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message 1: by Anna (new)

Anna Erishkigal (annaerishkigal) Nuke it! Yeah! The CTRL + ALT + DEL of self-publishing 3:-)

message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul Spence (paulbspence) | 119 comments Odd. I didn't nuke and it went through with no problems on both books...

message 3: by Steph (new)

Steph Bennion (stephbennion) | 303 comments May I cordially invite you to join the Smashwords Authors Group on Goodreads? (

message 4: by Paul (new)

Paul Spence (paulbspence) | 119 comments John wrote: That's just great Paul. Unfortunately there those who are not so blessed with the skills and struggle to work..."

I was simply suggesting that nuking is not always needed. As Smashwords suggests, it should be a last resort. Not everyone is writing short fiction.

If this thread is really to here to allow people to share their experiences and knowledge, should I not mention that I had no problems?

Turning off autocorrect, using paragraph rules for indentation, and section breaks after chapters will do most of the work for you. I can't imagine having to go back through 140,000+ word novels and redoing all the italics. There is no need.

message 5: by Paul (new)

Paul Spence (paulbspence) | 119 comments I think we are missing communication somewhere. I didn't intend anything belligerent. I was offering other suggestions, not saying you or anyone else was wrong to do it that way.

That's the problem with language: not everything comes through when typing a quick response.

message 6: by Anna (new)

Anna Erishkigal (annaerishkigal) Be kind! We're all here to support one another :-)

My first book I had nine gazillion bugaboos I'd inadvertently written into my script and after much frustration, finally had to nuke the entire darned thing. Oof! No helping that. My only regret was that I didn't nuke it sooner, but spent much time banging my head against the wall searching for hidden scripts.

Since then I've learned to master Styles and not introduce all that crap in the first place when writing. But most people write a book, and THEN start figuring out how to publish it, so hence this thread will hopefully be a useful place for people to come and shout HELP ME!!! PLEASE!!!

message 7: by Ken (new)

Ken Doggett (kendoggett) | 57 comments I already had my books on Amazon when I branched out to Smashwords. It accepted my two books of short stories with no problems, but not my novel. So I nuked it. I won't do that again--way too much work to find and redo all of the italics and bold fonts and re-space the chapter headings. No doubt some little thing was wrong with the book format, since it was the one I learned on, but I'm hoping the second book will fit the first time.

message 8: by Anna (new)

Anna Erishkigal (annaerishkigal) That's a great tip about italics. Urf ... I've had to nuke it and then never -did- find all the italics.

message 9: by Charles (new)

Charles | 1 comments there is a great information in this.. i am very thankful for this information.. it helps to ease my work.

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