Winter (The Lunar Chronicles, #4) Winter question

Which character do you think went through the most in this series besides Cinder (physically and emotionally)
Lauren Lanz Lauren Jul 02, 2018 05:03PM
So I was wondering which character you guys think had to get through the most this series. (I know all of our beloved crew has been through a lot) but if you had to pick just one...

I think the most horrifying for me would have been Cress's upbringing. She was ripped from her parents and sent away to live in space all alone. She had no interactions with peers and would have came into adulthood lacking a lot of the social skills needed to function in society.

Cress I would say. Cress had to live in a spaceship all alone for years, and then was thrown into earth for the first time only to meet her father, have him die, this whole thing with Thorne and feelings, and then have to deal with dehydration, kidnapping, fear, and other stuff that I imagine was very confusing and painful for her.

I would say Winter because she literally went crazy and Levana made her cut herself. Although no one really gets out unscathed here.

Scarlet. She's an earthen, living a quiet life on her grandmother's farm in France because her father is a selfish prick who couldn't be bothered to take care of her. Then, her one stable adult role model is abducted and no one will believe her or help her. When she finally finds someone she can trust and help her find her grandmother she is sucked into a war between Earth and Luna she was only absently aware of. Now she's stuck in the middle of all the chaos and is forced to live a life on the run when she herself is abducted by a sadistic Lunar thaumaturge who forced her to cut off her own finger!

My original thought was Cress for all of the above mentioned reasons but I feel like Scarlett and Wolf went through a lot, too. They all had a tough life on their way to freedom and changing the worlds.

Counting fairest, I would say that Levanna went through the most. She was such a sweet girl until her sister and jealousy poisoned her into thinking that she would never have a happy ending. She went through so much. I know that she made a lot of bad decisions, but she did what she thought was best even though it may not have been right.

Winter was physically and mentally scarred. Wolf was physically and genetically altered. Thorne was blinded. Scarlett lost her nan, was tormented, kidnapped, and lost a finger for her trouble. If i had to pick just one i would say Scarlett.

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