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message 1: by Aren (new)

Aren | 3 comments I'm currently working on creating a dresden game but I am not to far in the series (Proven Guilty). And need some advice on about how believable a plot I've got going on and maybe a few ideas to bounce around.
The plot is that Ivy has been kidnapped by the Denarians and being given to the red court in a support to their efforts to white out the white council. The players need to rescue Ivy either before the Red court can take her away. Kincaid is calling in favors that Ivy had with both Summer and Winter Court for support. With the help of both of the Courts Knights, for this game Lloyd Slate is free working a deal with the Winter Queens that if he can help save Ivy then he'll get to die -but if he tries to take his life or is killed he and the would be killer will be instantly taken to Mab and she'll decide from there.
So like akways there is going to be issues with Summer and Winter. To make sure the condition with Slate is going happen the players are going to interfere with his mission and hopefully nearly kill him.
A high noble of Red and a good amount of their goons will be making the trade. But all the recent kidnaps in the city are going to alert that vamps are present.

How does it sound so far? Also I am looking for a way that the Achieve could be kidnapped. From the books (both RPG and story) she is a major force. I was thinking maybe throwing enough enemies at her to tire her out and separate her from Kincaid, but I'm open to ideas.
Also I have a quick power question that might not be related to the game. Is the Archive as powerful as the Queens in either court?

message 2: by Jeanie (new)

Jeanie | 110 comments I think you're going to want to get further in the series before going much further in your story development because later events make certain elements very outdated and any Dresden fan would notice. Of course you can simply state it is set in an earlier time period from the Dresden universe and people might accept the characters as they are.

message 3: by Aren (new)

Aren | 3 comments Well I'm actually the furthest in the books out of anyone who reads it in my group. I liked the system that they used in the book and that it might get more of my friends interested in the book. Though since I'm looking at the RPG book it contains some serious spoilers that I didn't know about :-(. But as far as time frame goes the only other person that read the book is just barely off book one. So I'm also tracking to keep the characters and stories as they were before being spoiled.

message 4: by Marco (last edited Aug 04, 2014 12:03PM) (new)

Marco Munoz | 69 comments I like your idea on how to force Slate to cooperate, very ingenious.

Now, just as Jeanie said, I am also going to suggest that you read a little further into the series. Two more books down the road something happens that addresses exactly one of the points you're making, so it might help you a lot.

message 5: by Aren (new)

Aren | 3 comments Okay I'll read next few books first. And since everyone including me will be to the fate point system should I throw a mortal at my group to learn the system or an easy supernatural being.
I also wanted people opinion for how I get my friends into the mess. One of my friends wants to be a Knight of the Cross, that's why the Denarians are involved, he senses one near by and tries to get the creature to release a young woman that is being "enslaved" by it. The Denarian is being chased by winter and summer knight along with Kincaid. The Denarian knows that there is more then enough fire power to kill it and decides to release it's host knowing that the host will come back. The girl becomes your typical damsel in distress-- this slows down summer since he has a heart but winter and Kincaid still move in and act. As a Knight of the Cross seeing a defenseless woman being threatened he steps between them. This will be the first actual fight. Kincaid not wanting to be involved with a pointless fight against a Knight of the Cross, a white court vamp, sorcerer, and werewolf decide to go with a simpler approach and convince them.
Slate being himself rushes them gets beat and has everyone including the girl and summer to Arctis Tor and Mab imprisons him again, him close to loving her at this point from the kind torture. Mab makes a deal with my players, since she is part of the defense protecting the outer gate, they can help save the archive and preserve the balance of the world's or die for almost striking down her knight. The choice is the parties but the girl that held the coin is a none negotiable.

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