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Difficulties in Mental Prayer
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Ashley | 92 comments Mod
I will be reading this book in July. I was supposed to read it in June but that didn't happen! It is a short read so I'm really looking forward to diving in. I've already read the first chapter and it is VERY spiritually uplifting and beneficial so far!

message 2: by Bice (new)

Bice (bicebeechay) | 4 comments That is on my list as well.

Ashley | 92 comments Mod
Bice wrote: "That is on my list as well."

Great! Feel free to chime in whenever you start!

message 4: by Bice (new)

Bice (bicebeechay) | 4 comments Oh it will be a while ha ha!

Ashley | 92 comments Mod
I guess the devil doesn't want me to read this book. We lost it (I think we might have accidentally thrown it away...oops) and it was a library book! I'm going to try to reorder it. I was about 75% done with it. So far I LOVE IT! My husband is reading it too. Something we both noticed is that there's a lot of terms in the book that seem somewhat outdated. Don't worry about remembering all these will still get a lot out of the book if you forget them while you go through!

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