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Evil | 1611 comments Alright! So I’m kind of thinking that there is this club that is stuck in time—for example, time moves normally for the world, but inside, performers and staff are stuck in time periods. Like I’m thinking that the performers all are from different time periods but together in this club they remain the same. They don’t age or anything. (This is Just a Rough idea though)

For characters I’m thinking of having a performer and a client fall in love, but you know for the client time moves normally so there’s a lot of angst and denial and what not XD

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Bamma | 5135 comments Oooh yes! I love both! Maybe the owner of the club is a collector of beautiful things and that's why time moves differently?
Can we do on FxF dancer pairing and then the dancer and Client be the MxF? I'll play the guy :)

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Bamma | 5135 comments If that's okay with you :)

message 4: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments That is absolutely perfect, you beautiful human being!!

Sorry, was at a baseball game with family :)

message 5: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Dawww thanks!
Oh cool! I hope you had fun! You want to do simple skellies? :)

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Evil | 1611 comments It was fun but our team was losing so we left early

Yeah, simple skellies! I’ll go ahead and make mine :)

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Bamma | 5135 comments Me too! Awww team loosing suuucks but you had fun and that's what's important!

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Evil | 1611 comments Also, your guy is the client right? I’m just double checking

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Bamma | 5135 comments Ethan Reynalds
Naudia St.John
Looks 24
She is from old town New Orleans. She speaks some Cajun and has a silky southern accent.

message 10: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Yeah! I have a client and a dancer and you have the two girl dancers :)

message 11: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments Name: Odessa “Odyssey” Langston
Age: late 20s
Appearance: https://goo.gl/images/GJUbS3
She’s from the Roaring 20s’ so she loves luxury and her acts/costumes always are incredibly elaborate,

Name: Lucia de Nuit
Age: 18
Appearance: https://goo.gl/images/D27AYQ (light blue eyes)
She came from the Moulin Rouge, having been rescued from the fire that destroyed it—as a result, she is terrified of anything fire related—and is timid in spite of her seductive performances.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Who's for who? Do you want to start us off? :D

message 13: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments How about Odessa for Naudia and Lucia for Ethan?

could you set us up, please?

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Bamma | 5135 comments (sure sounds good!)
I hummed sashaying up behind my lover as she leaned over the make up table. "Hello Mon Cher." I purred into her ear as I leaned over her my hands wrapping around her waist. "Your show was wonderful." I murmured in her ear.

I sighed as I sat at the table with the rest of the groom's men right up next to the stage this place was hard to get a table for apparently but it was my brothers batchelor party so we managed to swing it.

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Evil | 1611 comments Odessa
I purr in delight as my lover grabs me from behind, her arms loose about my hips. Turning in her arms I tilt her chin up and kiss her passionately. “Thank you, doll. I’m always happy to hear from my biggest fan,” I murmur back to her.

My hands stroke up and down her sides. “Mm.. are you performing tonight too or has the snake loosened up enough to let you relax?” I ask in between additional kisses. Red lipstick stains her mouth and her cheeks now, but I don’t mind. I’ve always thought red was her color. I shudder feeling her fingers running over my bottom, nothing but my sheer lace dress dotted in diamonds over my breasts and my groin. Eagerly my hips press into hers as i run my hands through her luscious hair.

I’ll never understand him. He can explain why I’m here every day and I still won’t know what I’ve done to deserve this fate. I peek out from behind the stage to see a full house of guests, most enjoying a drink but some fiddling with some rectangular box in their hands that seems to glow—a few even hold the boxes up to their ears and speak into them when there’s no one around them. Who are they speaking to?

I’m given the subtle signal to begin. I sigh. Walking slowly from out of the curtains I breeze past candlelit tables full of gawking clients. Dressed in a cream gown with a veil, one would think I’m attending a wedding instead of singing about a girl trapped in her own memories. The only detail not in line with a wedding being the soot stained hem and a tattered corset licked by flame.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Naudia
"Hmmm I have a rare chance to relax now. He has focused his attention tonight on Lucia something about a wedding party in the crowd." I murmured kissing her back feeling her lipstick stain my mouth and cheeks but I didn't care. Her hips pressed into mine I groaned softly my head falling back as her fingers ran through my hair. I pushed the Hem of her dress up stroking her bare skin. "And I am going to relax with my lover." I purred kissing her neck as I allowed my knee slide between her legs letting her grinned on it as I nipped and sucked on her neck.
I saw the young woman that seemed to be in a oddly burned wedding dress and veil. My eyes never left her she was haunting and breathtaking. I watched her climb to the stage my camera as usual hanging around my neck but I was to frozen to move.

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Evil | 1611 comments Odessa
I moan softly as my lover suckles at my neck. My fingers tangle in her hair and I part my legs as her knee rubs against my throbbing core. “Must you be such a tease?” I breathe and let my hands wander up to cup her breasts through her clothing. My thumbs work the neckline down so her nipples are free of the fabric. I work the soft flesh until they pebble under my touch.

Naudia keeps me pinned between her and the dressing table. Moving back a bit I sit on the table and loop my arms around her neck. I wrap my legs about her waist and pressing my dripping core against her body.

I switch to my native French a few times, singing in a mix of French and English. Before this I didn’t know a word of English. He made sure I knew enough to converse with the clientele. My voice dips and rises with the story as i sing and I can’t help noticing one man staring at me from the front table, a camera about his neck but obviously not in use. The other men with him seem entranced too, but there’s something about the man with the camera. I can’t put my finger on it.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Naudia
I smirked. "You love it." I purred moaning as she teased my nipples. I pressed into her touch my nipples pebbling as she sat on the dressing table her hot wet core pressed against me. I slid my hand between us pinching and playing with her clit as I bite and suck on her neck leaving marks on her beautiful Ivory skin. I reached into a drawer with my other hand fiddling for one of our toys in there as I continued to tease my lover. "Pull off your dress. I want to see you." I purred pulling back as my hand closed around it. A double sided dildo.
She was watching me just as I was watching her. She was beautiful. The way she sang was like a siren from ancient Greece. Made to pull you in to lure you. Perhaps not to your death in this case but to pull you in none the less. I leaned forward slightly I wanted to talk to her to know her.

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Evil | 1611 comments Odessa
So bossy. My love orders me out of my dress as she pays careful attention to my neck. The sleeves fall from my shoulders and my fingers fall to undo the front catches of my corset. “So impatient, dolly,” I moan and lean back as she pulls out one of my favorite toys.

I kiss her as she positions the dildo between us, aligning the double ends with our trembling lips. The large tip presses at my core and I help guide her onto the device. I watch her juices coat the dildo and, whining in pleasure, buck forward. Just like a see-saw we thrust forward to shove the dildo deeper into each other. I watch her breasts bounce and jiggle with every movement. “You’re pure heaven, doll,” i groan and toss my head back in ecstasy.

The man leans so far in his seat he’s almost hanging over the edge of the stage. My story starts to shift from a tale of woe to one of longing and need. The outer layer of my dress falls away following my corset and my veil. My white blonde curls fall in front of my shoulders as i step down from the stage to walk among the tables. Every now and again I stroke a man’s arm, touch his cheek, or even stretch one stockinged foot across his lap.

The strappy outfit beneath the dress, while minimal, covers my nipples and my center with its clever design. The man with the camera watches me, his jaw almost on the floor but at his table he remains the most... tame. The other men get a little more excited than he. Most of them sport a bulge between their thighs.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Naudia
"Can you blame me? It feels like forever since I have gotten to have you all to myself." I purred. I groaned as we thrust against each other driving us towards pleasure. I watched her body jerk with each thrust I gave hypnotized as always by my beautiful Mon Cher. I groaned. "So are you lovely." I purred turning my mouth to her breasts taking her nipples into my mouth and sucking hard as Ithrust back driving the toy deeper into her.
She drifted around the tables as if she was walking on air. Even the bit of jealousy I felt with her touching others which was odd but I digress. She was...captivating when she came to our table my eyes locked onto her my breath slowing as she stopped in front of me and the desire to touch her was so strong...

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Evil | 1611 comments Odessa
She suckles at my breast like a greedy child and works me into a frenzy with her rougher thrusts. The toy slams deep into my womb so that we’re grinding right against each other, wetness running down my legs. “Mm! That’s it... Mm,” I cry out.

My fingers dig into her soft bottom. Then I part her cheeks and tease her other entrance with my fingers. Her muscles contract but I continue working her until she’s relax again. “Let’s try something new, darling,” I breathe as two fingers slide into her other entrance.

Before long, my song ends. Like a ghost I vanish back behind the curtains without another word and return straight to my room upstairs. No doubt Odessa and Naudia are occupying the dressing room—it seems the Maestro had been riding them both lately about their performances. No better way to blow off steam, as if were.

Stripping from my costume I throw on a robe and prepare myself a bath. All the while my mind drifts back to that one man with the camera but I quick push him out. He doesn’t mean anything. He’s just another of those men left wanting. Hell forget about me by morning.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Naudia
I grinned bitting roughly on the nipple in my mouth as she cried out for me. My hands tightened on her hips as her hands prodded at my other hole. She works me until I relax though. I moaned whimpering as her fingers pushed in. "Whatever you want Mon Cher." I moaned softly into her ear as I continued yes to ride her roughly. Fuck she was like a drug to me. I wanted whatever she wanted to dishout with her dirty mind.
I wasn't interested in any of the acts following hers. She was the one I wanted to meet. I knew one thing I would be coming back again. I excused myself and went to talk to the master of the house.

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Evil | 1611 comments Odessa
My love bites down hard on my nipple so hard that I need to check to make sure I’m not bleeding. “Easy, my love. We have the night,” I reassure her with a tender kiss on the mouth. My fingers probe her inside as we continue our gentle rocking motions on the dressing table. I smile watching some make up cases tumble over the edge of the table.

I roll my hips into hers and shift us so I’m off the table, the two of us connected by the toy. My hands squeeze her breasts in return and I pinch her nipples.

Everything runs smoothly, with Naudia finally calming after allowing her a night off. My Lucia couldn’t have performed any more beautifully. I watch her from the back of the room and watch one man by the stage staring at her as if she were the only woman in the world. I feel a pang Of jealousy—something I haven’t felt in years..

Following my Lucia to her room upstairs I enter just as she steps into her bath. My pale beauty. Grabbing her breasts from behind I kiss the mounds of flesh before pressing my lips to hers. She returns it, but I know it’s only because of how well I’ve trained her. “Rest your Voice tonight. You’ll need it tomorrow,” I murmur against her throat.

Then I leave her for the night for my office. Where I find the stranger from the crowd waiting outside. “Can I help you?”

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Bamma | 5135 comments Naudia
"Sorry baby doll." I murmured softly kissing her back gently.i groaned softly as her fingers probed inside of me. I pressed closer hearing the clatter of items falling glad my my threatening of chopping off the Maestro's balls and dick worked. Sometimes he had fits I preferred my Odessa over him.

I watched him deciding the same thing as the rest of the Staff he reminded me of a photograph. Trapped in one time one period but that was impossible. "The bride preformer....who is she?" I asked him softly.

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Evil | 1611 comments Odessa
We make up with soft kisses in between our needy groping. Taking my fingers out of her i let my hands roam up and down her perfect legs. I pinch her derrière lovingly and watch her squirm. I grin mischievously and press another kiss to her as I begin to pump the toy in her manually, the length dripping in my juices.

Then I push my lover down onto the couch and, with her splayed across it like a centerpiece, the toy slides out of me so I can focus on driving her wild, pumping the dildo in all the right ways.. hitting all the right spots.

Appearance: https://goo.gl/images/w5ptUN
The guest asks about my beauty. “Her name is Lucia, if that’s what you mean,” I tell him as I unlock my office and step inside. Looking back at the fellow over my shoulder I add, “Would you like to come in? Or was a name all you desired to learn?”

I open a bottle of cognac and pour myself a small glass before taking a seat at my desk. When I look back at the man his eyes are just absorbing the room. I smile a little. I’m glad to amaze.

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Bamma | 5135 comments (oh my gods he is so hot.....can I make someone for him? Please! Because holy crap!)
I stepped I looking around the place. Noticing not for the first time the lack of proper electricity. I looked back at the man who seemed rather proud of himself. "No that is not all I want to know. This place is different." I said carefully. "Not in the usual gimmicky trying to be old fashion type thing but everyone seems...out of touch with the outside world." I said. "Like photographs frozen in time." I said watching him closely.
"Oh fuck Mon Cher." I gasped softly as she jumped into me so right I toyed with my breast as she drove me wild. "Please Please baby." I pleaded panting softly. "Harder." I p
Begged her watching her with lust filled eyes.

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Evil | 1611 comments Maestro
(Lol Go for it!)
“We try our best to create a simpler atmosphere,” I tell him, my German accent coming out a bit. I gesture around the room. “Technology has gotten too complicated, in my opinion, and I wanted our guests to be focused on our performers, so keeping everything.. ‘old-fashioned’ seemed only logical. It seems like it’s working, with you asking about her,” I explain from my seat, sipping my drink. “Care for a drink?”

Just like that she melts. She whines and begs for me to pump her faster. It’d be cruel not to indulge now and then. With my palm resting on the very end of the toy a shove it in as far as i dare so I don’t hurt her. She spasms delightfully and wriggles on the couch as I pump her to her fullest.

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Bamma | 5135 comments (ooooh yay!!!)
I hummed but didn't believe him for a second. I sat down in a chair across from him and nodded. "Thank you." I murmured as he poured me a glass as well. I watched him carefully. "What have you thought in advertising and booking services? When we...made our arrangements tonight I noticed no pictures." I said quietly.
I squealed as she shoved the toy in hard and deep arching as she continued to pump me. I spasmed under her. "Oh god honey I'm going to cum." I panted softly.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Taliesin Hale
Age 23



She does Ariel silks for the more...kinky clientele. ;) She has a soft Welsh accent and is looking for a job in our little burlesque club. ;)

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Evil | 1611 comments She’s cute! What does a welsh accent sound like btw? Ive never heard one)

I shrug. “Never gave it much thought. The day we opened we were busy. This business never seems to slow down just with word-of-mouth so I didn’t consider actual advertising,” I reply honestly. There’s always someone wanting to see a beautiful tease him halfway through the night only to leave him wanting after. Then I gesture to the man’s Camera. “Fotos? Did you happen to take any tonight?”

I pump her as fast as I can until she finally finds release. Her juices gush over the toy and my fingers. Pulling it out I sit on her hips and have her watch as I lap up the juices, sucking the toy clean. I can still feel her trembling. She must’ve crashed hard after all that.

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Bamma | 5135 comments (it sounds like a Scottish accent mixed with British it's very nice sounding but easily confused with other accents lol. Thanks! I took some Fan art of Marilyn Monroe and Elsa :)
"Not tonight no." I told him taking off my camera strap. "But it could help if you ever need to look for new tallents." I told him. I showed him my camera a few we're of a street preformers I had seen a couple of weeks ago that gave us the idea of coming here she did Arial Silks.
I looked up at her as she sucked the toy clean. I said.irked desire still burning inside me. "Your straddling the wrong please baby." I purred.

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Evil | 1611 comments I thought it was them!:)

He shows me some of the pictures on his digital camera and I nod, genuinely interested in seeing a girl hanging by a thread—quite literally. Aerial arts, I believe they call it. “If you’re interested, i would pay you for any pictures you’d take, but i wouldn’t be hiring you exclusively, you’d be more of a freiberuflich—free lancer, I believe it is in your language,” I offer him.

Sitting on my lover, I smirk watching her pant. “You’re still anxious for more? My, my, love.” I touch her cheeks and peck her lips. My hands run over her breasts and her shoulders.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Naudia
"I have been wanting you for weeks Mon Cher. I hungry for you." I purred wrapping my arms around her.kissing her neck gently.
I nodded. "Agreeable." I said taking my camera back. ",Free lancing is something I'm used too." I told him honestly and it gave me a chance to see her more often. I pushed up my glasses. "Just let me know when and where "

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Evil | 1611 comments Odessa
“Dessert before dinner, my love,” I flirt with her, rolling over so I’m pinned beneath her. Our breasts squish together and though the night is young I’m covered in a fair amount of love bites. My fingers twirl around her nipple’s peak at a slow pace as i stroke her back. Then I press a kiss to her lips and let her deepen it with my body being pressed into the couch.

“If I call you, it will always be here. Und... ah, let’s say tomorrow? ‘Tis a sold out night, being a sample of our best acts. One last thing, I don’t have specific instructions for you but I do ask that you keep work and pleasure separate,” I advise him, meeting his eyes and holding his gaze.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Ethan
"Of course sir I am nothing if not professional." I told him smoothly my gaze not wavering from his. I sipped the last of my congac setting the glass lightly on his desk. I extended my hand. "Thank you for taking the time to speak with me...I am sure you are a busy man." I murmured. "Her name the Arial artist is Taliasin Hale, she is looking for a job to use her tallents." I informed him casually leaving after shaking his hand.
"Momma always said I had my hand in the cookie jar." I purred kissing her back taking my time to deepening the kiss as I nestled myself between her legs. I nibbled lightly on her lip.

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Evil | 1611 comments Maestro
Talisian Hale. I pen her name in my schedule for tomorrow so I won’t forget to send her a notice. Lucky girl. Many a talented Mädchen apply for a position here. Very few are offered one. Getting a clean sheet of paper I scratch out an invitation for this girl. Then I whistle and my osprey friend Dagmar returns from her nightly hunt.

She perched herself on my shoulder, her feathers ruffled, and cocks her head. I scratch her chin and tie the small message to her leg. “Talisian Hale, meine Liebe.”

With a sharp cry she takes off out the window.

Naudia nestles herself right between my thighs. I shudder feeling her breath against my skin. My hips jerk up a little, but then her lips and her tongue open me. With a soft cry I throw both legs around her neck and hold her to my core. “Naudia!” I squeal with my face flushed.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Taliasin
I hummed the small window open to my little one room apartment. dressed in a pair of tight fitting shorts and sports bra carefully ai was twist so my foot was brought over my head and pointed. I blinked I surprise when bird landed in front of me a note on her leg. "Hello beauty." I cooed softly stroking her head as I took the letter looking inside to see an invitation. I grinned and grabbed a bit of paper from my sketch book writting a reply of my acceptance. "Take this back to your master ya beauty?" I cooed softly.
I growled as she screamed my name holding me where she wanted me as I ate her out like a starving woman fucking her with my tallented tongue and teasing her clit with my fingers.

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Evil | 1611 comments Odessa
My eyes roll back as she tongue fucks me three ways to Sunday. My fingers grip her hair in a desperate attempt to hold her to me. My toes curl and my ankles lock behind her neck. Arching into her I groan and start panting as her tongue caresses my trembling core. “God!” I yelp.

I quickly receive a response and I smile at my lovely Dagmar. I stroke her feathery head and kiss her beak as I take the note from her. Then she flies off to her perch and picks at her wings as she settles in for the night. Closing my window I draw the curtains closed and return downstairs so that I may see the last of our guests out.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Naudia
I smirked licking as deep as I could slipping my fingers in side her as she trembled and waited holding me too her I growled into her core as she arched yelping above me. God I could this every day and never get tired of it I pulled my fingers slowly out of her greedy hole circling the other one teasingly.
I made my way there early the next day entering the door hesitaintly. "Hello?" I called to the deserted looking place. Oh but I was so excited my hair curled and bounce framing my face.

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Evil | 1611 comments Odessa
I don’t know how or when but we made it back to my bedroom. Naudia spent more than half the night getting her full of me, so much so that I’m still tender when I wake up the next morning. I keep my legs parted, my center throbbing from my lover’s vicious assault. As she sleeps beside me I stroke her arm and trace her sides down to cup her bottom. I didn’t realize how long it has been since we’ve had a full night together.

I’m waiting in the wings as a young white-blonde woman enters the quiet club. Stepping out of the shadows I nod to her. “Willkommen, Miss Hale,” i greet her with a nod. “I see you found this place without any trouble. Are you prepared to give a demonstration of your performance?”

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Bamma | 5135 comments Taliasen
I jumped slightly and nodded. "Yes sir. I am ready." I told him. I came up onto the stage seeing he had silks ready for me. I took off my sweater and my shoes my tight clothes showing my busty hourglass figure and not going to mess up my preformance.

I hummed softly opening my eyes. I smiled softly my arm tightening around her waist. I mumured a small good morning in an odd mix of cajuan and English still sleepy.

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Evil | 1611 comments Maestro
It’s an interesting performance, I’ll give her that. I have heard of the aerial arts over the years but I never got curious enough to dig into that venture. I watch from the back of the room, watching her lithe body flow with the silks and twist with each move. When she’s finished I approach the stage with my hands in my pockets. “What do you say to having a contract with me to perform here?” I ask her innocently. “If you’re interested, performers also have the option to live here, above the clubhouse.”

Naudia mumbles a good morning, her sleepy tongue flowing between two languages. Her grip around my waist tightens. I squeeze her hand before I sit up and stretch in my bed. “Mm, come on, baby, it’s time to get up. You and I both know Maestro will hunt us down if we don’t,” I sigh with a cute pout, not wanting to get up either. But then I tug on her hands and slide from bed. “How a nice hot bubble bath? That should wake you up.”

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Bamma | 5135 comments Taliasen
I let myself slide down hanging by one leg in the silk in front of him wide eyed and breathless. "Really? I would love too!" I said grinning at him. I pulled myself up swinging down from the silks putting my feet on the floor. "Living here would be wonderful as well." I said bouncing on my toes lightly my curls bouncing into my face.
"Stupid possessive slave driving bastard." I muttered sleepily dragging myself out of bed.i nodded. "Bubble bath...and coffee." I murmured.ured kissing her shoulder gently.

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Evil | 1611 comments Odessa
I shush my lover with kisses and promises of a thorough petting in the tub. We start for the bathroom when there’s the tiniest knock at the door. Only one person I know knocks like that. With a sigh I release Naudia. “Go ahead; I’ll be there in a second.”

I draw on a robe and tie the waist before I open the door to see Lucia. “What’s going on?” I ask under my breath. The girl’s built like a willow. Moves like one too, but she never disturbs me on my downtime unless it’s important.

Her soft baby blues look up at my face. “He found another one,” she whispers back before quickly disappearing down the hall into her room. I frown deeply on my way into the bathroom.

“Maestro’s found another girl,” I parrot to Naudia. “Lucia already sounds worried.” Shaking my head I look my arms around my lover and sigh. Ever since Lucia came here, I’ve watched over her like a hawk. You could say I adopted her, but she’s like the baby sister I never had.

“Great. The paperwork is up in my office, so if you’ll just follow me.” I gesture up a short staircase and lead her into my study. On my desk the contract and everything is neatly laid out, just waiting for her to sign.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Naudia
I scowled. "He usually doesn't go looking for girls for a while. Odd of him to get another one so soon...why is Lucia worried though? It's not like he's going to dump her out in the street." I said softly.
I followed him up the stairs looking around catching a glimpse of a Willie like girl turning the corner but I didn't say anything about it as we entered his office.

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Evil | 1611 comments Odessa
“You Know-how she is, my love,” i sigh as i slip out of my rope. Testing the water with my toe I step into the tub. “You know how... in tune she is with everyone.” Part of me wonders if that’s why the girls so shy. I’ve heard of empathetic people, but its like Lucia takes that to a further extent. She’s a sensitive girl; I’m not sure how she survives here, in all honesty.

I take a seat at my desk and gesture for Miss Hale to take a seat while I make sure I have all the papers. I get them in a nice stack before hanging them over, pointing out where to sign and initial and what not—all the while I watch her eyes glitter with excitement.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Naudia
"Yes I know." I murmured softly drawing her to lay back against me in the tub. I rested my head back on the edge of the tub.
I still didn't know why he was getting a new girl so soon....

I signed and initialed where he showed me my hand writting neat and spikey. I handed over the contract after I signed the last dotted line.

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Evil | 1611 comments Odessa
I lay my head on Naudia’s chest as we soak in the warm water a while. I hold her hand and squeeze her fingers, closing my eyes. Her heart thumps steadily in my ear. A frown touches my lips—we can’t stay like this forever. Physically, I mean. As much as I love my Naudia, what is the point in loving knowing you can’t die? I’m not asking for death, but still—I mean, that’s what makes life special, isn’t it? Living each day to the fullest because the next isn’t guaranteed?

With all the paperwork signed I go ahead and offer her a room, politely asking when she plans on moving in here. Sooner the better, I think to myself, but then again, that’s what the contract is for. Tis binding.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Naudia
"Your over thinking things again love." I murmured softly. I ran my fingers through her hair. She got this way every five years or so. This era wasn't so bad our love was more accepted. As was the difference of our skin.
I tilted my head. "Tomorrow night at the latest. I just have to speak with my land lady." I told him. "When do I start work?" I asked him.

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Evil | 1611 comments Odessa
I feel her kiss my head as she holds my hands. She tells me I’m overthinking again. I lean back again her chest. “That may be...” i murmur with a sigh. Hugging her tightly I lay with her in the tub for as long as i can before I finally step out and dry off. Wringing our my hair I wrap up the black waves in another towel and get dressed.

My costume for tonight is already laid out in the dressing room. Maestro actually set it up this time for Naudia and I to perform together. Now I just need to remember the routine. I think it’s one of those corny ones where one of us is dressed as a man. That brings a smile to my face. If she decides on the fake mustache again, she’ll know I’ll be too busy laughing to dance.

“Whenever you’re ready,” I tell her. “If you’d like, you can sit in on tonight’s performance, so you get an idea of what our set up is like.” That reminds me, I’ll have to check in with my photographer before the show begins. Ethan, was it?

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