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Here you can post if your character is interacting within a town/village. I leave the creation of these towns up to the individual. However! These towns do not belong to you and other people's characters can come into the town etc. When creating a town please give it a name, a general description and, most importantly, a location (I.e. East Cyana a days ride from the forest edge, or North-West Cyana a weeks ride from the ocean and 3 days ride from the city etc.)

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Name - Kol
Location - East Cyana, 4 days ride from the forest edge, a weeks ride to the city. Situated slightly to the south.
Description - Kol is a relatively big town and a key node in the trading routes from east Cyana to The City. Its surroundings consist of locally owned farms and a few small plantations. It has huge roads going in and out of the town that are always packed with traders and travelers. It's buildings are all wood with only a few key ones being stone e.g. The city hall. As expected in a trading town, it has a multitude of inns and stables and taverns and anything else a weary traveler may find themselves needing.

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The sky was bright blue, nary a cloud in sight, with the wind bringing a crispness to the air that blew away the rising heat. An hours ride away from the town of Kol, there was a small wood situated between two farms. It was here that Tyra, Hak and the other 5 men accompanying them were stopped, everyone chatting quietly, lazy and unhurried. They had all been on this type of mission before and honestly, it was an easy one with minimal danger. 'Warriors!' She called to get there attention. 'Bring out your cloaks please. From here on we travel on the road. You all know this town's dangers; a squad of the traitors' guards and the local mercenaries. However, if we stick to our stories and not draw unwanted attention it will be as easy as always.' She said, grinning, the other warriors laughing and calling out variations of 'We know!' and 'We got this!'. Tyra also laughed, grin wry and showing she agreed with them. 'Yeah yeah! You guys are experts I know. I gotta say it though. The prince would chew me out if I didn't!' She said, drawing more laughs from the men and they all hoped off their horses to get to work making themselves look like traders, compete with travelling cloaks and a wagon full of logs that they hitched to the horses.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments Hak pulled on his cloak and drew back his hood. He had grown some stubble over two weeks just the start of a beard it curling around his chin obsucring his face enough to slip be unnoticed. He then pulled himself up onto the carragie with on of the men in the back before getting the horse to set off. This had been his mission for the past two years. He made the same trip every month or two and most people in the town knew the carragie and that it bought wood. Where it was going and where it came from no one knew.

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During this process Tyra had gotten off her horse and pulled out her own cloak, the dark brown material dirty and worn. She unstrapped her twin swords that crossed her back and transferred them to the saddle bags on her horse, still allowing her the ability to draw them needed. Since they were made of such rare and valuable metal, she didn't want to lose them. She also didn't want to be parted from them so the horse was a compromise. On her hip she strapped a normal sword. Then she pulled her cloak over her, making sure the sword on her hip could be seen. With a group of 7, they seemed like a normal trade group. 3 hired guards and 4 traders. The traders were the ones who were questioned and interacted with so she left that job to Hak and 4 other warriors, who had done this before and were known within the town. The 'guards' she rotated, as having the same 'hired guards' every time would be suspicious. This time, as with the previous times, she was a guard. The guards, with their hoods up and weapons showing, weren't often questioned. As such, it was safer for her to pose as a guard. Not many traders bring female's with them and as such, any female would bring a lot of attention. Hopefully she could mask her gender by posing as a unfriendly guard.
With Hak at the front of the carriage, the other 'traders' in the back of the carriage and the other two 'guards' on their horses either side of the carriage they were set. Tyra leapt onto her horse and steered it to the back of the carriage. 'Now everyone! Remember that from now on we are simple traders and hired guards. Hak is now going to be your leader so take your orders from him. We've all done this before so you know the drill. Stay unnoticed, complete the mission, leave.' She said, pulling her hood up so her face was only a shadow. 'Lets roll.'

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments Hak rolled his eyes and leaned forward looking little more than a weary trader as they rolled into town. "Ok men go." He whispered and his men got out splitting into two groups of one and two taking a guard each. They were in the market of purchasing items for the rebellion and looking for information. Hak's men had intercepted several shipments to Redos men and even out bid him on certain items. Hak took the carriage to one buyer after the wood he was selling. Hak had tucked his weapon away into the carriage and only had one visible dagger on.

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They had left the little wood and spent an hour on the road, the 'guards' silent while the 'traders' chatted among themselves and to the other real traders they passed on the road. Finally the arrived in town and they split up, each knowing what they were here to do and acting accordingly. Tyra followed behind Hak as the general had brought a few of his precious gems to trade along with the wood. It would only make sense that he had a guard and if Tyra and Hak were in close proximity then she could keep an eye on the entire situation as a commander must. 'Do you feel as uneasy without your weapon as I?' Tyra whispered to him as he put away his main weapon (you couldn't carry something that big into town without looking super suspicious, especially for mere traders).

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments "You get used to it after the first few goes." Hak whispered back before trading the wood for some food items mainly flour for Joh. "Draco is Lelouch around?" He asked the other male who raised a brow.

"What business do you have wit' him?" Draco asked.

"I traded some large trunks to a guy on the west and he gave me some stones. I want to see what they worth." Hak shrugged and Draco nodded.

"He's talking to Lord Redos men right now but he knows you. Likes you he'll stop tradin' wit' them to help ya." Draco said jerking his thumb over his shoulder pointing to a building down the road.

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Tyra groaned softly (she didn't want to get used to it) but had to step back before she could reply so Hak could trade, her guard mask firmly back in place. Although her body language said she was looking but not listening, Tyra was actually listening intently and memorizing everything that was said, putting names to faces to jobs etc. That was both habit and her job. The fact that this Lelouch liked Hak enough to stop trade with Redo's men was interesting indeed! This Lelouch would certainly be a good informant, if they played their cards right. Looking over at Hak, Tyra waited to see what he would say, not making any gestures and thus, leaving the decision in Hak's hands. He knew this town and these people and would know the best call. Tyra herself wasn't too fond of the idea of stopping Lelouch's trade with Redo's men as that would draw attention but she could talk with Hak later if they disagreed. For now, she was curious to see what he would do.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments "Nah I'll wait. I sniped a shipment off them last time beside Lelouch can find me some stuff before my next visit." Hak shrugged before helping Draco unload half the carragie and reload it with food stuffs.

"Wise man." Draco chuckled getting his son to help the the trade.

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Tyra smiled slightly, though it was hidden by her deep hood so no one noticed. She was pleased with Hak's decision and proud of her warrior. Hak was a general for a reason! Walking over Tyra wordlessly started helping. Edging close to Hak she whispered under her breath. 'He is right. Wise move.' She said, knowing by the slight tensing that Hak had heard her. She then moved away, no one the wiser that the two had spoke. Although she didn't need to compliment Hak sometimes she felt she had to, no, more like wanted to. Everyone needed a compliment now and again.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments "It may be a while till you see me again Draco I have ta go off to the mountains. Somethin' 'bout wild men. I heard they got good weapons that Redo would pay a mint for." Hak said patting the trader on the shoulder and the other nodded.

"No wonder you gave me a good deal. Happy Huntin'." Draco said waving Hak off as Hak climbed back onto the carriage and started down the road.

"We are heading to Lelouch now. Maybe get a good price for the stones." He said to Tyra once they were out of earshot.

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As the carriage started back down the road, Tyra leapt onto her horse and kicked it into a canter to get to the right hand side of the carriage level with Hak. The story about wild men in the mountains was a good one, especially with the weapons part, and Tyra was intrigued to find out if there was any truth in the generals words. However, that would have to wait. 'Alright. What sort of man is Lelouch? Could we use him?' She asked back, making sure to keep her body language alert yet relaxed and not look like she and Hak were talking, because out of earshot did not mean out of sight (Hak was lucky and had a carriage to hide him).

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments "Man's slippery but a good source. Use him don't trust him." Hak said before halting the carriage. He waited till Redos men had left the building infront of him before dismounting. It just do happened that one of Hak's men was near by and took the carriage for him. "Mornin' Lelouch. How are ya?" He asked walking into the building where a tall thin man stood with datk hair covering one side of his face.

"I see you have company today." The store owner said and Hak nodded tossing him a piece of smooth Jade that had taken his sister an hour to get right. "Ah good reason for it then. This is an excellent specimen do you happen to have more?"

"I may but it's gotta be worth my while Lelouch." Hak shrugged leaning against the bench top to the rather plain store.

"I always give you a good deal. Though there is one thing I still can't get and that is your name." Lelouch sighed dropping his shoulders but remaining upright.

"Told ya it's a challenge. Not even my girl has my name." Hak chuckled before he started the trade with Lelouch. Information about Redo and his movements. More weapons. This made Lelouch raise a brow but Hak told him that he was selling the on to people in villages and training camps.

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Tyra grinned at that and nodded. Use him don't trust him, truer words had never been spoken!
Hak stopped the carriage in front of the impressive stone building, one of the few in town. Whilst Hak waited Tyra dismounted as would be expected of a guard for a simple trader. The sight of Redo's men almost had her growling but she supressed it and her rage, the red that was waiting to cloud her vision instead swimming just beneath the surface, contained for now. Thankfully they left soon after and the bubbling rage calmed down to a light simmer. The sooner they finished this mission the better.
As Hak walked into the building and greeted Lelouch, Tyra kept close to his heels and took up a defensive position at the warriors side (again, as is expected of a guard). She wanted to be close to keep an eye on the exchange but if Hak sent her to the side she would have to go. Thankfully he didn't, even after Lelouch made mention of her. Hak just nodded and got down to business. She was impressed with the way that the general bargained with the man, his casual attitude unreadable and his words able to be taken either way. The commander could definitely see why Huan had chosen Hak to lead this mission so often. The fact that Hak had Lelouch's name but he didn't have Hak's and yet, they were still willing to trade, showed the extent of Hak's skill. If there were any similar missions in the future, Tyra was taking Hak. Tyra herself never had the skill for this sort of stuff. Yes she was stubborn enough to keep going until she got what she wanted and definitely willing to argue, she was often too harsh, couldn't get the delicate details right, and just didn't have the patience. She was ok, but more often than not she got fed up and lashed out. Thankfully Hak didn't share her faults and could pick up the slack in situations like these.
Tyra stood in silence at the side, memorising every bit of information that Hak pried out of Lelouch. However, towards the end Lelouch made mention of something so shocking that Tyra accidently broke her silence. The dark haired trader mentioned that Redo's top weapon expert, The Angel of Destruction, was close to finishing a new weapon. One which, Redo's men gloated, would turn the tide of the war and crush the Rebellion.
'What sort of weapon?' Tyra accidentally asked, shocked and worried. It was only a second later she realised her mistake.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments "Why did I hire you again?" Hak asked frowning making it seem as if he wasn't connected to Tyra but he knew it would do little good. Gin had just walked in and he was one of Redos low ranked squad leaders. The lord didn't have the same structure as the the rebellion.

"What's this I hear about our weapon Lelouch?" Gin asked looking at hak who made sure to look uninterested.

"Oh just talking to a good customer Gin. He heard you lot earlier and asked me if he should look out for anything." The male said off handedly as Hak straightened his spine and dropped some amethyst onto the bench.

"This worth anything?" He asked looking at Lelouch who picked it up to examine it.

"If you had enough to make some jewelry yes. But since this is a single stone no not much." He said and Hak placed some more on the bench. "That would cover it. Come back later to get the long life meat you want and it will be here."

"Sounds good thanks for telling me to stay away from the west I'll cancel the trip out there." Hak said with a nod before turning around and walking towards the door.

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Tyra had frozen after she had spoke, in fact they all had. For a split second time slowed down and the warrior held her breath, acutely aware that they would now have to do some tricky manoeuvring to get themselves out of the bind Tyra had accidently created with only 4 words. Thankfully, Hak's quick mind got to work and he spoke up, attempting to mitigate the damage. Once again she thanked the Celestial Dragons he was here as she would not have been able to do that - she was a split second away from just bolting or killing everyone (either or). Even if she was captured or under suspicion, if Hak could be free then the mission would succeed. Unfortunately for them however, at that moment one of Redo's men walked in, evidently having heard it all and now very suspicious and possibly angry (probably angry). Tyra just stood frozen at the side, watching it all play out (Hak playing off their connection and attempting to revert the attention to the trade instead). She should probably have lowered her head in apology or something, but every fibre of her being rebelled against it so she just stood waiting, every muscle tense for fight or flight. Redo's man just stood watching as Lelouch and Hak finished trading, his eyes full of suspicion and going between Hak and Tyra repeatedly. When Hak started moving towards the door Tyra automatically unfroze and followed, eager to get out of there.

But then, everything went wrong.

As Tyra passed Redo's man (Gin as Lelouch had called him), he reached out and his hand clamped around Tyra's bicep. The commander froze mid-step, barely breathing. She refused to turn her head because she knew that if she did, she wouldn't be able to control herself. 'You would do well to learn to hold your tongue. Especially regarding matters that don't concern you.' Gin growled softly, squeezing her arm hard in warning. Tyra's rage boiled and she grit her teeth, saying nothing - she was using every fibre of her being to push back the red and not hit the man after all. But then, his next sentence sealed his fate. 'You should also learn to acknowledge your betters, little lady.'

Then Tyra turned and punched him in the face.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments Hak nearly groaned when he heard the sound of Gin getting punched. A split second later Redos men had run in and in two seconds had he and Tyra pinned facing eachother. Haks eyes said don't fight and willed his CO to not fight. His arms were tied behind him and his knife taken along with Tyra and her normal sword.

"Hey Hey I hired the help I am not responsible for her actions." He growled before he was pulled from the building and shoved into the back of a carriage at knife point.

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Tyra felt a flash of vicious satisfaction when her fist connected to that scums face and she felt his nose break. Her rage, though briefly subdued, was fanned into an inferno once again when a split second later the remainder of Redo's men rushed in and grabbed her. She fought the arms wildly, but they were also strong, trained warriors so it was a bit more difficult than usual. Not to mention, difficulty increases dramatically when you are fighting against multiple opponents. Still, she was confident she would have been able to get out after a few more seconds, but then her eyes locked with Hak's who was also getting pinned. Normally her rage would have blinded her to the plea in his eyes but she was literally chest to chest with him so it was pretty impossible to ignore. A large part of her fought against the plea (pretty much the core of her soul fought it), but the shred of logic left shouted that he wouldn't ask that of her unless he was confident in a plan to escape. Miraculously, that little shred won over the bigger part (which really was a miracle). Although Tyra still fought, it was reduced to weak little tugs and a venomous glare and snarl. Her growls increased in volume when they took her sword and tied her arms behind her but she stopped fighting them. Hearing Hak pleading she hoped they would listen and let him go but it was a fools hope. And lo and behold, they didn't listen, instead pulling him from the building and shoving him into a carriage, Tyra not far behind. Once they were both in the back of the carriage they were forced to sit back to back and their restraints were tied to the support beams in the ceiling, forcing their arms up and above their heads.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments Hak waited and listened carefully letting his bidy go slack against his bonds. "You just had to punch Gin in the face." He muttered since Tyra was close to him when he was confident that no one was near.

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At Hak's muttered words Tyra just groaned and pouted childishly. 'I know I know. I shouldn't have. I couldn't help it though. Did you hear what he said?!' She whined, wriggling a little against her bonds.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments "Yes and stop moving we wait till dark." Hak ordered turning his back to Tyra. When night fell he slowly lifted his foot to his hands and removed ones of his boots letting it fall against his body and slip to the floor with his foot. He glanced over his shoulder to his commander. "Could you stop boring holes into my skull and turn around I need to get at your back." He said before turning around to face Tyra.

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Tyra grumbled at that but did as requested, pouting and keeping still. Finally night fell and she was startled out of her meditative state when Hak started moving. Turning around the commander glared at him, both for disturbing her and because he still hadn't explained his plan and she hated being left out of the loop. She tried to ignore the male's weird flexibility but couldn't help but stare. Seriously! A guy that large should not be able to bend that way. At Hak's words she glared again, hating being ordered around but did as requested, now more confused than anything. 'What in the dragons names are you doing?' She asked, feeling something brush her lower back.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments "Trying to grab a knife so I can cut the ropes." Hak said trough gritted teeth in concentration before freeing a blade and it hit the floor. Using his toes he slid it toward himself and to his feet. He then curled his toes around the thin blade and carefully lifted the dagger to his hands before transfering the blade to his hands. "I am lucky I didn't slice my feet open there." He said carefully slicing at the ropes to free himself. Not long after he started he was free and ahoving his foot back into his shoe before freeing Tyra. "You can give me the sheath to this weapon it return for getting is arrested."

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Tyra's eyebrows went up in shock then she smirked. She hadn't known that Hak knew about that knife there but he did and if he could reach it then they could be free! Thank the dragons for Hak's smart planning and weird flexibility! She kept as still as possible, waiting with bated breath. Finally Tyra heard the quiet clang of the blade hitting the ground and she grinned. She couldn't see exactly what the male was doing but he was moving a lot and suddenly the knife was in his hands (evidently after being brought there by his feet if his words were right). 'You are lucky you are creepily flexible.' Tyra responded to that, just imagining if it had been anyone else. No one else she knows would have been able to do that, not even Willa (who is also weirdly flexible but she has it for different reasons). The knife dragged along the rope and the sharp edge cut it like butter, freeing Hak. The male put on his boot then freed her as well and for the first time in hours Tyra could stand and stretch and relax her muscles. Oh thank the Dragons! That was starting to hurt! 'What?! Oh come on!!' Tyra exclaimed at Hak's words. The warrior just stared blankly at her and held out his hand. After waiting for a few seconds to see if he would change his mind Tyra finally gave in, sighing and grumbling the entire time as she unhooked the sheath and reluctantly handed it over.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments "You also seem to forget that I dance with Rose a lot you have seen the spirit dance Tyra. You know the start of our flexibility." Hak said securing his new knife to his belt. "Now for the hard part. Escaping unseen. Please note I didn't say blood bath."

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'I know but flexibility is different from cotorsion.' Tyra muttered to herself, rolling her eyes. As Hak attached his new knife to his belt (grr) Tyra rolled her shoulders and grinned. They were finally free and could finally get out of here! And if they ran into a few people on the way, ah well! She was startled out of her daydreaming when Hak spoke. But it was like he could read her mind and said the exact thing she didn't want him to say!!! 'But Haaakkkk!!!' She whined, pouting like a child. She was looking forward to killing those people! Her whining and doe eyes did nothing however and Hak just crossed his arms and looked at her. Damn, he was so good at those silent judgemental looks! 'Egh! Fine! You're such a spoil sport!' She finally conceded, angrily scoffing and kicking the dirt. 'But you can't hold me accountable for any of my actions should we get spotted and attacked!' She added, crossing her arms and nodding like that was that, decision made.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments Hak muttered something in mountain tounge one of his favoured tounges before looking outside. "Tyra you need to follow me." Hak said queitly before climbing out of the prison wagon and slipping off to the side.

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She grinned as Hak turned his back and muttered something in an unknown tongue. Although the words were unfamiliar she could get the jist of it just through is tone and it made her grin. When Hak slipped out she followed closely behind, movements lithe and silent. As currently Hak was the only one with a plan she would follow his lead. Doesn't mean she couldn't annoy him though by keeping waaayyy closer than needed. Usually Tyra was more serious than this but she wouldn't do anything to actually hurt them or anything so having a little fun after being cooped up wasn't bad. And anyway, worst comes to worst she knew she could beat them all up.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments Hak near groaned at Tyra being so close knowing that she was doing it to annoy him. He stopped suddenly making her run into him before holding her back against the barrels they were behind as a guard walked past. Looking around carefully Hak grabbed the guard in a head lock before pulling him behind the barrels unconscious. "Leave him." He hissed lightly before looking again and ducking out to the next wagon.

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Whilst Tyra was having fun annoying Hak she was still expertly aware of her surroundings and what needed to be done. Unfortunately all the preparation in the world couldn't have stopped her from running into Hak's back when the male abruptly stopped. As he was much taller and wider than she was, the commander couldn't see around Hak to acern why the man stopped. Just as she was about to whisper the question Hak was holding her back, motioning for silence. Tyra did as asked a second later she saw what Hak with his taller vantage point spotted a second ago - a guard. Tensing the pair waited until the guard passed. Although Tyra wanted to let her blood thirsty emotions reign Hak's steading hand held her back. Then the male in question attacked instead! No fair!!! Well..maybe fair since Tyra would have killed him not knocked him unconscious but meh! Her hand had barely twitched towards her knife when Hak sternly told her to leave it and the nale ducked away, leaving a grumbling Tyra no choice but to follow. 'Am I gonna get to kill anyone today or we doing it your boring way?' She whispered to Hak

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments "If you hadn't noticed he reeked of alcohol. My boring way is going to draw less attention." He whispered back scanning the area when he spotted a male tied up against a pole who had clearly been beaten. Hak slowly moved over to him noting every guard in the area using his hua to help before reaching the male and untieing him. The male looked up relieved for a second before he grinned wickedly and leaped over Hak and Tyra wrapping his hand around the guards neck behind the pair that was walking past. After this male had killed the guard he ran off with the guards knife thirsty for blood. "Well that makes life easier." Hak muttered before looking at Tyra and continued to sneak around the camp.

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Tyra pouted but said nothing, following obediently behind Hak even though she wanted to grumble. They had only gone a little bit further when their keen eyes spotted another prisoner of the guards of this town. The brown haired male (for that was all the commander could discern at this distance) was tied to a pole and hunched over, evidently the victim of a recent beating. Tyra hissed, her eyes angry at the brutality as they quickly raced over to the male. Any enemy of the guards was a friend of theirs. And this poor man had probably received some of the violence that was supposed to be visited on them but by her nature as a woman, was held back thanks to outdated beliefs. Although Hak should have asked her whether they could free the man she decided to let this one slide (it would have been a bit hypocritical after all) and she too wanted to free him. As Hak reached the man and started untying him his head snapped up, bright green eyes that mirrored her right eye locking with Tyra's for a second before looking behind to Hak. The unknown man's relief was palpable for a second before his gaze went behind them and the relief turned into a sharp grin filled with the same bloodlust Tyra herself had been holding back. Before the female even had time to frown the male was loose and leaping over the rebels to strangle a guard that had been walking past. Whipping around Tyra gazed in open mouthed shock at the unknown male as he killed the guard then ran off, grinning wickedly the entire time. Hak too was frozen in shock at her side, both gazing after the weird man. The general recovered first and muttered sarcastically before heading off again. Shaking her head Tyra leapt back into action, following closely behind Hak. 'Why does he get to do that?! Why can't I?!' Tyra whined softly, but with less feeling in it as she was preoccupied. 'Who was he anyway...'

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments "Haven't the foggiest. From his complexion I would guess he is from the south but thats about all I can tell you." Hak replied as the finally reached the edge where he spotted the male again fighting three guards. "Go play." He said gesturing to the unnamed male encouraging Tyra to go kill the guards.

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Tyra hummed at Hak's words, nodding absently. Neither had any clue about the strange man and they were both curious. As they reached the edge of the area where they had found the man they heard the sounds of fighting and a quick look showed them the unknown male again, but this time he was fighting three guards. The guards and the male hadn't seen Tyra or Hak and Tyra expected them to just continue on, following Hak's boring escape plan. To her surprise they stopped and after a seconds hesitation and a sigh Hak gestured towards the fight and said two words which made Tyra's day. The commander gasped, eyes suddenly sparkling in excitement as she grinned. 'Really?!' She said, in awe and joy, almost vibrating on the spot. Without waiting for a verbal confirmation (his look was enough and she had got it previously), she giggled like a child then reached down and unsheathed two knives. 'Be back soon!' She said to Hak then raced off, leaping into the battle with a whoop and gleefully slicing her knives along any part of the guards she could reach, laughing the entire time.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments Hak rolled his eyes and shook his head at least she won't be hanging off him on their way back to the others. Hak stood near the very convenient tree line watching Tyra and the new male fight before spotting Gin walking alone. Silently Hak walked up behind him and grabbed him using his hand to mufflr the males cries for help before he dragged Gin over to Tyra. "May I present your dragons day present commander." He smirked pushing Gin towards Tyra and the new male who looked exhausted and wounded.

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For Tyra the battle was over far to quickly. The male fighting at her side was very good. Very good indeed. She enjoyed battling with him but it also made it very easy. Shame! Hearing scuffling behind her she turned, bloodied daggers aloft in case of an enemy, only to find Hak dragging a very familiar person towards her with a wicked glint in his eyes. Hak's words had her gasp in sarcastic lady like shock, enjoying the game as Gin stumbled towards Tyra with Hak's push, the guard falling in the bloodied dust at her feet. 'Why Hak! Oh you shouldn't have!' Tyra giggled like a naïve besotted noble, hand on her heart. 'This is the best Dragons Day present ever!' She exclaimed, before her smile turned wicked and malicious and she turned those burning mismatched eyes on the man at her feet. 'Hello again.' Tyra said, crouching down beside the man as he tried to scramble to his knees, only to be pulled down by the dagger Tyra had somehow pinned through his clothes to the ground. 'Didn't you learn your lesson?! Release me you bitch!' Gin growled, trying to lunge at Tyra before her bloodied dagger tip stopped him. 'You know, I seem to recall a certain someone trying to teach me to hold my tongue.' Tyra hummed, casually swirling one dagger in hand whilst the other lay on Gin's chest over his heart. 'Especially in the face of my betters. Now, I don't know about you Hak, but it seems like our roles have been reversed in this occasion.' The warrior said, smiling serenely and thus so creepily. 'I'm sure you are a very good teacher Gin, but I always prefer a more....physical approach to learning. Lets start the lesson then, shall we?'

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments Hak rolled his eyes before drawibg his dagger and grabbing the new male by the arm and pulling him away. "You can help me clear out the remaining squad." He said and the male looked at him the gold in his eyes glowing before the grin on this mans face grew to impossible measures before he shrugged Hak off and ran off to hunt more men. Hak shook his head before looking at Tyra and nodding once. "Have fun commander Tyra. I am sure to tell the other generals of our victory on this day." He said letting Gin know that he had a commander and general in his grasp but he failed in containing them.

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Tyra looked up and giggled as Hak just rolled his eyes and grabbed the unknown male, telling said male that they were effectively going to go finish the job. The male evidently understood if his wicked grin and subsequent running off was anything to go by. Tyra decided that although she didn't know him, she liked him.
Her attention went back to Hak as their eyes met and he gave her a nod. His words had a slow grin growing on her face before she threw back her head and laughed, sound bright and clear. She got what Hak was doing and it amused her greatly. 'Be sure you do Thunder Beast! I shall be along soon once I've had my fun.' Laughing the commander waved as Hak left then got down to the business of removing Gin's tongue (and other unpleasant things best left undisclosed).

Later Tyra wandered in the direction Hak had left, absently swinging her bloodied blades as she hummed tunelessly. She kept her eyes peeled for Hak, the unknown male, or any other warrior they came in with.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments Hak had just finished his hunt and was looking for the new male he had freed when he spotted the brunette fighting a lone guard. Hak simply walked up beh I nd the guard and slit his throat before turning to the brunette. "My name is Hak. What is yours?" He asked offering his hand getting ready to defend himself should he need it. The male shook his head violently before pressing a hand to one of his eyes looking at Hak.

"Help." The man whimpered before pitching forward as he lost conciseness. Hak caught the male before looking him over and sighed. This male was wounded and needed help but Hak was no healer and he knew Tyra was worse. He needed to get the male to his men. Granda had been bought on this mission as the healer and to learn the ropes of the mission as another of Haks men had to stop since he was causing trouble. Hak picked the limp brunette up and walked around looking for Tyra. He soon spotted her and walked over to her making his footsteps loud to ensure she knew he was there.

"Tyra no name here needs a healer. I think Granda should see to his wounds and then we can decide what to do from there." He said looking at his commanding officer.

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Tyra had been wandering quietly when she finally heard the sound of loud footsteps and turned to see Hak walking towards her. Waving she jogged over to the male who was carrying someone in his arms. On closer inspection the warrior could see it was the unknown male, bloodied and unconscious. Tyra frowned and looked between the body and Hak, question clear in her eyes. Thankfully Hak explained and his tone and the look in his eyes made it clear that play time was over and he was asking advice from his commanding officer now. Tyra easily slipped back into the comfortable skin of commander and thought for a second, expression going serious as she straightened and settled, a calm settling over her. 'I agree. Regrouping is top priority. Lets make for the emergency meeting point. The ruckus we caused will definitely have been noticed by the others and they should have concluded their business and made their way there. Lets go.' She said, quickly cleaning and sheathing her blades before turning in the correct direction. 'If you see our wagon give a shout, we need our weapons back and I would prefer not having to return'.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments "Alibaba has the wagon and possibly your horse." Hak said before turning around and starting to walk off carrying the brunette.

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Tyra smiled and nodded in a pleased manner then also set off, easily walking side by side with Hak. She wouldn't have left here without her swords, they were to rare and valuable, so she was pleased the men had thought to grab the wagon. Coming back to this town wouldn't have been pretty!

Half an hour had passed of silent walking before the two warriors finally stopped the emergency meeting point just outside the towns edge. It was a secluded and abandoned wheat mill that the towns folk of Kol stayed far away from due to the unnatural and spooky way the previous tenets died. As such, it made for a great emergency spot for members of the Rebellion and although the outside was as abandoned looking as always, inside had been cleaned up a little and there was always a load of blankets and food there for travelling members. Reaching the door Tyra stepped forward and knocked, the rhythm letting the guys inside know that it was a member of the Rebellion and not anyone else. A second passed then the commander heard the crunch and grind of the multitude of locks being drawn back (these locks the only reason the place wasn't also a stop off spot for thieves or other undesirable people).

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments "Commander, General thank dragons you're safe." Alibaba said opening the door allowing the three people inside.

"Granda help him. He was hurt helping us." Hak ordered placing the male down before Granda walked over. "Report."

"Lelouch was the only person to see you get taken over than Redos squad he still wants more stones. He also said if you made look like an animal he would pay double." Alilbaba said making Hak sigh.

"Of course he does. How did the rest of the mission go?" He asked watching Granda tend to the male.

"Well we got the supplies and stopped three sales to Redos men the supplies are ours. We also managed to get information on movements from a reliable source." Derek shrugged and Hak growled.

"This is a recon mission. Supplies and preventing Reedo from getting what he wants. We are not here to capture his men and torture them Derek. If you step out of line again I will have you transferred to stable work." Hak growled making Derek nod and look away.

"General I can't treat all of these wounds properly. He needs to go back to Rose or the Torre." Granda said binding a few wounds on the brunette.

"Commander your call." Hak said looking over to Tyra.

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The door swung open and Alibaba's relieved face greeted them, the warrior quickly ushering them inside while he verbalised that relief. Tyra smiled and ruffled his blond hair as she passed. She liked that boy, he was sweet and a bit of a pyromaniac which was more than fine with her. Once inside she quickly scanned the room and easily found her and Hak's weapons, put aside special. Tyra went over to her swords whilst Hak set down the unknown male and Granda got to work. Then the commander just leaned against the wall and kept silent, watching. Now as a commander and someone of higher rank than Hak, one might think she would be doing what Hak now was, gathering reports and organising the men. However, she was the commander of the entire army so she couldn't deal with each individual, that was the reason she had generals. They gathered their groups reports and then brought all that to her for her to deal with. Also, these were Hak's men and he knew them better. It was best to let him deal with them and she would only step in if things got too big for him to handle (metaphorically at least). So Tyra just listened, keeping mental note of the things that went well, what supplies they got, what needed to be organised etc. She also made note of those who were obedient and did there jobs and those who slacked off or created trouble. It seemed that Hak had them well in hand though (she was pleased). When Granda spoke up again Tyra frowned and pushed off the wall, walking over to them just as Hak passed the decision to her. The warrior kept her gaze locked on the injured male as she thought. When she came to a decision she spoke up, voice clear and firm. 'The Torre is too far away and any local healer would not be able to fix what you cannot Granda. We take him to Rose.' She said, as Granda sighed in relief. 'However,' she added, causing the boy to look up in alarm and Hak to frown, 'He will not be able to leave once you heal him. Tied up as he was I expect he will join our cause. If he does not however, then he will be contained or disposed of. He knows far to much and this Rebellion is worth more than any man's life.' Tyra said simply yet firmly, steel in her tone. Some may call her a monster, call her heartless, but this world was not a pretty thing and she would do whatever was needed, regardless of others opinions. Her men hopefully knew that.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments Hak nodded before turning to Granda. "Blindfold him. If he wakes up in transit we can say he has an injury to the face or eyes it should stop him from running till we know he can think clearly and my sister has seen to him." He said and Granda nodded before setting about the task at hand before binding his remaining wounds as best he could. "We should move at first light. Alibaba your on first watch. Commander after our little trip you and I should get some rest I mean your fist must be sore after punching Gin in the face."

"You three took down Gin's unit?" Derek asked and Hak smirked before nodding.

"Not a soul left to tell the tale except for one, two, three." Hak said pointing to Tyra, the brunette and himself.

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Tyra smiled softly, approval in her eyes as Hak spoke up, his plan excellent and worthy of the general he was. Granda looked to her for a split second and her small nod was all he needed, quickly springing into action to follow the general's plan. On the way here Hak and her had talked about when they would leave (whether it would be best to leave immediately or wait till first light etc) and they had decided to leave at first light. Tyra had been willing to tell the men but was pleased when Hak beat her to it and also organised the watches - that meant she didn't have to talk as much and that was fine by her. As long as the information was relayed she didn't care who said it. Hak's next sentence had her grinning, filled with wicked amusement and Derek's disbelief only made her grin wider. Tyra laughed as Hak spoke and nodded then spoke up herself. 'What did you think I was doing looking like this?! Picking daisies?!' She laughed, gesturing to her blood splattered clothes.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments "No you fool you were picking nasturtiums I was picking Viscaria." Hak scoffed. "Learn your flowers."

"Why Nasturtiums and Viscaria?" Alibaba asked.

"Learn your flowers." Hak shrugged as Granda frowned.

"Rose said something about Nasturtiums meaning conquest or victory in battle." He said before finishing with the brunette. "What does Vicaria mean?"

"Will you dance with me." Hak said with a smirk and wink making Granda blushed. "Relax Granda I didn't mean it like that. You give someone Viscaria when you want to ask them to dance."

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Tyra just looked blankly at Hak, having no idea what he was going on about. Maybe she had said the phrase wrong?....No, she didn't think so. Thankfully Alibaba spoke up and in a round about way she got her answer. When Granda said that Nasturtiums meant conquest and victory in battle she smiled. She liked those flowers then! Truly fitting for her! When Hak explained what his flower meant and made Granda blush she threw her head back and laughed, highly amused, both at the inside joke of the flower and Granda's reaction. 'You said you were picking them Hak. So who were you planning on dancing with if not Granda?' Tyra asked, teasing Hak as the men laughed and joined in, the typical teasing and rough housing going on that all male soldiers do.

After a while though they finally stopped teasing the poor general and settled in. It was then though that Tyra realised the blood on her was cold and dry and supremely uncomfortable. 'Hey Alibaba! Pour some water into a jug for me would you? I need a rinse.' She asked the male as he passed, gesturing wryly to her clothes. Chuckling Alibaba did as asked, going over to the corner of the mill that used to be the actual bathing area but was now missing the wall that kept it separate from the main rooms, opening it up for all to see. Since no one wanted to go outside (and risk being spotted) any Rebellion member using the mill just filled up a jug of water and rinsed off in there, the already in place drains making it easy. Usually though they put a blanket or something over the hole to allow the person some privacy. Whilst Alibaba filled up the jug everyone expected the female to go get a blanket to cover the door. Instead, she stripped, leaving all her clothing pooled on the floor and walked naked across the main room, seemingly unaware of all the male gazes locked on her form.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 658 comments "Oh dragons. Tyra practice some modesty." Hak snapped covering Dereks and Grandas eyes.

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