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Did you, just like me, fell in love with Q while reading "Papertowns"? This discussion is here for those who want to discuss the wonderful book and also the upcoming movie!
>This is not a spoiler-free zone!<

message 2: by Valerie (new)

Valerie | 8 comments I just finished this book and it was good but it wasn't my favorite. I feel like he could have done something different with the plot set up.

message 3: by Lyndsey (new)

Lyndsey | 2 comments Can't wait for the movie to come out!

message 4: by Ellie (new)

Ellie | 1 comments Hi I just joined! I can't wait either!!! It already came out were I live so now I just have practically drag someone out there to watch it with me. What kind a person would I be if I didn't share the John Green magic?

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