Who is Planning on Reading Petticoat Ranch?

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I am just wondering how many people are going to read "Petticoat Ranch" by Mary Connealy?

I am looking forward to rereading this book and series yet once again. This will be the third time in the last 10 months but really with a series like this it is worth the enjoyment. Each time I have read the book I walked away with something different and I wonder what I am going to walk away seeing this time.

message 2: by Brittany (new)

Brittany I will try to read it. Just depends on if I have time. But I own the trilogy on my kindle and the plot sounds really good.

message 3: by Darlene (new)

Darlene (darlenelozada) | 95 comments I have not read any by that author I'll check see if library has it.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Brittany I hope you do find the time to read the book, but hey life happens and things get busy especially with returning to school for kiddos and the last of the summer :D.

Darlene I really hope that they have the book at the library. I know for me my library didn't have 'Petticoat Ranch' within their system but they were able to get it from another system.

Mary Connealy is a writer with this sense of humor that I find out of this world because sometimes it is a little bit dry, but that is who I am too. Every book but one (and that is found on her blog) is light, maybe some suspense where as to how the hero's are going to out smart the villains), funny and the romance is something else in a good way. She is also a crafty bugger too. Her series sometimes have characters from other series even in mention. This series of "Lassoed in Texas" which is another way to look for the book at the library, is the first series of a series with an out of the world combination of all books before it, in the last book LOL.

Geez think I like Mary Connealy's writings LOL

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LINDA BOURG | 344 comments Mod
Got my copy in the mail yesterday afternoon, so i finished up Blackberry Summer and i will be starting Petticoat Ranch today.. I may have to borrow the other's in the series with you Janine, my library doesn't have them either. We will see if i like this book a lot i will purchase the other so i have the whole series for my library. Have a great day :)

message 6: by June (new)

June I love Mary's sense of humor. That's what drew me in with her first book I read and now I buy them as soon as they come out! This is a fantastic series... along with all the others that come after.

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Finally I have meet someone else who enjoys Mary's books like I do LOL. I am just missing 2 books from the Kincaid Brothers and Trouble in Texas series. June have you read Mary's "Closer Than Brothers"? And like you I now just buy her books without waiting for the library to get them LOL

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I have posted 5 questions to talk about in regards to Petticoat Ranch. I will post another 5 questions on the 14th in regards to Calico Canyon. Then on the 21st I will post another 5 questions in regards to Gingham Mountain. I hope that will give everyone enough time to read the books and still talk about it before the end of the month. There are spoiler alerts in the subject title so no one should hopefully go to the questions and have something spoiled for them.

message 9: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Loved her Trouble in Texas series and a couple of the novellas that I have read by her.

message 10: by June (new)

June Janine wrote: "Finally I have meet someone else who enjoys Mary's books like I do LOL. I am just missing 2 books from the Kincaid Brothers and Trouble in Texas series. June have you read Mary's "Closer Than Bro..."

I haven't read Closer Than Brothers yet, but I will get to it soon. And I am listening to Stuck Together on audio (while I get other things done!!) I think I'm about half way through right now. Tried and True will be out before we know it too.

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