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message 1: by ѠĤĪƬƐ FĿΛMƐ, Co-Mod 1 (new)

ѠĤĪƬƐ FĿΛMƐ | 11 comments Mod
Name: White flame
Other mod experience: yes, I have many groups I am mod in, mainly my own (though in other accounts)
How you can help: I will help with the set guide foe the characters (a lot of people have trouble creating there own with out this basic wants in a guide) accept and post accepted characters, create threads to rp on, and make sure the rules are followed.

message 2: by Thomas, Co-Mod 2 (new)

Thomas (kaladin543) | 1 comments Mod
Other Mod Exerience? Yes, I m a moderator in two groups.
How You Can Help: I will help keep this place clean.

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