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N (NH-NL) | 66 comments please add the proper description as below:

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This is the book that creates a "human face for Holocaust revisionists theory.

This is the antidote to the slander and false accusations that the Holocaust Industry makes against revisionism and revisionists.

This is the story that reveals the programmatic exploitation of suppression, censorship and taboo by the Industry to limit intellectual freedom with regard to the Holocaust question.

Here you will discover why an organization like the A D L is driven to make the ludicrous charge that the author is one of the "Top Ten Extremists" in America today.

Smith remains an incorrigible believer in a free press, and that open debate is preferable to taboo ans censorship.

Despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, Smith still believes there is a small chance he will be able to find a way to convince our intellectual elites, including the incorrigible professorial class, that to encourage intellectual freedom is a good, and not an evil with regard to the Holocaust question.

Bradley Smith, a self admitted intelectual layman, very logically exposes how fraud and espoused hatred are used by the establishment to control the thoughts of intellectuals and their sycophants.

Everyone should test the authenticity of his own belief in intelectual freedom by reading this book.

In addition, Mr. Simith's homespun literary style makes this book very enjoyable reading, with the included bonus of containing exceptually astounding revelations about the singularly most discussed event of the Twentieth Century.

This book brings another voice to the Holocaust debate. Controversial and compelling. 

If you are curious about how it is to try to convince intellectuals that it is better to encourage intellectual freedom than it is to discourage it, I offer you the true story of a Holocaust revisionist.

Bradley R. Smith is an author, playwright, and free speech activist. He has been interviewed on hundreds of radio talk shows, by scores of print journalists, and has appeared on television via 48 Hours, Donahue, Jerry Williams and others.

Smith is a combat veteran (Korea, 7th Cavalry, where he was twice wounded), has been a deputy sheriff (Los Angeles County), a merchant seaman, a bookseller on Hollywood Boulevard, an activist for free speech (he was prosecuted for intentionally selling a book then banned by the U.S. Government – Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer), and was a freelance writer in Saigon during the tet offensive of 1968.

The Los Angeles Times had this to say about Smith's play, "The Man Who Stopped Paying".
"In Bradley Smith's 'The Man Who Stopped Paying' .... bureaucrats are the enemy, for while they maintain the welfare systems, they also maintain the machines and programs that will destroy those systems. "For the first time in a long time on stage, an anarchist libertarian has sounded out.... With his love of nature and disgust for the bomb and the Feds, Smith could become a kind of playwright laureate of an American Greens Party, but then he would probably rather go it alone.
"Beginning in the early 1990s Smith has run essay-advertisements in student newspapers at colleges and universities around the country calling for intellectual freedom with regard to the Holocaust question. Pursuing this American ideal of free inquiry and open debate has earned him the emnity of those who represent what Norman Finkelstein has so aptly termed the "Holocaust Industry."

Smith has been married to a Mexican woman for 25 years, they have two daughters, the usual "multi-cultural" problems, and a conglomeration of dogs, cats, and birds. Organizations such as The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, blinded by their own extremism, will routinely lump Smith in their grabbag of racialist extremists because he is a "skeptic" with regard to the orthodox Holocaust story.

He argues that no "one should be imprisoned for writing a book." Men and women should be free to write and publish books on World War II, or the Holocaust, just as they are free to write books on any other historical queston.
He asks: "Why should they not be? Who benefits from the suppression of intellectual freedom on this one particular issue? Who is harmed?"

Smith’s writings, an unusual mix of autobiography and political journalism, focus on how events, oftentimes in remote parts of the world, impact on our daily lives.

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Locovilly | 64 comments N wrote: "please add the proper description as below:

Goodreads link:


This is the book that creates a "human face for Holocaust revis..."

I added description from Amazon , because the half of description you provided is actualy editorial reviews about the Author.

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