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Nesryn Faliq
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What are your thoughts on Nesryn. I know that a lot of people where upset when Chaol ended it with her... but she went of to find Sartaq at the same time... I don't know how I feel about this, though everyone ended up happy in the end so im happy ;)

Wow, I'm posting this long after the original post, but I'm currently re-reading TOG and in Queen of Shadows and Empire of Storms Chaol has said that his relationship with Nesryn is more of just getting over Aelin and they don't have a strong connection, and that they don't even talk that much to each other. Personally I didn't think they belonged together and both Chaol and Nesryn are better off with Yrene and Sartaq.

I just never felt anything for their relationship. There wasn't enough depth to them being together.

I think it was good for both of them... there never seemed to be any chemistry between them to me and I don't think they really had any promises to each other

All in all, Nesryn is one of my favorite characters (and I really ship Nesryn and Sartaq) and I wished there was more about her story :)

I was never upset when Chaol ended things with her. I never thought they had a connection and never saw things going further than good friends with them. I am glad they both found who they were meant to be with in the end.

I didn't mind that they ended up with other people because I do agree with waht people here have been saying about thier relationship.
But what did bug me was how Chaol never properly talked to Nesryn and said sorry, like it was just skipped that he had been an ass to her, I would have liked that closure with them having a talk at the end instead of just "oh I'm happy and it looks like you are also happy, let's just continue as nothing happaned then..."

I love Nesryn and I ship her with Sartaq.

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I think he actually did the right thing by ending it with Nesryn. He said it himself that she was just a fix so that he could get over Aelin. It wasn't healthy for both of them. Plus by the time she was starting to fall in love with Sartaq was when she and Chaol had become very distant. They followed their hearts and both of them were okay with the choice and outcome of their split.

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