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KT (queenlykt)
An abandoned waterpark.

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Afraa had escaped the cruelty of her pack for awhile and decided to go to the abandoned water park. She was cautious as she left her territory. She had grown that way after a wolf from Shaded Horizons ripped half of her tail off. In her small white and grey wolf form she bolted across a clearing and went into the crumbling structure, which contained the water park. She smiled as she gazed at it and stayed in wolf form as she explored.

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G0BL1N K1NG A gasp of air broke the silence of the water park. Charles inhaled deeply before diving back underneath the water. His swimming carried him far to the middle of a pool he was in.

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Afraa froze as she heard the gasp. She grew very cautious again and kept her ears perked as she continued on. She tasted the air as well, but only scented stale traces of life. Shrugging, she continued on happily. She went to the middle pool and bent her head down to lap up some water. Despite being a human being, she embraced the wolf part of being a werewolf/Lycan.

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G0BL1N K1NG Reaching the middle Charles surfaced again. Inhaling deeply he wiped the water from his face. Catching the scent of another he dived once more. Swimming his way the end of the pool Charles climbed his way out of the pool.

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Afraa stopped as she saw someone or something surface. She froze and backed away slightly nervous. Her tail was curled around one of her hind legs and right there and then, she wished she was bigger than the size of a juvenile wolf. She wished that a lot, but in true she loved her size with it's disadvantages and all.

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G0BL1N K1NG Standing near the edge of the pool Charles quickly shook off the excess water from his body. raising his head he inhaled deeply catching the scent once more.

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KT (queenlykt) Serious as ever even as a wolf, Max appeared around the corner, a rabbit gripped tightly in her jaws. Seeing the others, she gave a sigh that was audible even in her wolf form before dropping the rabbit and shifting, snatching up the rabbit in her hands this time as she stood. She studied the others silently, alert as ever.

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G0BL1N K1NG Charles turned to catch sight of another. Bending down he grabbed the towel he had brought with him. Charles quickly draped it over his head. The silence of the water park returned as he began to dry his body off with the towel.

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((Um Kt could you possibly ask before joining next time. So will the order go me, Externus, Kt then))

Afraa caught the scent of yet another wolf. Her eyes widened a touch and she took a cautious step away from the pool. Normally she would've fled, but wasn't sure if there were anymore wolves lurking around. She tasted the air and didn't scent anyone else, but couldn't be completely sure.

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KT (queenlykt) ((I said on the request thread I was joining unless told otherwise. I was never told otherwise.))

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((I know, but it's still nice to at least give a heads up first))

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G0BL1N K1NG Charles paid her no mind, only wanting solitude. Wiping his face dry he took a few steps to move out of the fire dancers way.

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KT (queenlykt) Max sighed, rolling her eyes slightly. "I'm not going to hurt anyone. Calm down." She said, her voice flat. The Fire Dancer tucked the rabbit into a canvas messenger bag that had appeared with her clothes as she changed, casting a glance over them before deciding they weren't much of a threat and stepping forward to go on her way.

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Afraa didn't trust as easily, even if they said they wouldn't hurt her she couldn't believe them. She took another step back before turning to bolt, though was still reluctant to go back to Dark Moon.

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G0BL1N K1NG Charles moved over to where his clothes were. Reaching into the pocket of his pants he retrieved a bronze ring which he placed on to his left middle finger.

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KT (queenlykt) "Be careful with your valuables." Max warned the man with only a slight backwards glance, folding her arms over her chest. "Many werewolves would love to get their hands on something even close valuable, and you wouldn't last long if they caught wind of it."

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Afraa had hid in some of the undergrowth, blending well, though her scent was still detectable. She honestly looked like a newly turned.

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G0BL1N K1NG "Was that a threat?" Charles said as he began to get dressed. Once his clothes were on he turned to face the woman.

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KT (queenlykt) "Threats are petty and useless. If I was interested in your little valuables, they'd be in my hands by now." Max said flatly, stopping in her tracks and turning to face him, looking bored.

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Afraa listened to their conversation intrigued. She wasn't prepared to actually shift back just yet, she very hesitant to do so.

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G0BL1N K1NG "Highly doubt you would even be slightly interested in my ring, shocked anyone still comes here" Charles folded the towel neatly.

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KT (queenlykt) "Exactly why I am here. Few enough people do, so there's plenty of these running around." Max patted the bag at her side, obviously meaning the rabbit within. She bent over to pick up a flat rock lying at her feet, the dog tags around her neck jangling at the movement of her picking up the perfect skipping stone.

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Afraa just listened to them, intrigued. She had never met wolves who could a conversation this long without arguing or at least threatening each other. It was actually shockingly refreshing.

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G0BL1N K1NG "Well either way you and your friend enjoy yourselves." Charles pointed towards where the other hid. "You pack wolves are all the same."

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KT (queenlykt) "Oh we are?" Max raised one eyebrow. She knew Afraa was there. She still had her sense of smell, and she wasn't stupid. But she knew Afraa wasn't a threat, atleast at the moment.

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Afraa wasn't stupid, she knew they could sense her, she was just very nervous, so her first instinct was too hide. She continued to simply listen and wished her own could hold a conversation like this.

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G0BL1N K1NG "Yes you all are the same." Charles rubbed his eyes slightly before making his way to another section of the water park.

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KT (queenlykt) "And just what are we like?" Max asked flatly, rolling her eyes. She was her own person. She followed orders like she was supposed to, and thats what a good pack member did. Unlike most of her pack.

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Afraa got to her paws and shook out her pelt before gazing at them. She shook her head slightly and moved to a desperate part of the water park. She had come here to be alone so she wasn't expecting this.

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G0BL1N K1NG "Trouble bothersome and very annoying, with your being in a pack. Solitude is the only good thing that pack wolves can never have." Charles looked down at the water of another pool.

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KT (queenlykt) "See now, I would have had it right here except that you and Miss Hide-away are here. So you can't realistically say that we never get in, when you are the one stopping me from having it now." Max pointed out with a slightly annoyed sigh.

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Afraa clenched her jaw and lashed, what was left of her tail at what Max had called her. She hated not being called by her real name even if the person didn't know what it was. She continued to pad away and once she couldn't see them, she shifted. Her white hair cascading down her shoulders. "Stupid mutt. Though what am I suppose to do, I'm smaller than some of the newly turned." She muttered with a huff.

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G0BL1N K1NG "All talk is what you are. " Charles inhaled deeply for another time. Scratching his chin he began to stretch his arms upwards.

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KT (queenlykt) One dark eyebrow rose on Max's face, followed by a snort. "Firstly, there's no point in calling names, miss. Second, I am not stupid enough to attack you because you taunt me. If I get injured, it would not be good. Both of you should stop insulting my intelligence." She said flatly, crossing her arms. "Now. If you'll excuse me, I have a pack to return to, and they will come looking if I'm not back at o-nine-hundred."

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Afraa rolled her eyes, she couldn't really see then and was surprised that she even heard her because of how softly she had said it and how far away she was. Afraa knew they had heightened senses but that much heightened.

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G0BL1N K1NG ((should I post or are we ending?))

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KT (queenlykt) ((Up to you/your character))

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G0BL1N K1NG ((we should end))

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Thinking that she was now alone, Afraa decided to come out of her hiding place and was going to go for a swim. She still had a couple hours before anyone noticed she was gone so she decided to make use of this time. As she reached the pool, she dipped her fingertips in it and sighed. "Much better." She murmured.

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G0BL1N K1NG "So you finally came out of your hiding spot." Charles said as he stared at the wiman from across the water. He teeth chewed away at an apple. The crunching was the only sound save for the water.

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Afraa gazed at him frightened, but simply nodded. "Yeah, I thought I was along though." She then admitted and gaZed at him. Not as frightened anymore.

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G0BL1N K1NG Charles continued to chew away at the apple.

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"Y-you aren't p-part of the packs, are y-you." Afraa stuttered as she gazed at him. At first glance she simply looked like a nervous wreck. From her trembling hands, to the stutter in her voice. Heck she even looked ready to bolt, but in truth she was actually being very confident at the moment. At least for her she was.

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G0BL1N K1NG "No and I would much like to keep it that way." Charles quickly finished the apple before tossing the core into the trash bin.

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Michelle Jenkins was walking about not knowing what else to do at this point because she didn't know where to find her cousin. That was fine by her though the girl could handle herself.

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((Sunshine not trying to be rude, but did you ask before joining?))

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((Oh no it's fine I just was unaware of this. You can stay I just didn't realize you were joining. I read the post and it did look like Externus was talking to you.))

Afraa sensed the new wolf, an alpha, at least she thought it was. Her fear skyrocketed in a heartbeat and she visibly gulped. She was ok with the loner, but an alpha...it didn't matter what pack it was from she was still fearful.

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G0BL1N K1NG Charles reached up to scratch his nose from the smell of yet another person nearby. "It must be my lucky day." He couldn't help but feel the urge to laugh.

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Michelle heard a male voice and instantly changed her posture a bit because she was her most defensive around men. She saw the guy standing there with some girl who looked like she was scared. "Why do you say that?" She asked Charles and then turned her glance to Afraa. "I'm not here to harm you.

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