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Teacher: Mr. Tames

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Mysti  | 292 comments ((Kind of short post since I'm not all that sure what to say))

Rosaleen absently fiddled with her wedding ring as she walked to Marcus's classroom. I'm so happy I married him. She thought as she walked in the room, grinning from ear to ear when she saw her husband. "Well get there handsome." She spoke up from the doorway, leaning on the door frame just inside the room.

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((Quite all right lol))

Marcus had his music playing softly while dancing to it. He didn't want any of the teachers to hear it and come in to see him dance. It had already happened with Love and Todd. Love asked him for lessons while Todd tried to be a ballerina and failed epicily. In fact, he busted his nose on the floor. He was startled when he heard the newer voice and smiled when he recognized that beautiful face. "Rosa. What are you doing here?" He flipped the music off and moved over to her, grabbing her by the waist and giving her a small kiss.

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Mysti  | 292 comments Rosaleen had always loved watching him dance. She may not be able to dance very well, but Marcus was an amazing dancer. Of course, she tried to get a lesson from him once, but never tried again. Dancing isn't and never would be her thing. Her smile brightened when he turned towards her. "I just came to visit my amazing husband." She replied simply as she rested her hands in his shoulders, kissing him back softly.

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"Mmm, I'll never get tired of that word: husband," Marcus grinned and looked around his classroom. "I'm never going to get tired of a lot of things..." His eyes landed back on her. "What are you in the mood for? We could go to the beach or watch a movie or go out to eat...Or I could try to cook for you?" He pecked her lips again and again and again. He couldn't get enough of her beautiful lips.

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Mysti  | 292 comments "I'll never get tired of saying it." Rosa grinned back at him and absently played with the fine hairs on the back of his neck. "Husband. Husband. Husband." She murmured pecking his lips between each word. She didn't think so would ever get tired of kissing those lovely lips of his. A thoughtful look appeared across her features as she considered each option. But him kissing her over and over again kept getting her distracted enough she couldn't focus well. That's how it always was...guess that's something that just would never change. Finally, she pulled away enough so it would be a struggle to kiss her again as thought her options over again. "I would love for you to cook." She finally answered and smiled. "And I'll gladly help with what I can!"

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Marcus moved his fingers through Rosaleen's pretty, red hair. He loved her hair. In fact, it was one of the things that caught his attention and made him talk to her when they first met. Before, he didn't like "crazy" colored hair. Then, when he met his beautiful Rosa, he became obsessed with red hair. There were a few other girls that had the red hair going on, like Love, for example, but no one compared to his Rosa. "Then I will cook for you, my beautiful wife. It may end up burnt or just plain nasty, but I will cook for you if it's the last thing I do!" He picked her up, spun her around, and sat her down gently. "Come forth, my love. Let's go home and catch the kitchen on fire."

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Mysti  | 292 comments Rosa giggled and shook her head slightly. "You are so dramatic, my dear. Sometimes I wonder if you're really meant to be a drama teacher instead." She teased and took his hand in hers, intertwining their fingers together. "But then I remember how amazing of a dancer you are and I change my mind." She started walking towards the door to leave, the heels of her boots clicking against the floor. The only reason Rosaleen even started wearing her ankle boots was because she always walked around silently and scared people. That, and she loved how taller they made her. She swung their hands as they walked and grinned. "Hey! And even if we do catch the kitchen on fire, I can easily put it out!" At that, she put her free hand up and a small ball of water started forming.

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((I'll post at their house :) ))

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