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Looking for a great book set in Ireland

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Chelsea Schreiber WIll be traveling to Ireland in September and wanted to find a few books set in Ireland read before it go. Fiction, non-fiction - all the books!

Allison This is the route to go! I've read all the books in this series.
If you love Irish tales like I do, you'll love this too.

Donna There are so many books that come to mind. I have read the series of books that Allison posted and really enjoyed them. One book that I loved is 'Never Call It Loving' by Dorothy Eden. It is historical fiction set in Ireland in the late nineteenth century and revolves around the Irish Patriot Charles Stewart Parnell and his affair with a married woman, Kitty O'Shea. A great story filled with an equal mix of both history and passion! Have a wonderful trip. Ireland is beautiful and the Irish people are so welcoming and so much fun!

Mary Detweiler I love Patrick Taylor's books. I have read all the books in the Irish Country Doctor series and look forward each fall to a new one. They're light, entertaining, funny and present an accurate picture of the Irish character and culture.

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