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Jenna (jenna_marie58) | 86 comments Our July read is Girl Made of Stars. Do you think this book is a Printz contender?

Mandy (mandysouthgate) | 20 comments I loved this book - far more than I thought I was going to. I was certain that the author was going to wrap it up nicely, that everything would be resolved and happy-ever-after by the end but ultimately the ending surprised me and I found myself crying my eyes out! It’s a long time since a book has done that to me.

I do think it is Printz-worthy. I think Mara has a unique voice in that she is flawed and she grows throughout the book. Together with the topical themes explored in the book, I think this will open up discussions about consent and sexual assault and would therefore be valuable in classrooms and book clubs.

Jennifer (crookshanks71) | 23 comments I liked this book and the characters a lot. I think fans of Thirteen Reasons Why will want to read it. I wouldn't give it a Printz though. I felt like the author was trying to cram too much into one book. I wasn't satisfied by the main storyline as we never do get an honest accounting of events from Owen. I think that's important, to know what he really thought happened and what he actually remembered from that night. He is alternately denying that he did anything wrong and acting guilty that he knows he did do something wrong. It was a good read, but I think there are stronger contenders out there.

Maureen (mhsquier) | 79 comments I really liked this book too. It takes a very popular subject - sexual assault - and looks at it from a unique perspective. What would you do if someone you loved was accused of committing a horrible crime? What would you do if you believed that they were guilty? We get a gamut of reaction from Mara's family - her mother's adamant belief in Owen's innocence, her father's bewilderment, and her suspicion that he did it.

The astronomy allusion of the twins that gets carried through the book is also pretty cool. Mara's relationship with Charlie, and the treatment of sexual orientation and gender identity, is an integral part of the story, but is handled in a very matter of fact manner.

I think this book has the potential to be discussed, not sure if it will make the cut. Again, I get hung up on the term "literary excellence". Is this book excellent? It's pretty darn close in my mind, but this seems to be a strong year. I would not be displeased to hear this title in January.

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