exciting. He likes to be the reason people smile.

Weapon of choice : Celestial bronze knives.

Fatal flaw : Overprotective on every thing/person he likes.

Fears :
- Losing people
- Death
- Failure

Skills :
- Sneaking
- Hand-to-hand combat
- Fast runner

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Tayma  | 1163 comments I cant fix the pic's link right now cuz im on the app. Ill edit as soon as possible.

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Tayma  | 1163 comments Done :)

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Approved! Wanna meet somewhere?

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Tayma  | 1163 comments Kk, just in a sec. brb.

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Tayma  | 1163 comments Back

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Where to?

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Tayma  | 1163 comments Idk, u pick

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Urmmmmm he wanna come to the Apollo cabin?

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Tayma  | 1163 comments Kk

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Tayma  | 1163 comments U start

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