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Mateonwas actually a little nervous. Well, perhaps he wasn’t nervous, but rather he didn’t quite feel as comfortable and determined about where this all might lead. Roman was truly a different story than other girls or boys he’d been with in the past and he still had not come to understand how exactly this was all supposed to work. Labels began flying through his thoughts and he was quick to shut that process down. His relationship between them, after all, could not be defined to any kind of real label right now.

He tried not to think about it. He tried not to think at all really. And the drive over from his own estate to Roman’s was enough time to clear his head and make everything in the world right again. Mateo was relaxed and nonchalant, staring blankly at the driver’s wheel in front of him, sitting their coolly for a moment as he debated whether he should go to the door or not.

It took him another moment to leave the car, biting down on his lip as he looked up at the estate before him. Just chill, he thought, and then this would go perfectly normal.

Locking the car with the wave of his keys, Mateo slowly made his way to the front door of the estate. He knocked on the front door too gently first, enough that hardly a noise had been made. So, he tried again, rapping his knuckles a bit harder against the multi colored door that Roman had described to him.

Hopefully only Roman was home right now and he wouldn’t have to exchange polite, but awkward, greetings with the rest of his family. But, he was curious, however, about the kind of family that Roman was raised in and by to make him the way that he is. Perhaps one day he would find out.

He grew distracted again when the door cracked open and revealed those vivid icy blues and the shock of white hair. A soft smile spread across of Mateo’s lips, “Hey...”

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Roman wanted to say that he was anxious but he never experienced that feeling while completely aware so he wasn’t sure. When Mateo had texted him and said he was coming over, Roman almost choked on his water that he had been gulping down after taking a painkiller for his headache. Yes, the fact that Mateo was actually coming was a reason for the shock, but then it was the fact that he actually invited someone to his house. Roman definitely didn’t do that and then all of a sudden, he had no problem with inviting Mateo and he wondered if he was going insane.

On the way up to the living room, he decided he wasn’t going to put much thought to it at the moment, to spare himself the headache he knew would follow. As the elevator shaft door opened, Roman heard the knock on the door and he let out a sigh, trying to stay calm and ignore whatever he was feeling right now. Roman was relieved his father had left earlier in the morning, leaving the house to go to the hospital, his departure only known by the sound of the door slamming.

Roman’s long legs moved towards the door, bare feet touching the cold tile floor. A blanket wrapped around him to shield him from the cold, since he had a habit of blasting the AC when he was home alone. None of the workers were here today since Roman told them to go home. Even if he was his father didn’t give a shit about him, he still felt like he was being watched.

Roman’s hand reached towards the door, pausing as two sides of him fought. One side was eager to open the door while the other wanted him to just pretend he wasn’t here. Shaking his head, Roman decided to just go with it and treat this like any normal thing. His hand twisted the doorknob slowly, the door opening with a slight creak. Roman was greeted with hazel eyes and a soft smile and he froze for a second, standing there with messy white hair, a blanket wrapped around him and round thin wire glasses which he only wore at home. The Roman standing in front of Mateo was considerably looked considerably more harmless compared to the one that he was in public. Roman snapped out of his trance and blinked. “Fuck. Sorry. Hi.” He widened the door so that Mateo could walk in. “Come in.”

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He was wrapped up in a blanket and he was wearing glasses. And Mateo couldn’t stop looking at him. He shifted around on his feet, eyes flashing towards the ground but they almost immediately rode back up to Roman’s form, looking him and down. Goddamn, he looked so cute, it was ridiculous. What was it? The rumpled hair? The pink cheeks? He knew that the blanket had something to do with it, cozying up with the blanket like a younger child might do to help them sleep through the night. And the glasses too - he didn’t normally wear them but Mateo found them to be a good look on him.

Actually, everything was a good look on Roman.

Once he was inside of the house - alone with only Roman at his side - Mateo was reminded of the fact that this had been the boy he had been kissing in the past few hours. And now? He wanted to kiss him again and again, pressing him against a wall or tumbling into his bed to finish what they started the night before. Mateo wanted to go through with it all the way, experience Roman fully so that he could get the cute white haired boy out of his system.

But, unfortunately, he didn’t kiss Roman and Roman made no inclination of wanting to kiss him either. To avoid the awkwardness that might arise because of their silent desires, Mateo prompted him, “I was already out when you texted, so I thought I’d bring some shit back with me here.” He sound almost apologetic as if coming here so quickly after a moment’s notice was him being bothersome.

Mateo raised the box of warm pizza in his hand to show him before nudging him with his hip since his hands were both full, “Where are we chilling? Your room?” He began to move on, smirking back at Roman to match his pace. The night before they’d been in Mateo’s bedroom and today they would be in Roman’s. He wondered if things would go differently today in this bed than yesterday’s.

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Roman watched Mateo intently as he walked through the door, taking in the sight of him. He still remembered how Mateo looked last night in the dimly lit bedroom. Now, with sunlight streaming into the living room, he could fully see just how attractive he was. He could fully appreciate his hazel eyes, his brown hair that Roman knew for a fact was soft to the touch. Roman could still the ghost of his lips on his, heat rushing to his cheeks. Roman tried to brush off his thoughts and if Mateo asked, he would probably blame it on the cold temperature throughout the house.

A small smile played on Roman’s lips. “No, it’s fine I guess.” He reassured him, holding the blanket closer, seeking warmth. “I didn’t give you a time so…” His voice trailed off, as he felt slightly awkward and anxious. He fought with the desire kissing Mateo right then and there, biting his lip in thought. He had been bombarded with memories of last night since he woke up this morning and seeing Mateo standing in his living room was definitely not helping the situation. “Uh-huh.” He hummed, making sure Mateo didn’t venture upstairs. People typically thought that was where his bedroom was but he had long since moved to the huge study in the basement, wanting to escape seeing his dad as much as possible.

Hands pressed against Mateo’s back as he guided him inside the elevator. He smirked when Mateo gave him a confused look when they stepped inside. Roman leaned closer to him, reaching for the button that would take them down. The action caused his body to slightly press against Mateo’s, his white hair brushing against his cheek. The close proximity made Roman’s shiver despite the blanket that he was wrapped in. His blue eyes keep eye contact with Mateo as he leaned back, still close to him but at a distance that made Roman release a breath he didn’t even know he was holding. “I enjoy my privacy.” He explained, lips murmuring it, feeling like if he didn’t talk, his lips would be doing something completely different.

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Eyes trailed the floor of the elevator, watching it because he feared if he looked up at the lights or the buttons of the elevator or anywhere else, he’d be weak and fall to the temptation sprinting through him. He was fun to kiss, that much was obvious from the way that Mateo came back to him. And Roman must think the same, otherwise, he wouldn’t be inviting him to come back to his house and to his room now. It gave him more confidence, feeling Roman’s presence washing over him, his breath near his neck. But it amplified the want - the need - to turn around and push Roman against the wall of the elevator.

He was speaking, saying something to him, but Mateo wasn’t really listening. The reflections in the mirrors in the elevator allowed him to make eye contact with Roman now, looking at him towering over him with a casualness that only he could sustain.

“So, no interruptions down here, right?” Mateo prompted, turning his head over his shoulder, looking directly now at Roman. Interruptions like the one they had last night - Roman’s phone going off while they’d been so wrapped in one another. He sincerely hoped there wouldn’t be another one.

The doors of the elevator opened and Mateo stepped out into the basement floor - Roman’s humble abode to himself. “Show me around?” he suggested, his lips spreading into a smile. He wondered who else had gotten the opportunity to come down here, if Roman invited people over to his house in the first place. And here Mateo was, already heading to his bedroom after only a single night’s efforts. He really was good at this.

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“No one’s allowed down here.” He confirmed, blue eyes swirling with an unreadable expression as he waited for the elevator to stop. Roman was itching to get out the confined face in fear he might fall for the temptation of feeling Mateo’s lips against him once more. Last night, he was definitely more assertive but while sober, Roman was more cautious and wary.

Roman nodded his head absentmindedly at Mateo’s request, his attention more focused on the movement of his lips. Roman wondered if he would be able to kiss lips again and ignite that flame that Mateo seemed to cause every time he touched him. Licking his lips, Roman followed Mateo out of the elevator and into what seemed to be a library. Bookshelves towered above them. In the centre of the room, there was a table littered with papers and books, which is where Roman spent most of his time, trying to learn as much as he possibly could. There was a huge whiteboard with different equations, both mathematical and chemical written haphazardly in Roman’s neat handwriting.

Without much thought, Roman took a hold of Mateo’s hand, gently pulling him deeper into the basement and through the double wooden door on the other side of the room. Hesitating slightly, feeling a little nervous to take Mateo into his bedroom, Roman pushed open the door slowly. He realized it was only fair since he basically spent most of his time at the party in Mateo’s room. He pulled Mateo in and closed the door. “This is my room.” He said, stating the obvious. He watched as Mateo took in his surroundings. Roman’s room was like any normal room he guessed. It wasn’t too messy but still looked in order. On one of his walls, sticky notes were placed, reminders for him. There was a huge bed with a multitude of pillows since Roman because despite Roman always pulling all-nighters, he still loved to sleep. Roman practically lived down here since he tried to avoid his dad at all costs so there was a fridge down here, in case he couldn’t bother go upstairs.

Roman moved from the door and sat on his bed, silently inviting Mateo to join him. Mentally, he felt strange because the sight of someone in his room was definitely new to him but on the outside, he looked as calm as ever, blue eyes unwaverin

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Mateo’s attention in the library was yanked away when Roman slipped his hand into his, pulling him away from the smell of dust, old books, and expo marker somewhere else. He didn’t milk over it long, just allowing Roman to take charge and lead him wherever he pleased. All the while, Mateo searched his surroundings, taking note of every single detail that made Roman the way that he was. And it was clear by what he saw just how much deeper of a person Roman was than he’d taken him for originally. The surface level of Roman showed an intelligent, academically minded genius that didn’t care for socializing. Here, he saw the mess and the magnificence that made him that way. His thoughts on sticky notes, his laziness with a few items of clothing around, the disarray of his bed. Roman really was a human being just like the rest of them.

There was no hesitation present in Mateo as he plopped down on Roman’s bed next to him, leaning back on his elbow and leaning his body out in a picture of relaxation and ease. His legs knocked against his as he did - albeit, it was sure that Mateo was purposefully being a little bit touchy. After all, he did want something to happen when he came here.

It was today’s goal. Since yesterday he’d manage to make out with Roman while he as drunk, today he thought he would see what would happen if he was sober. Roman had admitted that he was an ass while sober and he had yet to prove it. Mateo had never really been around Roman enough at school to see if he really did act that way towards others. So far, he seemed to be pretty normal.

“So what are you into then?” Mateo started, putting the pizza on the side of the bed before turning to give him his undivided attention again. He rolled his eyes, amending his earlier statement, “Like what kind of movies or shows?”

The next thing out of his mouth came so effortlessly and casually as if it was the most normal thing to say, “We can put something on while you figure out when you think is the best time to start making out with me again.” Of course, Mateo only shrugged, so nonchalant, “I like Friends or something.”

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Roman’s everyday personality was a defence mechanism according to what his father had said. Even though he didn’t like the man, he wasn’t petty enough to just brush off his analysis. So he believe - just a little bit - that maybe that was true. It wasn’t like he was born with the tendency to avoid people and anything social. So he decided to give this theory some consideration as he watched Mateo lie down on his bed. Roman laid down as well, turning his attention to the television that was paused on a Black Mirror episode. “Well I usually watch horror movies but Friends is good too.” He spoke, eyes focused on the screen as he switched to a random Friends episode. The audio played at a medium volume, Roman sitting up in the bed as he looked at Mateo, biting his lip as he mulled over something.

“Wait. Hold on.” Blanket still wrapped around him, Roman moved closer to Mateo. Their faces were so close Roman could see the flecks of color in the hazel of Mateo’s eyes and his warm breath against his cheek. After a second of deliberation, Roman closed the distance, lips meeting Mateo’s in a soft and slow kiss. This was for the sole purpose of testing if he actually liked kissing Mateo when his head wasn’t clouded from alcohol. He pulled back and nodded his head. “Interesting. So I do like kissing you when I’m sober.” His tone of voice made it seem like he just confirmed a hypothesis in a science experiment.

Roman simply laid back down like he hadn’t just kissed Mateo without warning. The white haired teenage was completely oblivious to the things he did and the effect it had on people. He usually did things without asking, like a mad scientist only keen on testing out his theories.

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rimskur | 1470 comments oml I love them XD

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shinra | 1179 comments omgg same XD i feel like they balance each other out because mateo can be v emotional and roman is like emotionally shut off lmaoo

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rimskur | 1470 comments lmaoo Mateo just wants to get laid but he’s got a lot going on so that’s why he’s being a little clingy but lmao I’ll reply after we eat lunch

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shinra | 1179 comments roman is highkey treating this as an experiment and omg i want to go get crepes but idkkkk

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rimskur | 1470 comments go get the crepes!! I’m eating Chinese food rn XD

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He expected it. When he made the suggestion in the first place, he knew that Roman would take the opportunity. He knew that the genius before him was all about taking advantage of opportunities, of getting synthetic results from having perfect, controlled situations. He was a scientist, wasn’t he? The equations and math on the white board outside had been enough evidence of how scientifically minded he was. Therefore, he needed the instruction and the opening, the controlled, inviting environment in which he could act and see results happen. And the kiss? Well, Mateo was pleased with the results afterwards, stretching out on the bed with his hand behind his head at his final assessment. “Next time we should see if I like kissing you drunk. We haven’t tried that out yet,” he offered with a small laugh.

Mateo lazily leaned back against the dozen of pillows on Roman’s bed, dark hair falling in front of his eyes as he looked up at him from under his lashes. Roman appeared unfazed, lying down next to him on the bed, but not saying anything. Perhaps this was the real challenge - not exactly getting Roman to sleep with him, but perhaps it was getting him to talk to him.

The sound of Friends playing on the television distracted him momentarily, lying his head down next to Roman’s shoulder while the six friends on screen all were hyperventilating about something that had happened.

The story continued on screen and he was quite for a while, just watching until it reminded him of a story himself. “You know how Ross owns that monkey? I always asked my parents for a monkey growing up and somehow they managed to get one to come. It only stayed with us for a day because it ended up peeing on my mom’s silk bedsheets that she imported from Laos. She refused to get me a pet after that,” he pouted.

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shinra | 1179 comments sorryyyy my friend dragged me out of the house to get crepes XD

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rimskur | 1470 comments lmaooo no worries hope they were amazing XD

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Roman rested his head on his hands, focusing on what had happened on the television. Eyes still glued to the screen, he responded to Mateo, shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly. “Well, that happened last night. So, what’s your conclusion?” Roman snuck a glance at Mateo, curious of what he was going to say. His blue eyes took in every detail, wondering what Mateo actually thought of last night. Roman was good at reading people but Mateo was so different from him personality wise that he couldn’t quite pinpoint what he was thinking.

However, when Mateo started talking about his family, he turned his head to face him, interested in what he was going to say. He listened keenly as Mateo talked about his family and Roman felt a sinking feeling - the feeling he used to get when he was a kid. Brushing off the feeling, he lifted the huge blanket, covering both of them with it because he realized it must be freezing cold in his room. He looked at Mateo and wrinkled his nose. “I would be upset too if a monkey pissed on my sheets.”

Roman moved closer to Mateo, seeking warmth, not fazed by how close they were now. Roman looked at Mateo, blue eyes filled with mischief. “You’re weird.” He murmured, lips pouting slightly. Roman wasn’t fully trying to tease Mateo. He truly thought he was weird. For one, why would he be interested in sleeping with him? Even if he did like what happened last night, he couldn’t understand why he would bother. Of course Roman wasn’t expecting any relationship to form between them that wasn’t physical but he was still confused why Mateo would choose him out of all people he could pick. Some people were practically waiting in line to sleep with him it seemed but Roman had never shown any inclination that he was interested other than last night when he was definitely not in his right mind.

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”Well, I have a high tolerance for alcohol, so I wasn’t exactly drunk last night,” Mateo shrugged his shoulders, shifting over a bit so that his body now was facing towards Roman. The show still had half of his attention, the dialogue being heard by his subconscious mind, but he was more or less focused on Roman. He added on slowly, “Believe me. You would know if I was drunk.”

And there was a difference in the way that Mateo acted when he was drunk than when he was sober. He was already so keenly attached to his emotions and they came out on hyper drive when he was drunk. He could become an emotional mess depending on what kind of situation he was in while he was drinking. And if he’d really gotten drunk last night like he had originally intended to - and with everything that had gone down - it was likely that he’d be moping intensely, unable to get over the situation or get it off his mind and most definitely not easily transitioning into making out with Roman last night.

Mateo took the blanket from Roman, stretching it over his shoulders too now. They were snuggled up close in the blanket, their bodies coming to touch one another. Mateo’s legs brushed against his under the blanket, though it was probable that he had done it completely on purpose. His hands climbed up Roman’s stomach from his side, experimentally touching him but not making any movement to kiss him again. “You’re weird too,” Mateo supplied finally, his hand trailing the collar of Roman’s shirt, feeling the cool skin of his neck at the edge of his shirt.

His head turned again towards the screen, dark whisps of his hair touching Roman’s face as he did. On screen, the player character, Joey, had swindled his friend into going on a double date with him so that he could sleep with one of the hot girls. “I could take you out on a date one day,” he mused, watching as Joey and the girl went off from the restaurant to sleep together. He imagined a date with Roman would similarly end up that way if he tried hard enough.

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Roman nodded his head, not denying anything Mateo just said. “I know.” He squirmed slightly in response to Mateo’s light touch, his fingers feeling cold against his skin. Subtle touches seemed to be their thing, both of them daring the other to make the first move. Roman gently took Mateo’s hand, flipping onto his stomach. His fingers traced the elements on Mateo’s palm absentmindedly, stimulating the sensitive nerve endings. His eyes focused on the television, glasses slightly crooked from moving around so much.

A burst of laughter left Roman’s mouth as he turned to Mateo, a rare sound especially when he was sober. Strands of white hair tickled his forehead as he fought a smile. “If that actually happens, I’ll go to every single party for the next month.” That was a major change for Roman, the one that always stayed home and away from people. His hand pushed Mateo’s shoulder, legs now straddling his waist as he leaned closer to him. “Deal?” Their lips brushed together as he spoke but Roman had no intention of kissing him. He stayed in that position, wanting Mateo to initiate this time. Even though he was drunk yesterday, he still could vaguely remember that he started the whole thing, which he was still processing.

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Mateo liked this. He was comfortable watching as Roman took his hand in his own, touching his fingers with his own, tracing each one. His nerves stood on edge, excited by Roman’s ministrations while Mateo watched the white haired boy with amazement. He licked his lips, grinning at the sound of the laugh that sprang through the room, livening the quiet space and filling every corner. It was a beautiful laugh, one that made Mateo’s heart flutter and race, reigniting that heat that had been building inside of him ever since he’d made contact with him. And then he was pushed over on his back again, Roman straddling his waist. And Mateo knew there was no denying that he could really get used to this vision. He wondered how long it would last, how long he’d be allowed to enjoy having the reclusive Roman Campion willingly straddle his waist and kiss his lips and want to proceed to having sex with him.

Again, Mateo’s hands wandered to Roman’s thighs, holding onto him as he leaned forward, their lips brushing together. God, he was such a tease it was killing him. “Deal,” Mateo breathed, his own lips brushing against Roman’s now. His face hovered close to him, eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks as he looked closely at Roman’s pale beautiful face. God, he really wanted this badly. So he went for it.

Their lips collided again in a passionate embrace, one hand rising from thigh to his round ass, holding him as they pushed their lips together, fighting for a bit of dominance over the other. Mateo felt that fire and heart burning his chest, eating him alive as he rose his upper body off of the bed some, pulling Roman closer, closer, closer until he felt like he was touching every part of him.

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rimskur | 1470 comments me too :))

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Roman’s breath hitched at the feeling of Mateo’s hands gripping his ass. His skin was licked at flames at the slightest brush of Mateo’s skin and Roman let out a breathy groan, his name on his lips. His hands moved to Mateo’s hair, pale fingers tangled in it as their lips molded together, both of them ignoring the need of oxygen. Roman shifted against Mateo’s crotch, biting his lip and pulling it slightly when he felt his erection brush against him. Roman pulled back from Mateo, chest rising and falling as he took in air. Roman’s eyes drank in Mateo, the image burning into his memory, something he probably could never delete even if he wanted to. He committed to memory the sight of Mateo’s swollen lips and messy eyes and the hazel eyes that stared back at him, burning with lust. He didn’t know how long this was going to last between them and he found himself wanting to remember every detail.

Roman’s lips returned to Mateo, lips eagerly trailing open-mouthed kisses down his neck. His hand slipped underneath Mateo’s shirt, revelling in the feeling of warmth underneath his palm. The blanket was long forgotten, pooling on the bed, both of them no longer needing it. The television droned on behind them, the sound of it muted to Roman’s ears. A moan left Roman’s mouth when Mateo squeezed his ass, causing him to move against him, the friction catching him off guard.

Roman’s lips finally went back to Mateo’s, a shiver running down his spine as their lips met with equal fervor. Roman’s slowly leaned back on the bed, guiding Mateo to follow, his body now hovering over his, their lips still connected. Roman supposed he had enough evidence and research to realized how much he actually wanted Mateo. And if they did have sex, right here and right now, he definitely wasn’t going to regret it.

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The air was knocked out of his chest as they shifted against one another, hands brazenly touching everywhere that they possibly could. Mateo’s skin was burning hot from the contact and he knew that this was all exactly what he’d been craving. With the show long forgotten before them, Mateo focused purely on the pretty boy on top of him, wanting to feel his every muscle and curve. But the one thing that was between him doing so - all these clothes!

He quivered with rejuvenated energy when Roman shifted them over, letting Mateo be on top this time. Roman’s legs were spread around his knees, Mateo sitting in between his thighs. He sucked on his bottom lip before letting it go with a loud pop. Mateo was smirking as his hands stroked down Roman’s chest until he reached the bottom of his shirt. Sitting back a bit, Mateo began to press warm kisses at his navel, pushing his shirt up his pale stomach to provide him with more access. Those hazel eyes looked up beneath his lashes, expressing pleasure at seeing him tear this usually so unemotional and inexpressive boy apart. It was the greatest pleasure to be responsible for the look on Roman’s face.

His hands continued to move, his body now situated so that his face was just now hovering over Roman’s crotch. Experienced fingers began to work at the waistband of Roman’s pants, unbuttoning and unzipping while eagerness drove him mad. And when Mateo finally could tell Roman’s true size, he smirked up at him, whispering with his breath blowing out on where his attention was currently occupied, “I can’t wait to have you inside of me.”

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Roman bit his lip as he squirmed, his nerves on edge as Mateo continued his subtle assault. His hips slightly lifted off the bed, his body desperate to be touched and ail the clenching in his lower abdomen. Mateo’s teasing was bittersweet. One one hand, it turned him on so much and on the other, he couldn’t wait to feel Mateo around him. Roman looked at Mateo with heavy-lidded eyes, a shiver running down his spine, his erection throbbing for attention. Sitting up slightly and leaning on his elbows for support, he used one hand to bring Mateo back up and greeted him with a searing kiss.

His hand slipped between them, fingers unbuttoning Mateo’s pants. With surprising experience, Roman’s hand slipped into Mateo’s pants, hand falling on Mateo’s crotch. Mischief bubbled inside him as he lightly squeezed, a surprised moan coming from Mateo’s lips. Roman revelled in the sound, a smirk forming on his lips. His warm hand remained there, teasing Mateo to no end. “Then what are we waiting for?” His voice came out in a low whisper as he looked at Mateo, eyes burning like blue flames.

Roman was a completely different person when he was like this. Only a few people have ever seen him like this but they have only experienced it once. This was Mateo’s second time and Roman decided he didn’t care if he was breaking one of his rules, too caught up in the burning heat to mind.

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rimskur | 1470 comments omg okay what should we do? I was thinking Mateo would just give a blowjob but they could go all the way??

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shinra | 1179 comments okay so like maybe first option to like prolong this out because i like being evil to my characters lmaooo

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rimskur | 1470 comments hmm should it be like one of them being a tease or like bc they don’t hsve condoms or idk some other reason why? bc obv they both want to lmao

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shinra | 1179 comments well condoms could definitely be because im sure roman wouldn't have any lying around or mateo could pay back roman for teasing him at the party XD

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rimskur | 1470 comments okie dokie I’m gonna have Mateo be a tease bc it’s so much funnier lol

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jay (jaysonstreet) i’m actually gonna combust thanks guys

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He really couldn’t wait. And he really should wait. He couldn’t just let this all happen in a second, get it over with. There was no time limit, but Mateo knew himself. In the past, he’d gotten with people very quickly, feeling this same fire and burn when they touched him. The fire would be ignited for a couple of days and once Mateo got with them, the forensic slowly ebbed away. He got bored. He got so terribly bored and Mateo hated being bored. But, Roman wasn’t boring - at least, he wasn’t right now. But he feared that he would become bored, that he would go all the way with Roman and then this passion and these building sensations in his chest would disappear. He liked the challenge of getting Roman, but now that the prospect of having him was right there - his hand was surprisingly wrapped around his erection right now?? - Mateo wasn’t entirely sure if he should proceed.

He shifted slightly, body squirming now that he’d figured that Roman really would be ready for sex whenever the time came. It was obvious that there was something strong happened here - Roman’s lust stood out like a beacon, shining onto Mateo. His hesitation with letting the flame out too soon was shielded as Mateo instead of coming on board, taking off the last of their clothes to get it on with, lowered Roman’s boxes to latch his own hand around him.

“Let me get you ready?” he suggested, eyes gleaming as he brought his face close. His tongue darted out against his lips, swiping them wet as he began to move his hand up and down, his grip firm but not too tight. And before Roman could really refuse, Mateo went down on him, head bobbing up and down on Roman’s lap, small sounds coming every so often from both boys. It lasted longer just because Mateo wasn’t preparing him for sex, he was just pushing him close to getting off and then leaving him unsatisfied. And just as Roman showed signs of giving release, Mateo popped his mouth off of him, swiping at his mouth with the back of his hand and grinning like a fox.

“Oh look a new episode came on. I love this one,” Mateo commented, releasing Roman completely and instead of climbing on top of him, he returned to lay down on the bed beside Roman, stretching his arms above his head. His shirt had come off a while ago - he didn’t remember when - and his sweatpants were still low on his waist, but he didn’t attempt to fix it, simply sending a teasing smirk down at Roman’s surprised face.

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All Roman was sweet release. Moans slipped out his mouth, heat bruning his skin as Mateo’s head bobbed up and down, Roman twitching as he got closer to satisfaction. But then right as he was about, Mateo slipped away, his absence a shock to the white-haired boy. Roman’s head fell back as an exasperated groan left his pink lips. “I hate you.” He mumbled, generally upset that Mateo actually did that to him. His body still tingled from the ghost of Mateo’s touch and the heat was slowly leaving to his dismay. Roman stood up from the bed and walked to the other side of the room, heading towards his bathroom. He stretched up his arms, taking hold of his shirt as he slipped it off, followed by the rest of his close. His back was facing Mateo as he did this, keen on taking a shower to cool his head. Without saying a word, he went to his bathroom and shut the door. He hopped into his shower, water beating against his back, relieving tension in his body. He didn’t know why he suspected things to go smoothly. Nothing was simple with Mateo he had realized. He knew that even before he first talked to him just from what others were saying.

After a few minutes, Roman emerged from the bathroom, towel wrapped low around his waist and a towel in his hand as he dried his damp hair. Water droplets ran down his damp skin and his eyelashes were speckled with water. He moved gracefully across his room like nothing just happened, going towards the fridge. He took out a bottle of water. He leaned against the wall, drinking from the bottle as his blue eyes stared at Mateo. “If you weren’t going to have sex with me, why did you come?” He questioned him bluntly, his voice back to its usual monotonous tone. He was genuinely curious about what Mateo was going to say, his eyes scanning him like he was some sort of unknown species.

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He thought it was kind of funny. Of course, Roman wouldn’t find it humorous that Mateo had taken him this far along, only to turn up and leave him dry. Naturally, he would be mad too if that had happened to him - being left unsatisfied when it was obviously intended between both parties was one of the things that irritated Mateo the most. But when he did it to someone else? Well, it didn’t matter as much to him then. He realized how frustrating it must be for Roman, but he thought it would be rather funny to see him more worked up. In fact, seeing him so ruffled like this only made him more of a turn on.

Roman’s words echoed in his head as he left the bedroom for the bathroom and Mateo couldn’t help but wonder if that was true. He’d heard it countless of times before, but it was usually much later on after he’d fully had sex with that person and left their texts on read and hadn’t made any efforts to talk to them when he saw them. But, no he didn’t think Roman was like that.

He thought about leaving, wondering if Roman’s disappearance into the bathroom without saying anything else was basically an order that he should go. But, something told him to stay and not think too hard about it. If Roman really wanted, Mateo would finish him off - he had no qualms about sucking his dick.

But then he came out of the bathroom just as Mateo was dozing off while watching Friends. He hadn’t put his shirt back on but he was cuddled underneath Roman’s blanket with his pillow while he watched the screen. His heavy eye lids blinked open when he heard Roman’s abrupt question, hearing and seeing him too late. If his question was meant to scare him or intimidate him, it didn’t work. Mateo simply shrugged his shoulders, eyes turning to the screen again, “I did come here to have sex with you. But I don’t feel like it right now.” It was honest at least. Mateo never thought about trying to lie his way of this situation. And if Roman got mad about it, well, he’d get over it eventually - at least, that fire would still be there. The challenge would still remain enticing.

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rimskur | 1470 comments okie dokie Mateo is gonna go into total ass mode. bc he’s just got mixed reasons for everything and is too complex of a person XD

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Roman simply nodded, not really caring enough to question him further. His mind had already started to clear up from the lust. Going on his dresser, he tossed on a random pair of sweatpants and a NASA shirt. Roman wasn’t like normal people who would feel extremely frustrated by this situation. He didn’t have the capability to worry about such things. So he simply shrugged it off and opened the door to his room. “Doesn’t that mean you should be leaving now?” He questioned, voice lacking any hint of emotion. His eyes were once again cold, nothing of substance within in them. As the seconds ticked by, he was steadily reverting back to his old self.

Not waiting for Mateo’s answer, he moved into the library, eyes searching for a marker. He plucked one up from the table and stood in front of the whiteboard eyes scanning the formulas on there. Without hesitation, Roman wrote yet another one on the board, his hand moving with such certainty as he wrote out the complicated math formula. He continued to write anything that popped up in his head, jotting down ideas and theories, completely focused at the task at hand.

Yes, he was bothered just a while ago by Mateo leaving him unsatisfied but he realized a new piece of evidence when it came for his newfound ability to have emotions when it came to Mateo. It only worked when he was in close proximity with him. Otherwise, Roman was as much of a robot as everyone made him out to be.

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shinra | 1179 comments lmao he rebooted XD

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rimskur | 1470 comments omg haha okie dokie so Mateo should leave? or should we have some dick!mateo being invasive and robot!roman?

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shinra | 1179 comments lmaooo yesss that would be so funny XD

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An eyebrow lifted high on his forehead, a smile joining his lips at Roman’s question. It was a bit unexpected and honestly Mateo wasn’t terribly pleased about being asked to leave - after all, they had been having a nice time together. “Nah, I think I’ll stay a little longer. I don’t have to be Odessa’s nude model until nine,” Mateo shrugged his shoulders, curling the blanket around him while Roman got dressed. He followed his movements around the room, amused as he decided to leave himself. This was certainly not the response that Mateo got from all the others that he had been. Maybe the true Roman was coming out?

Not minding his shirt, Mateo followed Roman out of his bedroom, the blanket flowing down his back and arms. His expression was a little bored as he walked around the library, touching the books, pushing them in and out. He would touch the pieces of paper on the desk, lifting them and skimming the first few lines before letting them fall again.

Then, he approached the board where Roman was chaotically writing equations on the board. “This is not AP Calculus, that’s for sure. Multi-Variable maybe?” he took a guess, standing next to Roman at the board and purposely striking his finger into a couple of the numbers that Roman had written. It was a daring move considering how Roman was acting, but Mateo had no apprehensions, raising his chin as he looked over at the other boy.

“You know if I knew that you were going to act like a frigid bitch if I didn’t fully suck your dick, I would have gotten you off to avoid all this bullshit,” Mateo scoffed lightly, though he was incredibly nonchalant as he grabbed a marker from the tray and opened it.

He began to doodle, drawing an okay looking person with its mouth wide open and then he drew a very large penis right next to it. To top it off, Mateo drew an arrow from the equal sign that Roman was working on to his own drawing and added a smiley face above it all. “Tada, solved your equation!”

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Not even bothering looking at Mateo, he continued to write, his words falling to deaf ears. Roman didn’t care that Mateo was messing up some things on the board either. Roman had an eidetic memory. He could remember everything so despite Mateo’s efforts to get a rise out of him, it wouldn’t affect him in the slightest. He bit his lip as he continued writing on the whiteboard, hand so used to it that he wasn’t even tired. The only thing he took notice of was Mateo’s drawing. With a blank face, he wrote a bunch of binary on the board and closed the marker. He moved to his desk and grabbed a pencil, body leaning over the wooden desk, jotting down something in one of the many notebooks.

Without looking up, he spoke to Mateo. “If you’re wondering what that means, it’s ‘Fuck off’ in ASCI.” Roman closed the notebook, putting the pencil behind his ear. He then proceeded to go to one of the bookshelves, scanning the shelves for his Physics encyclopedia. His fingers ran across the spines of the books before stopping on the blue book. He opened the book, blue eyes scanning the words as he read quickly, taking in all the information. Looking at his watch, he checked the time. “It’s almost 8. Traffic is bad at this time.” He stated, looking at Mateo for a brief second. “And by the way, I’m always a ‘frigid bitch’ so I don’t know what made you think otherwise.”

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”Okay, wow, he speaks,” Mateo scoffed, dark eyes boring into his. It was obvious that frustration was quickly sweeping unto Mateo. His patience was never one of his best suits and they could be seen evident both at the party in the situation he’d created with Evangeline and the one he was in now. It was something he was fairly used to - having people get mad at him because he was the one that didn’t want to stay or was making them leave. Mateo was the one who always had the upper hand. But, something else was happening here and it was really disconcerting him. Since when had Roman snatched the upper hand from him? Telling him he should go, telling him to fuck off. Mateo was bristling, his pride stinging with confusion and for the briefest second, turned on by the intensity of which Roman spoke and was doing everything.

Mateo suddenly understood what he’d been saying at the party - that he was an ass when he was sober.

Just as quickly as he’d been turned on, he was turned off. Roman was looking less like a challenge and more like a - a nuisance that he couldn’t get rid of. Mateo’s eyes sprang away from him towards the board, not understanding the flower of hurt that was blooming in his chest. He shoved it deep down, crushing the feeling before it could grow more. Mateo’s face was straight as he shook his head, “God, you're such a freak. Chill the fuck out.” Because even if Roman was being monotone, he still sounded threatening.

Mateo glared at him and a petty part of him wanted to slam his shoulder against his as he walked by to retrieve his shirt from the bedroom, but he didn’t. He needed to learn to stop acting so petty all the time. Instead, he simply walked by, his shoulder ending up brushing his back lightly as he did, discarding the blanket on the bed and putting his shirt back on. This was not how he’d wanted things to go and he certainly didn’t think joking around a bit by not getting Roman off completely would lead to this. He thought that they would be giggling in his bed still right now, wrapped up in each other’s eager arms.

But, that didn’t happen. And Mateo still was a very petty person. So, when he returned, he didn’t hesitate. Roman was focused on the board, so he had no hard time grabbing him by the shoulder and pushing his lips on his, kissing Roman hard. Fuck, he hated how nice it was to kiss this freak. Mateo pulled away abruptly, walking away from him towards the door. However, before he reached the next door, Mateo announced over his shoulder, “That’s how I say ‘fuck you’.”

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shinra | 1179 comments my heart is hurting but love this angst wow

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rimskur | 1470 comments Mateo’s confuses and hurt too XD doesn’t understand entirely that this is who roman is

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