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Amy N. | 256 comments I checked this one out for dystopia and was going to save it, but I couldn't resist and then it turned out to just be post-apocalyptic anyway. BUT it was such a good book I don't care!

I never read pony books as a child (I was a whales and dolphins girl myself) so I can't comment on how this fits into the genre, but according to at least one review it really is first and foremost a pony book. That happens to be set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. And the pony is a robot. But, having read it, I can see it. Strata (our tweenage girl main character) sticks with her pony through thick and thin, and it will only listen to her, and they have grand adventures with far-reaching consequences. Sounds like what I imagine pony books to be like. But, you know, more interesting.

Personally my favorite character was Inby, the grouchy, ever-complaining teenager that accompanies Strata and her brother through most of the book. He's so pessimistic and lazy he's kind of delightful. In fact, there was a fair bit of humor for a post-apocalypse. I think my only complaint was that it wasn't longer. The ending felt a tiny bit rushed, but I also just would have liked more.

Would recommend to anyone who likes graphic novels, middle grade books, pony books, post-apocalyptic books, or having an enjoyable time.

Cheryl  (cherylllr) Ok, this gets on my list. I mean, I have considered a number of times, but nobody has actually shared, nearly as well as you do, what it's really like to read it, and why to choose it. Thank you!

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