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Don't Want To Write (dontwanttowrite) | 4 comments I'm up for reading individual chapters at the mo. Give me a brief synopsis here and I'll DM you my email address if I think I can help. I'm an unpublished author working on my own stuff and I think I need the practice in being critical. Also shout if there's anything particular you want me to look for.

message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary | 3 comments Hi there, Don't Wanna Write! If you're a sci-fi beta reader, I guess you might find a space opera interesting? I've got one chapter of a space opera about a badass guy from the Earth who has married an alien princess and is now travelling in space for certain reasons. There are fights, space ships and stuff. I did NOT write the story, I'm just a translator. The original text is a novel "The Planet that Doesn't Exist" (1996) by Sergei Lukyanenko. But I'd really love to hear a native's opinion about my translation!

message 3: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey Shannon (krshannon) | 4 comments Hello! I am currently working on a YA sci-fi/fantasy (approximately 90,000 words), titled Stitch Me.
Sparta meets high-tech in the nation of Idryma, the mightiest military power known to man since the Great Star fell over the Nethers. Its secret, the brutal decade of military training every soldier must endure before calling herself Idryyan, the Upbringing. Upon entrance, soldiers are "Stitched," together: two minds dumped into the same bag of bones. If you want to Graduate - to live, you must compete. You must win.
One body. Two minds. One survivor.
I'd love to hear your thoughts!

message 4: by Jeanne (new)

Jeanne | 7 comments That sounds fascinating. Don’t stop writing whatever you do.

Your Iridyan remind me slightly of a sub character I wrote into one of my books. My guy was a Doha priest (a spiritual leader) from the planet Canid and my beta readers loved him. The similarity is that his home planet promotes the deadliest warriors in the 5 recognized higher intelligent space systems.

He has stunning silver-white wolf features—long muzzle, fur covered skin, large sharp teeth—and growls when he talks.

I actually play on the arguments that he spits out wisdom about peace and reason but is a trained killer of Canid that is a master warrior.

Sounds like you can play on the fact one brain thinks a certain way and the other a totally separate/conflicting way. The idea is fantastic. What if one brain is a pacifist and the other is not? Or one brain is artistic and the other is all science and math. The possibilities are endless. Sounds like you have a winner idea on your hands.

message 5: by Rambella (new)

Rambella | 2 comments How do you feel like reading something that mixes sci-fi and fantasy? It's a loooong story, but I need to know if my first two chapters can hook a person. It's about these four individuals that have an interaction with a place called the 'Shrine of Time'. Three girls are from the 21st century that goes into the past with their own objectives, and one beastly prince from the 16th century who wants to escape Hokkaido, Japan. It starts off like a fantasy, but then it's like a sci-fi mindfuck. I'm incorporating atomic bombs in 16th century Japan, a pharma company trying to hunt down an endangered magical beast for humanity's salvation, and tech gadgets in the past.

If you ever watched anime with girls traveling to magical world or time like Inuyasha, it's kinda like a gritty version of that. Topics: Time Traveling, Magic, Drugs, Environmentalism, Greater Good vs Family, Hunter vs Endangered Species, Illegal Immigration, War, Sex....

message 6: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey Shannon (krshannon) | 4 comments Jeanne wrote: "That sounds fascinating. Don’t stop writing whatever you do.

Your Iridyan remind me slightly of a sub character I wrote into one of my books. My guy was a Doha priest (a spiritual leader) from the..."

Thanks Jeanne! I really appreciate your support! The differing minds is one of the main things I play off of! The novel is 1st person with 2 POVs who share the same body! One is a rebel of Idryma and the other is an elite soldier. They also have differences in body. One is left handed, but the other is a righty! Like you said, there are so many possibilities!

Your idea sounds fantastic too. Your world is super fleshed out. I hope you find everything you're looking for here on goodreads! And if you're ever searching for a beta or a CP I'd love to help you out.
My email is :)

message 7: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Lawrence (joshualawrencepike) | 9 comments Would you like to read HUMANITY IN THE DEEP? it's an 86k word novel, it has the hard Sci-Fi feel of The Expanse with strong character growth and elements of romance.

I am getting ready to start looking for Agent's and want feedback. Anything and everything wrong except for minor issues of proofreading (which I know I need to have done). To be clear I am looking for beta read's not for editing or anything else. I am most interesting in thoughts on the story structure, character growth ect.

When Roger can no longer make a living on his home planet he is forced to choose between lobotomizing himself, so a corporation can use his brain as a computer, or leaving his home. He is hired onto the Erikson, a city size construction ship heading to an uninhabited system. When at the build site the star goes nova, the Erikson is damaged and forced to flee.
In a system every record said was uninhabited they find a large human population. They assume it to be a dark colony, but this colony knows no earth language and lacks technology freely available when the first ships left earth.

First three chapters:

message 8: by mrharville (new)

mrharville | 16 comments " Political machinations on a distant planet reverberate through Columbine society, prompting the Federal government to send peacekeepers to newly contacted Terra Haute to protect the humanitarian workers and suppress bandit activity. Evelyn Michael Wood, seeking to escape the grinding poverty and casual violence of the Anslinger Flats and start a better life for the family his eager new bride is already carrying, enlists in the New Union Marine Corps. With an iron will and fierce determination Woody masters the skills of war and steadily rises through the ranks. With a will and determination no less fiery than her husband’s Liberty Allen Wood spins a handful of coins into a business empire."

This is from the series proposal . . . the first book is completed but it needs, something. My agent recommended I remove the female character and concentrate on the action sequences rather than social/political intrigue.

Please help.

message 9: by Scott (new)

Scott Gregory | 9 comments sounds kind of cool. Have a germinating project with similar themes. I'd take a look. Would you be interested in another piece, a speculative thriller of 100,000 K as a swap? an alien policy conflict that has an occasional hot war over fate of earth with homeless dystopia/social justice movement and time travel to old west same themes to twist at end. can't say more, spoiler alert. let me know.

message 10: by mrharville (new)

mrharville | 16 comments * Sure, let me know how you would like to do this?

message 11: by B (new)

B P Baggett (bpbaggett) | 107 comments Hello everyone,
I was thinking not very many of you know who I am. Well, my name is Ben.P.Baggett I am a fantasy published author. I have 5 books written and one up on Amazon. My fifth book is Ivar: Blood&Steel. This one will be up soon and I could not be more excited about this.
Ivar: Blood and Steel follows a young Prince that is thusted into an age old conflict. His father and home are destroyed leaving him, his mother and his older sister stuck in the world alone.
He is captured by the enemy and is forced into a labor military camp under the nose of the leaders. There he learns the ways of war and how to be a killer. He loves it.
This story will give the fans an idea of who this man is. It's bloody and dark with lots of turns in the story. It also gives the reader an idea of the world Ivar lives in.
Hopefully this passage let's you know who I am and what I do. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me here or on FB page

message 12: by Scott (new)

Scott Gregory | 9 comments mrharville wrote: "* Sure, let me know how you would like to do this?"

we can exchange at
Would you want it piece meal or the whole thing? Its piece meal on wattpad under Mythizium
sorry for the delay

message 13: by Bayne (new)

Bayne Bradshaw (theentertainist) | 11 comments Hi Don't Want To Write!

You're probably swamped by now with all these requests, but if you're still interested, I I have a brand new Space Sci-Fi novel, with lashings of mystery, horror, and a little action thrown in. While high-concept, it's also very character-driven, and I pitch it as '2001', meets the film 'Sunshine' and 'Lost'.

Here is my working-blurb...


The discovery of a lifetime.

A mysterious, alien artifact-- fashioned as an impossible Cube.

An irresistible map.

It wants us to follow it. Further than we’ve ever gone before.

Unimaginable power.

The answer to immortality may lie at the end of its trail.

A treacherous voyage.

And for Shoshanna Ridgeway, commander of the USS Pioneer’s Destiny, a terrifying odyssey into the unknown has only just begun…


If this interests you at all, then feel free to send me a DM :)

Thank you in advance!

Bayne Bradshaw

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