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message 1: by Woolfie (new)

Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments With Mockingjay to follow in the money making footsteps of the final Twilight Installment and The Deathly Hallows,and The Hobbit being divided into 3 movies does anyone think splitting a book into more than one movie is a good thing,does it allow for more story and character development to be explored or does it suffer from too little story stretched too thin? In which franchise do you think it has worked best so far?

Angelina~LostSoulsGuidIn2Darkness  | 86 comments it depends if there following a story my past watching of some movies split up they seemed to miss something i read i don't like here part one oh it missed something i read n then part to didn't seem like some parts i read but I'm only a judgment if it was of a read n so but i wonder how the rest of the immortal. instruments movies gonna turn out to be i have the first one n i liked it

message 3: by Woolfie (new)

Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments Yeah that's true. Often with readers of the book, they want certain parts of the story to be included and not left out. Did you watch either Twilight or Harry Potter? Which did you like better?

Angelina~LostSoulsGuidIn2Darkness  | 86 comments i have read them both. n didn't get to see last part of harry potter but twilight didn't seem at all books to me

message 5: by Woolfie (new)

Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments Yeah, that's the gist of what I've read, that the movies weren't as good as the books. Personally I'd say the same about the Potter movies. They weren't bad, apart from Goblet of Fire which was horrendous.

Angelina~LostSoulsGuidIn2Darkness  | 86 comments yea id borrow the ending series of harry potter to see from what read that they did but twilight was not at all the books i didn't like it when saw 1 n still didn't seem to follow along with the rest but i wonder whats the others thoughts to movies ya said n the coming but i am curious from the first immortal. instruments the rest are gonna be like n not read the books before seen but reading them now

message 7: by Woolfie (new)

Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments From what I saw of City of Bones, I think the books did a lot better, particularly when it came to the portrayals of Valentine (played by the usually pretty good Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and Jace, played by Jamie Campbell Bower. Mind you I wasn't the hugest fan of the books to begin with. As far as adaptations went, I thought Divergent was pretty well done, even i some people will call it Hunger Games Light :p

Angelina~LostSoulsGuidIn2Darkness  | 86 comments i can understand whats your saying but wonder still whats coming next in the series but i couldn't get in to the hunger games for some reason

message 9: by Woolfie (new)

Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments Yeah I guess the Hunger Games isn't for everyone. I myself felt it went downhill pretty fast after the rathr good first book. hat about other survival YA series? Have you read Maze Runner or The Giver?

Angelina~LostSoulsGuidIn2Darkness  | 86 comments no i haven't read those two yet are they good

message 11: by Woolfie (new)

Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments Neither have I, but they're going to be made into movies, i not already, so I was curious. :)

Angelina~LostSoulsGuidIn2Darkness  | 86 comments well maybe its a pick in something we read n talk on here for a idea

message 13: by BD (new)

BD (bd-zainabhosain) | 2865 comments Mod
Have you guys watched Divergent?

message 14: by Woolfie (new)

Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments Yep, quite liked it really, except I dunno if they're going with a sequel.

message 15: by BD (new)

BD (bd-zainabhosain) | 2865 comments Mod
they are :)
and may turn the third book into 2 films...

I love Tobias Eaton mmm mmmm

message 16: by Woolfie (new)

Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments Ooh OK, hope they do a good job of it, for a first movie of a trilogy, Divergent wasn't at all bad. Shailene Woodley did pretty well as well. Haven't seen Fault in Our Stars yet, but I hear she's good in that too, although id you have an ounce of emotion you can be good in an emotionally saturated film.

message 17: by BD (new)

BD (bd-zainabhosain) | 2865 comments Mod
lol yea fault in our stars has her kissing her divergent brother,...

have you read the books?

message 18: by Woolfie (new)

Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments Yes to both Divergent and TFIOS. Divergent had a more interesting concept and execution whereas the other is a more Nicholas Sparks kind of story which, as well written and heart wrenching as it is is not my kind of thing.

message 19: by Dragonrider (last edited Aug 04, 2014 04:56PM) (new)

Dragonrider | 2897 comments The Maze Runner is a great book, read it a few years ago. The series as a whole is pretty good. Plenty of twist and turns, hopeful they do the movie right, so far though it looks ok by the trailer.

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