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Nathan and Anatole: similar trauma different coping

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Marissa I noticed that Leah married a man who had a very similar trauma history to her father but Anatole dealt with it completely differently. Nathan and Anatole both suffered significant tragic loss that shaped them deeply. Nathan lost his fellow soldiers in the war and Anatole lost his whole family to drowning in the river. They both coped with what often occurs "survivor guilt" in different ways. Nathan focused his whole life in a misguided attempt to "save" people and Anatole focused his life on trying to preserve his country. Leah married a man who coped with tragic loss in a healthy way and who also resembled her sister Adah in his philosophical intelligence, realism, and loyalty. On page 309 he says, "Don't expect God's protection in places beyond God's dominion. It will only make you feel punished, I'm warning you. When things go badly, you will blame yourself". This quote speaks to how Anatole allowed himself to not feel perpetually punished by God for the death of his family which I believe helped him to recover and help others much more effectively than Nathan. Thoughts?

Devyn Duffy Wow, I hadn't thought of it that way. I hadn't connected Nathan and Anatole at all. But I think you make a good point: Nathan carried guilt with him for his survival, which was just a matter of chance and nothing to feel guilty about, while Anatole realized that guilt for his own survival would be pointless. But then, with Nathan it might have been pride more than guilt, a desire to not be thought of as a coward–a desire that he was never able to overcome.

Marissa Good points such a good book

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