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SACRIFICE, but who...?

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Lauren Lanz So we all know that someone has to sacrifice their life in order to free everyone... but who do you guys think will meet their end and sacrifice in Kingdom of Ash. Or do you think that they can find a loophole? I have absolutely no clue at the moment so I'm asking you.

Nikita A combination of Dorian and Aelin's power to forge the lock. That should be enough to please the gods and spare Aelin's life. Because both Dorian and Aelin are of Mala's bloodline and their combined power should be enough to equal a life power to do what needs to be done. The sacrifice maybe give up their powers

Lauren Bastian At this point I can't see anybody actually dying... They'll just find a loophole. If anybody actually does die (for the sacrifice) it will be Aelin, because it makes the most sense plot-wise.

Samantha Honestly, I think that if it isn't a combination of Aelin and Dorien, it will be Dorien who steps in a the last minute. Aelin has sacrificed so much already, I don't think she will be the one who has to sacrifice her life.

Paula I have the feeling that somehow Gavriel, Lorcan or Fenrys are going to die in the end and Aelin lives happily ever after with Rowan.

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