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The Girl from Everywhere (The Girl from Everywhere, #1)
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Jennifer | 3551 comments Description Book One: Nix has spent her entire life aboard her father’s ship, sailing across the centuries, across the world, across myth and imagination.

As long as her father has a map for it, he can sail to any time, any place, real or imagined: nineteenth-century China, the land from One Thousand and One Nights, a mythic version of Africa. Along the way they have found crewmates and friends, and even a disarming thief who could come to mean much more to Nix.

But the end to it all looms closer every day.

Her father is obsessed with obtaining the one map, 1868 Honolulu, that could take him back to his lost love, Nix’s mother. Even though getting it—and going there—could erase Nix’s very existence.

For the first time, Nix is entering unknown waters.

She could find herself, find her family, find her own fantastical ability, her own epic love.

Or she could disappear.

Jennifer | 3551 comments Just checking in - I've got 2 other books that I want to finish in the next few days and then I'm going to dive into this series. Didn't want you to think I forgot about it.

message 3: by Agnès (new)

Agnès (margali87) Thanks for checking in !
I have to admit that I forgot about the buddy read --".
When you're ready, tell me and I'll start with you :)

Jennifer | 3551 comments Agnes, I plan on starting it tonight. I will probably have it done by Monday and will start on book 2.

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Agnès (margali87) I will start tonight too then !

Jennifer | 3551 comments Ch 4 (13%) - (view spoiler)

Jennifer | 3551 comments Ch 17 (46%) - (view spoiler)

Jennifer | 3551 comments Ch 28 (75%) - (view spoiler)
Finished - (view spoiler) I guess we will have to see what happens in the next book! I'm so excited to start it!!

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